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online banking issues

I have been using dubai first banking since 2015 for various purposes.I was very glad with their banking services till 2019.On 2020 they started online mobile banking only.I could not able to log in through mobile.this issue I already informed customer services.Since 3 months I could not able to check monthly statement.Twice informed coustomer care and they assured they will send statement to my email.I am disappointed to say that till now I didn't receive any statement.
All other bank sending monthly statement to thier registered customer email ID irrespective of online banking.
Please solve this issue as early as possible.Do some arrangement those who cannot do online banking through mobile .Other wise I won't be very glad to continue your services further more.

Thank You
Divya Mary alex

Annual membership Fee charges — Forcing to come in defaulter list by unethical behaviour

I am looking your support into this matter seriously as i received credit card from DUBAI FIRST on March 2019 after 15 days they debited my account AED 100 for annual membership fee in advance after my complaint they reverse on condition that i should do transaction above AED1000.

Now second year they again debited AED 210 for membership fee as my concern is i already inform bank that the sales executive who applied my credit card on based of LIFE TIME FREE then why bank charging me.
Secondly since DUBAIFIRST services gone bad from december 2019 i clear my all dues and stop using from december 2019.

Now i already raise request and complaint regarding the above matter but bank wanted to force me in defaulter list they are saying that you should pay amount which is debited now before debiting you should have to cancel.

I requested again i don't want to continue using this credit card and i already stop any transaction from december 2019 kindly cancel and the charges you are debiting is an advance fee for this year 2020 but i wish not to continue and wanted to cancel this card.

But dubai first customer care people not listening me they want i should pay this debited amount if i will not pay they will simply debit late payment fee and make me defaulters.

By such act and behavior of BANK normal people are come to commit default due to only bank behaviour.

Hope you will understand my matter and looking forward for your great help.

Forcing to come in defaulter list by unethical behaviour

complaint about the statement and late payment fee.

Subject: Dubai First Credit Card - 5161********1003 Complaint about the statement and Late payment fee. Dear Once, With reference to the above subject, This is informing you...

credit card

I went through too much of issues with Dubai First since, the time they have offered me their credit card.

Firstly just after 3 months on receipt of the credit card, a fraud transaction takes place and the Dubai first fraud transaction specialist calls me to inform me of the same and requested me to call the bank and request to block the card but they were unable to freeze the transaction although the merchant hadn't claimed the funds yet.

Secondly, i had requested 3 vouchers of 100 each but i receive one voucher of 300 for my redemption points.

Hence, this time i explained the lady nicely and very clearly. I even told her about the last time experience and she said she will make sure it doesn't repeat this time. Now i requested for 2 vouchers of 100 each however, after almost a month i again receive 1 voucher of 200.

This is heights. There is no room for improvement. hate to say this but very bad service. I regret big time taking their credit card.

loan not received; and double charges

162773 11 Jan 2020 [protected] I called Eric (Customer Service Agent) on 7th January to apply for a cash loan of AED 10, 000 (CAS-13541-W2B8C2). On 11th January, I again called him to...

credit card that I don't want

I requested to close the card and disable it not to reduce the liability!!!
You don't have the right to manipulate me, to say closure and in small words to do reduce!!
After I requested to close this card (I didn't even requested this card).
If this week this card is not closed I am going to disputes.

This is taking so long, it have been over 8 months I am trying to delete this card!
And your customer "support" keeps stalling with fake excuses.
Close this card, don't reduce

customer service

I have a credit card resolved since 2017.
The bank gave this card to someone else while keeping my contact details.
I have gone to the bank where it was shown it was resolved and 2 months after I am still receiving reminders to pay. I was asked to go to the ATM machine to change my details for a card I no longer own. How professional is that from your bank?!

The person using the card is obviously paying the card even if it is late from what is can see by the notifications on my phone.

I am now being harassed daily by a very rude woman name ‘Jennifer' who does not show any respect towards previous customers.
This comforts me in my choice of ceasing any business with your bank.

