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Ge Money Bank / Care Credit / They don't keep accurate records

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Our care credit account has been a pain in the neck since we got it. They did not send our first bill so immediately (6 weeks after the surgery) had added extra fees. Then to get all that cleared up took hours. We then paid the "payoff" balance with our tax return but suddenly the offer disappeared. There was now $60.00 left over. In the meantime I sent $20.00 toward that as I was too busy to argue at the time and I just found out that wasn't even accredited to my account and they added another $50.00+ of interest charges! Our bill is now $133.00@!!!

I will contact the medical provider and tell them to trash that company's pamphlet.

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      22nd of Oct, 2007
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    Care Credit & LA Weight Loss

    In June of 2007 I signed up for LA Weight Loss and they offered a 90 day interest free payment plan. I agreed to their terms. Within 10 day after signing up, I chose not to do LA Weight Loss and requested a refund from them, which I did receive. On August 17, 2007 and I sent a cheque along with a letter to GE Care Credit advising that this was full payment for my account within the 90 day interest free time frame. I started to receive phone calls within that week looking for my first payment, which was past due, however, I did advise them that full payment was in the mail. Thinking the matter was done, I took off to Ontario for holidays. During that time I was getting a phone a day from GE looking for payment, at which time I told them I had paid it in full. It got to the point after about the 3rd call, I quit answering my cell due to long distance charges. When I returned home to BC in September, there was bill in the mail showing a full outstanding amount. I called and again said I had paid this in full. They were showing no record of payment. I gave them all the info they requested, date of the chq, chq # and the amount. They said they would track it down. September passed with no more calls, and again a bill showed up with a full outstanding amount. Once again I called and got the run around that it wasn't showing as being paid. At this point I called my bank and found out the cheque had cleared thru my account on August 21, 2007. Just 4 days after I sent it. I called back and I asked for a manger and was put thru to some lady named Brenna and she told me to get a letter of trace from my bank with both sides of the processed cheque and fax it to her attention. I did as I was instructed on September 11, 2007. Upon receipt of the banking info I faxed Brenna the information requested. October again the calls started, and again I told them the account was paid in full, gave them all the required info and they tell me my account is still outstanding. Every time there is a call it's always a different person and they don't seem to be able to read on the screen that some else has called and the info that I have given them is the same each time. On October 15, 2007, I received another bill showing my account was still outstanding and NOW THEY'VE ADDED $53.61 INTEREST CHARGES. Once again I fax to Brenna's attention with banking info and asking that the billing be adjusted accordingly. October 17, 2007 I get another phone call from customer service telling my account is in arrears. By now I'm very angry and feeling extremely harassed. I give them the same story and hang up. At this point I decided to call back and try to get this resolved. Each and every time you call in you have to give them your name, address and account number, even though you've keyed in your account number on the phone pad. The girl wanted all the info again and I said I wanted to be put thru to a manager, I was put thru to a guy named Devon and once again it's the whole entire story. He tells me after putting me on hold a number of times, that he has found someone who can help resolve this and transfers me over. I'm grateful that finally this was going to get resolved. WRONG! She tells me that she is in customer service and has nothing to do with straightening out accounts. I told her I had faxed twice to Brenna. She proceeded to tell me there was no Brenna or Brenda that worked there. SO WHERE DID THIS FAXED INFORMATION GO TO???? She couldn't tell me, at which point I asked for a manager and was told, manager was on break. I was not going to have this go on any longer, so I demanded a manager or the manager's manager. She put me thru to some guy named Mike, and again the whole story. Mike gave me a fax number of what I believed to be the accounting department. It turned out to be a wrong number. Now the blood is boiling. I call customer service get a very nice lady named Rachel, explained I don't want to get into details but was given a fax number for accounting that isn't working. Could she please help me with the right number. She put me on hold for awhile and tried to get thru to accounting, but all the lines were busy, so she said she would call back with the required info. This is the only person over the past 2 months that has offered to do anything extra to try and resolve this issue. She called back within 15 minutes with a fax number to the Escalation Desk that was supposed be able to fix this. That was at 11:00 am on Wednesday, October 17, 2007. I did request a reply from them advising that the situation was resolved. As of 9:20 am this morning I've had no return fax, and the calls have started again. This time I was rude and yelling and hung up on them, as I'm at my wits end and was just about to break down in tears. From there I have faxed again to the Escalation Desk as well as I found the fax number for Care Credit on line. In my letter I have advised that I must have an answer by 4PM today, or I have no other choice but to go to CTV News and deal with their problem ombudsman to get this cleared up once and for all. In the past I had some credit issues so I don't need to have this monkey causing any further problems.

  • Av
      4th of Apr, 2008
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    I am going through trying to get finance charges reversed now from GE CREDIT for something I payed as I was told to do in full to reverse the finance charges. Very unfair company without customer satisfaction at stake at all. ALL OF my previous payments were timely. BEWARE and hoping they set their customer service up a little better in the future.
    I was scolded that I didn't read the statement on the expiration date clearly . They sent me the new statement the day of the expiration - I called for Balance, was told balance with out incurred finance charges...they still hvae the charges on my account for finance. IT ws a deferred CARE CREDIT PROGRAM. YIKES!

  • Ma
      23rd of Oct, 2008
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    I also signed up for Care Credit to have extensive Dental work done. I discovered that some months they started skipping sending me a statement. The first time I hadn't realized it . I recieved a phone call at work saying that I was late with my payment. I said I didn, t think that was possible as I always pay my bills almost as soon as they come in the mail. I pay before the due date and usually extra. When I got home I checked my check book and sure enough they were right. I searched high and low for any mail I could have miss placed. Nothing. I called the number from and old bill and spoke to a very nice young man. He looked back over my prevoius payment record and said he could see that I had always payed in the manner previously stated. He removed the 35.00 late fee from my next bill and also didn't make me in default of my promotional interest free loan. I figured out how pay my bill on line through my bank. Fortunately. Every other month, almost, I don't recieve a paper statement on my account. First I had been able to log into care credit's web site, but quite often it doesn't seem to be possible. I'm trying to transfer the rest of my balance to my Discover Card before I get nailed with a now 900 and some dollar interest. The funny thing about this interest charge is the lower my bill goes the higher that becomes.

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