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Food Lion / Very trashy place

1 United States

I have lived on Deal Island Road in Princess Anne, MD since May of 2009, and I have just gotta make a comment about the Food Lion Grocery store that is in this town. This Food Lion has to be the WORST Food Lion I have ever shopped in... It's not the store or the products on the shelves... it's the employees(besides the mice running behind the stuff on the shelves) The employees are just simply rude and have no customer service skills. OK, don't get me wrong, I'm in a grocery store, I don't expect much when I cash out, but at least the cashier could speak or make eye contact.. say "hello" or something.. I swear I was in the store today, I went in to get a money order. I walked in and went straight to the Customer Service counter. There was a guy on the outside of the counter looking at some paper work laid out on the counter, and a girl behind the counter looking at the paper work as well. It was obvious to me that the two of them were working on some type of inventory/numbers..etc. So, being the polite person that I try to be.. I step up to the counter and the guy turns and looks at me and gives me this "look" you know "that" look that says "who the *** are you" well, I shrug it off, and I stand there and look twords the girl behind the counter... I know she sees me there as she communicates back and forth with the dude on my side of the counter... they continue to call off numbers or what-have-you to one another as she enters information into the computer. She looks up and down, back up and back down.. by now it's way more than obvious that she knows I am there... but I still stand there. I step to the right of the dude on my side of the counter, then I step back and step to the left... finally the girl says..."Are you waiting for something... a money order or something?" I'm gonna stop there on this story, let me just say I ended up walking out.. I mean I know that by this visit, they only lost a few cents for the purchase of the money order, but this last visit was my very last. The time I was in there before this time was a few weeks ago (since I avoid shopping in there at all costs) I was buying items to make Chili. OMGosh the cashier was a real winner... She does not look at me once as she scans the items I'm about to purchase. I said "how are you doing" from the get-go and I swear she grunted something... scanned my items with this attitude.. kinda snatching my items as she scanned them, and as she finished scanning them, she reached down under the register or in her pocket and put something in her mouth and mumble the words "MVP?" had I not made out the words MVP, I would have never known what she muttered.. and of course as I grab my bags to leave I say "thank you" and she does not even acknowledge me, just looks down and scans the next customers items... I won't bother mentioning the other rude ignorant experiences I've had in this Food Lion, but after today..I've had enough. I know that this is Princess Anne and well... need I say more? I live way down on Deal Island road, way back in the woods, for now on I will drive that extra 10 miles to Salisbury, even if it is for can of tomatoes or a head of lettuce. Princess Anne Food Lion, Your employees are bad for business! not kind not friendly, not plesent and have made me and my roomate very uncomfortable and we advise all of our family members not to shop there. Very trashy place


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