I want to make a personal complain to that person - Jennifer [protected]. I want to get a formal apology from your bank and I do not want to be contacted by this bank ever again.

credit card loan issue

Dear Sir/Madam
Please send me the split up/breakup of the amount you are generating in the statement, bcoz as per my knowledge your charging extra amount from me. As per Me and the conditions while taking the loan on 08-Oct-2019 its was monthly installment for 12 Month is 900 AED with 0.40% but charges are far higher which you are sending me every month and it is not acceptable for me.

Waiting for your kind reply.

Dhiraj Gondane

credit card

When I spoke to customer care executive, he had asked me request number that I have received for cancellation which I didnt had as the earlier executive said internal mail has initiated and no request number for such request.

I have registered compliant and awaiting for response against the compliant that I had made.

Now I had asked the request number for cancellation of both insurance and awaiting for cancellation.
2. I have the benefit for cinema ticket but when I spent the amount and checked my statement, I couldn't able to see the benefit for almost 2 months. Awaiting for the response from bank. Raised request also for this issue.
3. I have been charge late payment fee of 275 which I have requested bank that I am new and not sure about the due date, they had responded that if I spent 2750 dhs in next 60 days, I have the option to reverse the late payment fee. I accepted and spent the amount which they mentioned but still awaiting for the reversal. Almost a month over now.

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    i have few compliant about Dubai first.

    1st Compliant:
    I received new credit card from Dubai first.While applying no one has informed that there will be 2 insurance charges that will be deducted every month(Accident Insurance and Credit Shield insurance) which is around 92dhs.

    When i registered a request to cancel my insurance, they informed me that internal mail has been triggered to concern department for cancellation but i have seen that again the same charged were imposed on me though i informed the bank.

late payment charges

I am a new user of Dubai first credit card, I received the card last year October 2019 i tried to use it in a fast food chain worth 49 since i am a new user i don't know my due date yet. Since I am not receiving SOA i paid the said amount in Nov 2019. Again I used the card in December worth 59 since they have a new app tried to use it hoping that i can see my SOA there.
And Yes! I saw my SOA with a total bill of 753.58. I have late payments and accident insurance and credit card sheild that I am not aware of.
I tried to call in their hotline but they want me to use 2000 aed within 60 days before they will reverse 1 late payment charge.
I tried to send a mail to but no feedback.
I need help on this matter.
I don't know what else i can do.

late payment charges

credit card

Last month the bank did not inform me by sending me email an electronic statement for my bill dues. They only sent sms that they generated the bill and asked to download their...

clearance letter

My credit card was closed on the 10th of october and after the said 35 days lock in period, I've called the call cantre countless number of times to get my clearance letter and so far nothing has happened.

I have really lost my patience as sometimes the call centre isn't even operational.

Worst bank i had to deal with. As me tioned, I've lost my patience and I'll be going to raise a compliant with the concerned authorities and also through the news.

My bank guarantee from another bank is put on hold just because i haven't tecvd the clearance letter from Dubai first. And i have a lot of people to give money to, from this bank guarantee.

credit card fraud

In April 2018, I was offered a free for life Dubai First credit card.
I used it regularly from April 2018 to July 2018. And I was able to pay all the outstanding amount.
From July 2018 until August 2018, the outstanding balance was around 8700 dhs.
That's when I got a call from a Dubai First employee telling me I can apply for a Smart Payment Plan.
Unfortunately, I did not quite understand all the terms and conditions. Even though the employee mentioned the charges and fees of the payment plan, at that time I agreed without fully understanding the consequences of closing or cancelling the plan early.

Furthermore, I traveled to U.S and used the credit card between August 2018 and September 2018. I made a total purchase of 14000 dhs.
Again, I received a phone call from another Dubai First employee telling me I can apply for a Smart Payment Plan. Without hesitation, I asked for the same payment plan I had applied for the previous month.

