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GE Money Bank / Collections

1 Cypress, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 714-761-2613

I submitted an application at Mervyns after buying some clothes for my daughter. The 15% discount sounded like a great idea just to aquire a $500 credit card.
This was on 4-04-08. On 5-05-08 after having not received my card yet, I drove back over to Mervyns and asked the cashier if I could pay my bill.
She could not access my account without an account number. I explained to her I never received a credit card so I can't give her a number. She told me to go to the customer service window.
Here I am at the customer service window and guess what she tells me. I can't give you your account number. She pointed to a bank of phones at the nearby wall.
I walked over to the phones and picked up a handset which of course placed me on hold.
After waiting for 5-6 minutes I hung up and walked out in disgust.
2 weeks flew by. On the 3rd week, I started getting these phone calls every day by GE money bank about my Mervyns card.
I called them a week later and guess what he told me? Of course this was after explaining the whole situation to him.
He could not give me my account number over the phone and I had to get the store customer service to call him.
Back to the store I went. Back to the customer service window I went. I explained my situation again.
She called GE money bank. I received my account number. I paid off my account on the spot.
I found out that I already had an account with Mervyns exactly a year ago in 2007.
This store/bank allowed me to open two accounts with the same name with the same drivers license number. I never received a card for the account opened in 2007 either.
I closed both accounts on the spot and the guy at GE money bank had the nerve to ask me why I closed my accounts.
This bank hasn't a clue how to treat a customer. Especially with a 23% credit card.
I found out that day that Ge money bank had already turned my account into their in-house collections department for non-payment of my account.
Never again will I shop at Mervyns. Never again will I have anything to do with GE money bank.

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  • Ka
      12th of Jul, 2008
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    I have been taken to the cleaners. I was out of the country and my wife got a deal to get the air-conditioning system replaced by Superior Heating and Cooling of Oldmar, Florida. They offered to do it for $ 3200 and told her that they would have it financed and there would be no interest on it if paid by September 2008.
    It is July 2008 and I have received the billing by GEMoney Bank for $3925 that includes finance charge and late fees etc since the installation in May 2008. I am now getting calls from a collection agency to clear this bill for which neither I nor my wife signed for the loan. My GE account number is 6034 6222 1218 6397. I am at a loss about how to tackle it. Phone calls to the collection agency has not helped. Superior Heating and GE Money have not helped either. I do not mind paying off the $3200 but what about the extra $ 725 and may be some more due to interest and late fees. Is this the way a reputable company like GE does business ?

    Need help to resolve it as soon as possible. My wife cannot even talk to GE because it was issued in my name, without my signature or consent.

  • Cr
      8th of May, 2009
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    Anyone else having trouble paying online there site is always down!

  • Al
      17th of May, 2009
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    On Saturday, November 15, 2008 I went to Triad Appliance Center, 2566 S. Stratford Rd, Winston Salem, NC to get price quotes on appliances for homes I have under construction. The sales person I spoke suggested I apply for a line of credit, so that when I was ready to furnish the completed homes with appliances all that would be necessary for me to do was to call with the product line of my choice and the appliances would be billed to my GE Money Bank account. In mid November 2008 I requested price quotes on several product lines. On or about December 3, 2008 Triad Appliance Center closed their doors and filed bankruptcy, leaving patrons without merchandise they had paid for. I later discovered that they charged my account for merchandise I had not ordered, but had only received quotes for. I contacted GE Money Bank immediately to inform them and to dispute these charges. I received a letter dated December 11, 2008 acknowledging my account was in dispute. It further stated that I should not make payment on the disputed amount and that this would not be reported as delinquent to the credit reporting agencies, and that no attempt to collect would be initiated. The letter indicated that I would be notified in writing when the matter had been resolved. I have never heard back from GE Money Bank as to the status of this dispute.
    In early March 2009 I started receiving calls from a collections agency concerning this account, at which time I told them the amount was in dispute and should not have been reported. I cited the content of the letter I received from GE Money Bank. I immediately called GE Money Bank and asked to speak to a supervisor to ask why I had been reported and was told that the initial dispute letter was not the one I should have received. Another letter was sent to me dated April 10, 2009 acknowledging that I made contact with GE Money Bank to dispute these charges, however, this letter, unlike the original one, requested further information about the transaction. I submitted the requested information along with all pertinent documentation. I have continued to receive collections calls and a letter from GE Money Bank attempting to collect on this debt, all of which is contrary to the promise contained in the earlier letters that said this would not happen while this account is in dispute.
    In early May, 2009 I started receiving collections calls from an out sourced collections service attempting to collect on this debt. Out of curiosity, I checked my credit with the three credit reporting agencies and saw that this account had, in fact, been reported to the 3 major reporting agencies, contrary to what I have been promised by GE Money Bank account supervisors and the letters I have received from GE Money Bank. On May 13, 2009 I received a collections call from an out-sourced agency and when I explained that the account was in dispute the person that called told me this dispute had been resolved on May 5, 2009. I told her that I had not been notified of any resolution.
    Again I called GE Money Bank and asked to be escalated to a supervisor to try to resolve this issue. The supervisor told me they have received all the documentation I have submitted, and on May 6, 2009 I received 2 letters from GE Money Bank acknowledging this account is in dispute and that no payment is due on the disputed amount, and that this account will not be reported as delinquent and no action to collect on it will occur.
    I am eager to resolve this issue and I feel like I have been fair and cooperative with all parties concerned in this matter by complying with all requests for information.

  • Sk
      30th of Jun, 2010
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    I received a message today allegedly from a law firm asking me to contact them and giving me a reference number. I've been locked ina long-running dispute with GE Money Bank over their making collection calls to my father-in-law's home and after 9 pm -- which are illegall under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

    This call came in nearly a month after I sent GE Money Bank a cease-and-desist letter demanding that they stop calling me on the grounds cited above, or else I would file a complaint with my state attorney general's office.

    The message left on my answering machine was garbles as to the name of the law firm and left the last digit off the callback number: 860-291-043.

    Area code 860 is Connecticut and prefix 291 is Hartford. I did a Google search of every law firm in the Hartford area and found only ONE law firm with a 291 prefix. Needless to say, the last four digits did not match the number left on my answering machine.

    I highly suspect that this call came from either GE Money Bank or a surrogate. I need help in tracking down that number. If I find out thast this is from GE Money Bank, then I'll have grounds to sue them for harassment, as the call would have come in defiance of my cease-and-desist demand letter.

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