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General Electric King-Size Washing Machine / Be aware of GE service!

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June 19, 2007 Mr. Ray Graft GE Appliance Headquarters AP6 Rm 129 Louiseville, KY 40225 Dear Mr. Graft, I thought you should be aware of the service my family has received from General Electric (GE).

We purchased a washing machine back on January 22, 2007, GE King Size Capacity for $449.99 Serial Number SL159521G, Model Number WBB4500G0WW. We chose not to purchase Best Buy's extended warranty due to GE's reputation. At the beginning of March, we needed to place a service call, as the machine wasn't spinning properly, therefore our laundry was dripping wet. I don't recall the exact date, but I believe it was approximately March 10th. We called Best Buy. They sent a GE technician. At that time, he said we would need multiple parts to fix the machine and that it would take approximately 1 week for the parts to arrive. Since we're a family of 5, I couldn't wait for the Best Buy/GE technician. We then called GE directly, who at the time was very helpful and advised me to call them immediately if something should happen in the future. Our machine was repaired by a GE technician, on March 21st. On May 27th, I noticed that the machine wasn't spinning properly again ' this time however, the machine was bouncing all over the place ' but fortunately the clothes were still being rung out.

I placed a call on Monday, May 28th; still GE was extremely professional while setting up another GE service call. The GE technician was scheduled to come out on Thursday, May 31st between 1:00 ' 5:00 pm. The technician called around 4:00, asking if we could reschedule. We told him unfortunately we couldn't reschedule because we took time out of work to make this appointment. The technician showed up at approximately 4:30, took the machine apart and assessed the machine. He determined that he needed to order several parts: WH45X152WH45X10022WH02X1193WH45X10060WH2X1193 He told us that it could take up to one week for the parts to arrive, at which time he would reschedule a service call and repair the equipment. He left the equipment inoperatible, therefore once again; we were unable to use a new piece of equipment that we had just installed less than 3 months prior. We called many people, asking what could be done. We didn't document all the calls but we did document a few:6/1/2007: Spoke to Liz6/1/2007: Spoke to Cynthia6/1/2007: Spoke to Bondra6/1/2007: Spoke to Aaron ' nothing he can do. We'll have to wait until the equipment is shipped before they can give me an estimated repair date. He offered to extend our one-year warranty to August 2007, since his records showed that we purchased the equipment on May 12, 2006. When I told him that my receipt was dated 1/22/2007, he told me that I would have to fax him this info so that he could correct the information. He told me that the equipment would be sent overnight to me once it arrived in the warehouse. When I asked him where the warehouse was, he told me that he couldn't tell me. He told me that someone would be in touch regarding the repair of my machine.6/4/2007: Spoke to Cynthia ' Still no word from GE, she looked at the file and said she 'thought' the equipment would be overnighted, but couldn't be certain.

She then referred me to the Shipping department. 6/4/2007: Cynthia transferred me to Tanya ' she couldn't help me and said I'd need to talk to Service. I told her Service just told me I needed to talk to Shipping. I then asked to talk to a Manager.6/4/2007: Tanya transferred me to Ashley ' she was helpful and told me that she was certain the equipment was shipping overnight and that if we didn't receive it by 6/6, 6/7 or 6/8, then our equipment would be replaced. She was able to provide the order # 2992784 and the case # 7387145.6/8/2007: Still hadn't received the parts or a phone call from GE.6/8/2007: Spoke to Rhodora ' who told me that Ashley was incorrect and that there wasn't any Ashley who worked in Virginia. She told me that the review group had 24-48 hours to get back to me. They had to determine whether or not the machine would be replaced. I told her that was unacceptable and that I had been without a washing machine for much too long and that I was tired of getting the run around. She told me that we could go around and around, but that the rule states that I need to wait. I then got extremely angry and asked to talk to her Manager.6/8/2007: Spoke to Mr. Wilson ' who told me the same exact thing. There is nothing he could do and he needed to give this case to the review group. I asked him if there was a way to expedite the request since I had only had my machine for 4 months and out of those 4 months it was inoperatible for approximately 1 month. He said no, there was nothing he could do and that I would hear from GE no later than Tuesday, June 12, 2007.6/8/2007: I then contacted Best Buy as a last resort and explained the run around I was receiving from GE. The Best Buy employee conversed with her Manager, who decided this service was unacceptable, and he or she approved the return. We returned our GE washing machine and purchased a Whirlpool washing machine.6/16/2007: The GE parts arrived 16 days after the GE technician placed the order addressed to the incorrect person who doesn't live at our address. I still hadn't received a call from GE in regards to the Review groups' decision.

6/19/2007: Spoke to Ms. Johnson at GE, who informed me that her records show that GE called me on 6/11/2007 to inform me that a replacement was denied. I never received this call. I explained that I no longer had the GE washing machine. She told me that she would place the shipment return call and that I would receive a Return # that I would need to place on the boxes. I told her that I was leaving for vacation and that I would just leave it outside or maybe I should just throw them away since I don't have the machine any longer. She then told me that I would be charged for the parts. I told her that I would have to review my options and call her back and that after all GE has put me and my family through ' I WOULD NOT pay GE not even one more penny. I am extremely frustrated with GE's customer service and how unprofessional most of the individuals I spoke to acted. I will never again purchase a GE product. I feel that as a paying consumer, I deserve better than that. I deserve a machine that operates for more than just 3 months, and if it does happen to break, I deserve a little more compassion than what I received. I am telling everyone my story, and it's sad because once I start mentioning what happened to me, others have received the same type of treatment from GE. It's a shame that this continues, but hopefully by sharing my story of my ill treatment from GE, I will reach others and GE will be forced to treat their paying customers as they should be treated. Thank you for your time with this matter.

Wendy Bonneau CC: Best Buy, Salem NH Better Business Bureau Consumer Relations.

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  • Kk
      10th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I am also having major problems with a Jenn-Air double wall oven I purchased years ago from Circuit City. We have an extended warranty with only 1 service person in the area that will work on our products. He's a total jerk who doesn't return phone calls, schedule the appts., show up for appts. etc. Even after complaining of this infuriating service contractor, GE/Circuit City doesn't have any alternatives. GE got involved, I was promised a new wall oven would be delivered, installed and the old one removed. They delivered the GE wall oven today. It's sitting in my dining room. The old one is still in place. The delivery company doesn't do wall ovens. Now another 1/2 hour on hold conversation with the warranty company...We have to turn the circuit breaker on and off to use it. The fan keeps running and the bottom oven doesn't work at all. This has been going on for about a month now... I can not believe this is the best American companies can do. 15 phone calls, time wasted listening to musac and no oven. It's very frustrating. I was told to write a letter to Mr. Graft but I can see that's not going to do a lot of good.

  • Ma
      15th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Unfortunately, while doing extensive research on various appliances for my kitchen redo, I have to conclude that ALL manufacturers have the same type of problems/complaints. Most of these companies use overseas customer service who do not really care about American wining about various issues. We must accept the fact that customer service no longer exist in the US. Pride of customer (from stores) or consumer (from manufacturers) service and the quality of products are no longer important to anyone; and as a result, consumers such as you and I suffer. The bottom line is that we can now expect to pay way more than $500 on basic appliances and in return, we can be assured that these appliances won't last the year or perhaps 2-3 at most. Sad world we now live in!

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