In January 2019, I had enough money to pay off all my outstanding balance. I called Dubai First to ask for early closure of the two Smart Payment Plans. To my utter shock, I was told I had to pay ALL the interest charges of the duration I applied for (4 years). The employee told me I had to pay my outstanding amount and on top of that an additional 27000 dhs interest charges!!!
Dubai First wants me to pay them 27000 dhs as "punishment" for wanting to close the payment plan 3.5 years earlier!
I went to Dubai First office to handle this matter and I was informed there was nothing they can do. Because I had agreed to the terms and conditions and there was a recording of the phone calls as proof! I tried to explain that I wasn't aware of the full amount I would be charged as cancellation fees. But it was no use.
I also contacted Central Bank of UAE, but they said this matter was out of their jurisdiction.
I am helpless. I don't know what to do. I read many reviews of Dubai First and there are many customers like me who fell into their trap.
Please if you can help me with this problem I would be entirely grateful. I cannot pay 27000 dhs cancellation fees. It is unfair, a rip-off.

P.S. Dubai First is under First Abu Dhabi Bank

I lost an unknown amount from my dubai first credit card

162773 Dear Team. Subject :Refund request of AED 5, 247.09 Its me Muhammed Rafy Palayamkottumkaran Bhava Card number [protected] I lost an amount without my knowldge AED 5...

requested for credit limit make it to 10,000 aed

Since sat we are requesting and calling your customer service representative its so hard to follow up and sometimes they ask my husband to wait and they hang the phone for 15mins. We just only requesting them to reduce our credit limits to 10, 000 aed they told us wait for 3 working days and they will call but no return call until now .when we are trying to call no one pick up our call please do some action to this situation
Flat 601, Pearl Tower Building( Royal Plaza Gifts Building) Electra St., Abu Dhabi

request for clearance on my credit card

My credit card was enrolled into a settlement program. I paid for the remaining amount and made an early settlement with Dubai First.
I called and spoke with an agent and got a callback from them after more than a week. After which, I paid immediately the specific amount that the agent mentioned and tried to call the next day on their customer care department. I was advised by the Customer care Agent that they will transfer my concern to collections team, I received an SMS informing me that my request was resolved. I then called the Customer Care again, they told me that I should wait for few days before a called back from the concern department. In my hopes that I can find a reliable number from any agent of this bank, I dialed a specific # and spoke with a collections agent. I then explained my concern that I am requesting for a clearance, but customer service department cannot proceed with the request unless I am cleared from the them (collections team.)

I waited for few more days, then I received a call from the collections agent that I should wait for 35days before I can receive my clearance. Wherein the customer care department once mention that the clearance letter will be within 3-7days.

How would that be possible that I already paid for the entire amount and that I need to wait for 35 days from the day that I pay for me to be cleared. As advised, I pay the amount that specifically mentioned by the Agent and still I needed to wait for more than a month to have clearance.

Hope you could help me out me this bank issues

Dubai First Recovery — credit card

This is complaint against employee Mr. Amandeep of recovery team. He calls for reminder of EMI and while i try to reason with him for a delayed payment looking for a solution...

Dubai First Bankpromotion representative dubai first bank

A guy from Dubai first bank called me several times offering me a low interest rate on instalment on my credit card. I declined their offer several times and then they called again and again offering better offer until he mislead me/trapin and I agreed to take the offer based on the misleading information that he provided regarding the fees and interest

I then called them to close my account and I paid all the outstanding balance where they told me that I need to pay 11000 interest on 45 month installment plan! Only 3 months past from the time when I got this plan and now they are asking me to pay interest for 45 months!

There two point to make it clear here:

First: this guy did not mention the interest amount, he just mentioned the rate and he did not mention per month or year!!!

