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I accepted the terms for the credit card from Premier Bank Card because I wanted to help build some credit. This was a HUGE mistake! Not only do they charge you to have online access, but they also charge you a minimum of $7 just to make a payment online. This is just the beginning... Then, when the time came for me to get rid of these cards because the expense wasn't worth the credit, it became a hassle just to get them to close my account. They changed my auto draft info without my permission and caused me to have 'late' payments because THEY messed up my bank acct info! Finally! I think they closed my first card because when I log on to the site, I see there is a $0 balance. BUT! On my other card, there is an outstanding charge for $58, and I have a minimum payment of $75!!! WT[censored] These people are not here to help, they will only damage your credit like they have been doing to me for the past few months. DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER GET ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! RUN FROM THEM AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!


  •   Aug 29, 2008
    First Premier Bank - penalty for paying early
    First Premier Bank
    United States

    We've had problems with this company since day one. the latest problem and the last straw is this: we paid twice in July, on the 16th for due date 7/19/08 and on the 24th for the next due date, 8/19/08. Or so we thought.

    We started receiving calls that we were late and going to collections. When we told them we paid twice in July they said "oh it's your fault then for paying so early" and refused to remove late fees showing for August!

    If someone starts class action suit, count me in!

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  •   Sep 01, 2008
    First Premier Bank - a total rip off
    First Premier Bank
    United States

    I've been trying to get a decent credit card to help with moving expenses (seeing as how since I moved here I’ve had nothing but a hard time and is why I’m moving back ...again...). Because of these issues I’ve had my credit isn’t so good. SO. I figured I’d try this bank seeing as how they're the only company who would approve me (to what I thought had no annual fee).

    I was so wrong. All I got was a $250 credit limit, my first bill is already here. I have a $95 program fee, a $29 account set-up fee, a $7 monthly servicing fee, and already the $48 annual fee! Now my available credit is $71.

    Do NOT under any circumstances do business or set up anything with this company!!!

    Next time I open a credit card account I’m going to do some better research and not settle for crap.

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  • C
      Dec 13, 2008

    Yeah, it does state clearly in the contract that a minimum payment is needed EVERY that means every billing cycle you need to send in a payment. (I have been a Premier customer for 3 years). If you read the contract, it will tell you that.

    That extra payment you made just reduced your balance but didn't count as a payment. This is so they can report you positively every month.

    Actually, I don't know many credit cards that don't require a minimum payment every month unless the balance is at 0$.

    Good luck! :)

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      Feb 24, 2009

    Read the terms and conditions before you apply. Its on all the sites and if you cant find them dont apply. Just some advice from someone who learned the hard way.

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      Apr 14, 2009

    First Premier Bank claims I owe it close to $400 in membership and assorted fees even though I'd cut up my two First Premier bank credit cards, sent the cut-up cards back to the bank and had already paid off all of my minimum amounts due.

    First Premier Bank failed to do its market research before sending me a preapproved credit card, and then a second card. If the bank had done its research, it would have discovered that I have had three federal, Chapter 7 bankruptcies (1986, 1996, 2017); that I have a 43-year history of clinically diagnosed manic-depression (bipolar disorder), meaning that I like most bipolar people in their manic phase am insanely reckless and profligate with money; that my only income is a monthly Social Security disability benefit check for $1, 234; that I have had numerous stays in mental hospitals and jails; and that additional evidence totally disqualified me from the use of any credit card from any lender--except for bottom-feeder predators like Frist Premier Bank.

    First Premier Bank's collection unit, for more months than I can count, has dogged me for repayment by mail and phone calls. I once threatened one of their collectors, saying I knew where she worked and I had an M-16 (our Army's assault rifle) and if First Premier didn't stop trying to collect from me money I didn't owe them, I was going to kill everyone in her office. My threat failed; First Premier to this day still phones me daily--and constantly through the U.S. mail offers me deals by which I need only to pay it 60% of my alleged debt to them.

    First Premier Bank isn't very bright. It has, quite arguably, by now spent more money on collection expenses re: me than I allegedly owe it.

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  •   Oct 04, 2009

    I too, have been absolutely RIPPED OFF by First Premier Bank on both my VISA and Mastercard. What they did to me was...they would LOSE my payments altogether, then charge me CRAZY late fees. Then they turned me over to four credit reporting agencies...then, more fees, more losing payments and not crediting them. These people are SO CROOKED...SO DECEITFUL...everyone should complain to the US Attorney General's office about them. If you will google the New York State vs First Premier Bank you will see that they lost that lawsuit and had to pay millions in retribution and refunds, so every state should get busy and sue their ### off.

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  • A
      Jan 02, 2010
    First Premier Bank - credit card
    first premier bank
    United States

    My credit was zero because i am new migrant in usa, i tried to increase it through a credit card, i applied for a card from this bank. After 3 months of regular payments, i discovered that this bank did not report my payments to the credit bureaus, i stopped paying and called them to cancel my account, and payed all my balance one time. I discovered that they report a delayed payments to the credit bureaus which destroyed my credit. Note that all what i payed to them is their fees !!, i didn't make use of more than $25 of what i payed. So they know the credit bureaus only to hurt their customers. Keep away from them.

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  • M
      Feb 01, 2010

    I have yet to experience any bad situations with First Premier Bank. I just got a card from them with the hopes of not having the bad experience you all have endured. But I will keep you posted.

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