He did not tell me how much I should pay as whole amount, he avoided this, he was just saying rate!! I thought it is per annum and per month as in Australia. He did not say that I should pay interest for the whole period he said once I pay my account in full I will be out of the installment

I called Dubai first, I believe this their strategy, they trap people, they steel people

requested to cancel my credit card [protected]

Dear Sir
I have been issued a credit card linked to account bearing number [protected]. I have been using this Dubai first credit card from the past 1 year and have been very satisfied with your services and rendered by your bank .But due to they reduced my salary from last two months. Before my salary is 7000 AED and now am getting salary is 3000 AED without Accommodation. So i can't to pay with this whole amount please give me any option from my this situation.
The Card Details are as specified below:
Name of Card: JOYAL MATHEWCard Number: [protected]
Date of Expiry: DEC 2021Card Type: TITANIUM
Hope the needful will be done.
Thank You.Yours SincerelyJoyal Mathew

credit card closure delay

Hi Dubai First, It has been more than 14 days that I have been following up with the closure of my credit card which was never used at all since 2017. You can see the whole record history in your system. My auto loan in on hold because this card is still showing active in my AECB report. I am calling every day to request to send my report to central bank no action so far from your side. I will lose 25% of my down payment by 15th Oct if this card is showing as closed in AECB. Till now the bank has not sent my report to central bank. Please look into my request as an exception otherwise I really have to use other channels to show your negligence and misguiding your customers.

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    No updates so far. Is this a right site to raise the complaints?

credit card - fraudulent charges on my credit card against dubai first card

162773 I hereby complaint regarding the bank statement generated for Dubai First card number [protected] under account name of Caster L. Rivera as on September 12, 2019, due to...

credit card

In April 2018, I was offered a free for life Dubai First credit card. I used it regularly from April 2018 to July 2018. And I was able to pay all the outstanding amount. From July...

Credit card air miles

Im being promised from one year that their dubai first online miles website will be updated and i cant book the tickets through miles from past one year they promised me that it will be up in a month thn a week thn again a month and they keep on extending the days and its not up still fed up of this need my money back, my number is [protected]! im being complaining again and again and i get the reply it will be up in sometimes or ull get ur money back and i dint got a single penny back nor the website is up my 90k miles are just of no use now

dubai first credit card

the biggest scam in UAE Dubai first, they lie on their customers, they do not even follow the central bank rules, they called me there is a fraud transaction happening on my...

credit card

Credit card offered me 25k airmiles and free annual pass to Dubai parks and resorts. After 3 months I didn't get my free airmiles they promised. On calling customer care they are...

credit card (clearance certificate)

Hello team, I am a dubai first moments titanium master card holder Today I called the call center, I requested to pay the full outstanding amount of the card and here is the...

dubai first /credit card - unauthorized credit card charges by dubai first


Due to the false promise made by one the agent of Dubai First, I took the credit card .

I was told to do the shopping of 2000 AED then we will give you IMG World 1-year free pass.

I transferred my credit card bill thru FAB bank on 2nd July and the payment due date was 4th July.

Later on Dubai first told that they have not received the amount and they put unnecessary many late charges .
I called almost 50 times to them and then they told to do the payment once again thru ENBD ATM.
I did the payment and they I was asked by Dubai first to pay more than 500 AED for the late payment charge/Insurance charge, finanace charge, vat charge etc.

After more than 15 e-mails and many calls they agreed to do the reversal of 275 AED and I was asked to pay the 251.1 AED extra (for which I didn't purchase even one AED things) .
After paying the 260 AED, when I requested to cancel the card then I was told by Dubai first that they will not cancel the card, and I have to keep the card for the next 6-month. When I asked these terms and condition were not conveyed to me then the customer representative asked me that "This is our bank policy, we don't convey this message ".

Dubai first is really harassing me financially and mentally . This is the worst card and bank I have ever seen .

Please help me to get rid of this card and to get my unauthorized charges which Dubai First credit card has taken.

Thank you.
Kishore Mishra

credit card - misleading installment loan/abhorrent charges

If someone at all in DubaiFirst is reading this i hope UAE government fines you enough for your company to go bankrupt. You don't deserve to practice business anymore with all these abuse, unethical procedure and abhorrent charges you're asking your customers to pay.

Your sales person mislead me by not clearly mentioning what offer i'm getting myself into. Intentionally conditioning my mind i'm taking the similar offer for the similar amount i have taken a few months back so i would never doubt him but then not clearly saying what installment plan i'm taking in the 4 minute phone call and intentionally omitting the number of months on the SMS so i wouldn't have an opportunity to think and say no.

Logically, nobody would have ever agreed to put on 48-month installment plan a 4575 dirhams purchase. No person in the right mind who heard it clearly would agree to that. Why would anyone be willing to pay almost 5100 interest spread over 48 months when you are historically over 2 years paying [protected] monthly. Sales person obviously deceived the customer yet here's the customer service unwilling to remove charges, unwilling to let you pay in full only your outstanding without the interest that was never clearly mentioned anyway.

In what world does any bank or financial institution does that? An institution without integrity and credibility like Dubai First perhaps.

You're using language barrier, customer's stupidity and the fact that majority of the transactions are by phone with so much left unsaid to manipulate and take advantage of the customer.

I hope your customers will never stop filing their complaint with UAE Central Bank and if possible file a class lawsuit to revoke your business license so you could no longer operate and take advantage of honest people who are working hard and trying to live a decent temporary life in UAE.

credit card - misleading installment loan/abhorrent charges

  • Su
    suyogi Aug 12, 2019

    Dubai first credit card sale person make false commitment I recorded his video during commitments but banks not taking action and now start charging extra money for me. centre bank should take action against him this is spoiling the image of UAE.

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  • Am
    Amna M. Sep 05, 2019

    I fell into their trap last year. I applied for a Smart Payment Plan on my credit card. And when I wanted to cancel the plan early, I was told I had to pay 27000 dhs interest fees. Unbelievable.
    Central Bank of UAE can't do anything.
    What shall I do? I just want to pay my outstanding balance ASAP and cancel the credit card without paying the absurd fees

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credit card sales

I have applied for a "Visa Infinite" credit card with Dubai First on 18th May 2019 with Sales officer (Mr. Usman [protected]) but when I received it was a lower tier card (Master). I raised a complaint with sales officer regarding miscommitment and he confirmed again that the "Visa Infinite" card approval is already in place and wrong card was delivered because of a human error. I waited for him till 21st June and raised a complaint with the bank against this mis-selling and miscommitment. In response to the complaint, I received a call from Usman's manager, Mr. Rafaqat - [protected] and he also confirmed that he will own the complaint and close it with the required solution i-e delivery of "Visa Infinite" card. Unfortunately, he also lied and on my follow-ups with him, he was unresponsive and finally just told that my complaint is closed and application is rejected - alas! Though this was not the actual case.

I am still following up with the banks call centre and the update is always the same "Complaint is open and approval is still pending". Unfortunately, customer services of this institution is the worst i have ever experienced. I dont want their card but I am still following up with them so that a necessary action can be taken against the culprit and other innocent customers can be safeguarded.

credit card// visa infinite

I was offered a Dubai First Credit card with 1500 AED annual fees. the rewards promised were 4 Dubai Parks and Resorts passes and 50000 Dubai First joining miles. Its been 2...

my dubai first credit card 5161 * * 3003 - reg

Dear Sir

Your Bank representatives MAYSA MOHAMMED / JISHA JOSEPH - First Abu Dhabi Bank not responding to my emails even after several reminders to know current outstanding, next due amount for full and final settlement of my Dubai First credit card.
Kindly assign a responsible person of your Bank to deal my case and please contact to my India number.

Thanks & Regards,

+91 - [protected]

worst bank in uae - please do not go with dubai first credit card ever.

I am a Dubai first bank customer since 5years now. This is the worst credit card I have ever deal with initially they will come with high credit limit offers and other stupid...

credit card

All the false information provided to me to sell Dubai First (Dubai Parks & Resorts) credit card.
1. The Card is Lifetime free - However, after 1 year the bank will charge me some amount.
2. Access to the Bollywood park is totally free - If I am not wrong will get 25 to 50 % discount.
3. One on One free movie ticket - Need to spend 2000 Dhiram than will get this offer which was not told earlier.
4. I called customer support to cancel this card and now they are harassing me and not canceling this card.

credit card in uae

Dear All,

I would say that the worst credit card we have in UAE is Dubai first credit card. Please its my humble request to all who are going to apply credit card please dont take Dubai first credit card...

They will tell many things in the beginning but later they will add many additional charges for no valid reason...And if we are going to complain they will tell it was mentioned in the application form.

Hope this information will to escape from a big trap. ( Rating -0)


credit card closure

لقد تعرضت للنصب والخديعه من قبل هذه الشركه التي لم تصلح ان تكون شركه تمويل لا يوجد لديهم تدريب لخدمه العملاء كبف يتحدثون مع العملاء كمان انهم نصبوا علي لا احد منهم قالي لي علي دفع مبالغ لا اعلم بها وقمت بوقف القرض وقاموا بارساله لي لدفعي مبالغ زائده لقد زهبت للبنك المركزي لعمل شكوي هذا اسوء تجربه حصلت معي في اي بنك كما انهم رفضوا ان يقوموا بقفل البطاقهً لي

inappropriate charging of late payment fee

Customer Name: Rose Anne Manlapaz

I paid my due date on 3 June 2019 through online and it was debited against my bank account on the same date which is before my credit card due. The customer care (Cassandra) and her manager said the reason for late payment due is because of EID. They should not charge me any late payment fee as i paid it on time. They didn't even ask for the confirmation on my online payment to confirm that the payments made on 3 June 2019.
Customer cares are not useful unlike other customer cares of other financial institution. I will definitely close my account on this Company.

inappropriate charging of late payment fee

  • Mt
    Mt19 Jul 16, 2019

    This is exactly what happened to me as well. They’re insisting that it was only credited to their bank account on June 10 when the fund clearly got credited to them on June 3. It’s IMPOSSIBLE for the funds not to get credited on the same day because it was just a transfer of money between two accounts within the same bank (ENBD). Such liars.

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complaining about cash loan against credit card

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Kapil Kumar Advani and having a cash loan from your bank against my credit card Number 5242********1000.I was informed by your telecaller emplyee Farsan contact number [protected] that I need to pay over and above AED 18000 loan amount is AED 630 approx.

Loan Amount 18, 000.00
Processing Charge 1% 180.00
Interest PM AED 73.80 for 6 months 442.80
Total during 6 months (A) 18, 622.80

Paid amount
March - 3, 456.47
April - 3, 254.00
Current Month Statement due in June - 3, 192.66
Total (B) - 9, 903.13
Balance to be paid (A-B) 8, 719.67

Balance instalment will be then AED 2906.56 for next 3 months.

Over and excess 18000
Over 3000 - Ist payment 456.47
Over 3000 - IInd payment 254.00
Over 3000 - IIIrd payment 192.66
Total Excess till 3rd Instalment 903.13
Less to be paid in 6 months - 622.80
Excess Paid 280.33

Kindly confirm it or give the clarification why you are charging more than what i was informed on form with Farsan.

  • Di
    Diagusted Customer May 26, 2019

    I have been staying in UAE for the last 15 years and dealt with various banks but have never seen a most ridiculous bank like Dubai First . Dubai First is the most pathetic, unprofessional bank i have ever seen, they have untrained staff who never know what exactly is happening with your account and keep giving stupid replies. Dubai First is the only bank i think in the world who uses outdated banking softwares which can never give accurate details. In short if you are looking for a terrifying, horrific, unreal banking experience can surely deal with a DUMB bank like Dubai First.

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dubai first credit card

Please be careful with this company! They deliberately avoid sending you statement, every action takes 5-6 working days and they add hidden fees to your account.

I have not recieved a statement for the last 2 month but yet they feel compelled to add late fee & interest charges onto my account.

They add un-necessary insurance product that you dont want, with a charge such as Credit shield and they dont explain the use of them

Avoid this bank at all cost.

credit card annual charges reversal

Regarding Annual Fee Charges for my Credit Card Number 4573********5405.

Just to inform you that I am using Dubai First Credit Card for more than 15 years and not even single time I was in default. Also this Mile card was provided from Dubai First. I have not requested for this card.

Attached screen will show how many times i was following up for my Annual Fee Charges Reversal & Air Mile Redemption.

On 10th December 2018, i raised query to know when will be my annual fee is due to ensure that i will cancel my card before it will get charged. I received update that in February 2019 it will be due.

In return I received offer that i can get free for life credit card and my existing card will be cancelled. I requested that is it possible to carry forward my pending air miles to new card but i received feedback that it's not possible and it's better to redeem my air miles so i have requested not to issue new credit card till i redeem my air miles.

I was keep on trying online to redeem my air miles but due to system issue i was not able to redeem air miles so on 10th February i raised complaint for the same. When i call customer service number i have been told to submit the error screenshot which i did on 14th February 2019. I was keep on following for the update but i received feedback that once IT issue resolved i will receive a call but i did not receive any call. Before the system issue get resolved i get charged for the annual fee.

Again i call customer service number and informed them about my issue and received update that somebody will call me to resolve the issue. After several follow-up i received call from Ms. Jacklin that she will look in to it and will get back to me. She asked me that will it be possible to spend AED 4000 pm for 2months so that she can request for the annual fee reversal. I explained her that it was not my fault but still i cannot commit for 4000 but minimum i can spend AED 2000 pm so in 2 months i will spend AED 4000. She informed me that she will check & get back to me.

Again i was keep on following up with her and called her couple of times but she informed me that she is waiting for the management approval.

17th April2019 i received call from Jacklin and she informed me that management has proposed 2 solution
Option 1 - 50% waiver of annual fee or Option 2 - i will receive 50000 air miles and i have to pay my annual fee.

I informed her that i will not accept this offer as it's not my fault so she told me that i can call customer service number and raise complaint which i did on 17th April 2019 itself.

I received a call from customer care department Mina and he also propose the same offer which was provided by Jacklin. I told him the same that i am not interested in the proposed solution and requested to reverse my annual fee.

The reason for not accepting the proposed offer because it is not my fault. If you check the history i was keep on following to cancel my card to avoid the annual fee and still i get charged

Appreciate your help & support to resolve this issue.


credit card annual charges reversal
credit card annual charges reversal

letter for liability (buy out)

I am at the initial stage of my request for liability letter and was told that it will take 15 days starting last monday, May 5 2019. I am expecting a call today until 3 pm as noted by the agent (btw I called the agent 3 times previously, 1 for the request, 2 yesterday for confirmation of my request and today to ensure someone will call me)

My reference is as per below...

Dear Customer, Your request at Dubai First has been registered with ref # 'G21955370127933'

I will update this board asap for progress on a timely manner. 1 and 1/2 hour to go to miss the promise of the follow up call.

  • Updated by Odenelite · May 07, 2019

    Part 2

    As expected, I did not receive a call from Dubai First. I called the Call Center at around 2:28 pm and I was told that I will receive a call. I called again at 3:32 p.m. and (Abdulrahman) call center agent said that they will raise an e-mail copying his is manager. I asked for the Complaint reference code and he said only the Credit Card number.

    Tomorrow he said they will for sure call me.

    I will update again in regards. 13 DAYS more to receive my Letter of Liability if the 15 working days time frame is to follow.