Dubai First Complaints & Reviews

Dubai First / inappropriate charging of late payment fee

Jun 20, 2019

Customer Name: Rose Anne Manlapaz I paid my due date on 3 June 2019 through online and it was debited against my bank account on the same date which is before my credit card due. The customer care (Cassandra) and her manager said the reason for late payment due is because of EID. They...

Dubai First / complaining about cash loan against credit card

May 15, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Kapil Kumar Advani and having a cash loan from your bank against my credit card Number 5242********1000.I was informed by your telecaller emplyee Farsan contact number 04-5068318 that I need to pay over and above AED 18000 loan amount is AED 630 approx. Loan Amount ...

Dubai First / dubai first credit card

May 09, 2019

Please be careful with this company! They deliberately avoid sending you statement, every action takes 5-6 working days and they add hidden fees to your account. I have not recieved a statement for the last 2 month but yet they feel compelled to add late fee & interest charges onto my...

Dubai First / credit card annual charges reversal

May 09, 2019

Regarding Annual Fee Charges for my Credit Card Number 4573********5405. Just to inform you that I am using Dubai First Credit Card for more than 15 years and not even single time I was in default. Also this Mile card was provided from Dubai First. I have not requested for thi...

Dubai First / letter for liability (buy out)

May 07, 2019

Hello! I am at the initial stage of my request for liability letter and was told that it will take 15 days starting last monday, May 5 2019. I am expecting a call today until 3 pm as noted by the agent (btw I called the agent 3 times previously, 1 for the request, 2 yesterday for confirmation of...

Dubai First / credit card

May 05, 2019

Dear Dubai first, You guys are cheating customers like anything and service you guys provide is worst ever and will not come back never ever.(Your Dubai First Credit Card is due for payment.Pls pay at the earliest possible or call 04 5068777 for assistance.Pls Ignore if already...

Dubai First / dubaifirst credit card

Apr 28, 2019

I am behind this bank to cancel my card since last 2 month. service is very very bad, I trapped in this bank. I have no liability on that bank.Still they have refusing to cancel my card. more than 20 times i called customers service but they are cheating me. be care full before buy thi...

Dubai First / credit cards

Apr 11, 2019

Completely disappointed with this bank!!! I am not sure if this complaint will be taken seriously at all by the dubai first management but still I wish to express my utter disappointment on the service and customer relations of this bank. I have been dealing with this bank for past 2 year...

Dubai First / contact agent behavior

Apr 05, 2019

This is to bring to your attention that I received a call from dubai first agent who was very rude and unpolite, with unacceptable behaviour. The call is recorded for reference. His name is arthur i'm wondering how such people represent the image of the company. He should get more training...

Dubai First / unauthorized credit card transaction charges

Apr 01, 2019

#FAB #FirstAbudhabiBank #Dubai First # WorstExperience #Dubaifirst #DubaiFirstP.J.S.C. #DigitalBanking #Consumerrights #HiddenCharges #Dubaifirstcustomers #Complaint #Bank #Share #Awareness . Please be aware and check your each and every transaction very carefully, You may would have been...

Dubai First / credit card fraud transactions

Mar 23, 2019

Dear team This is regarding a complaint against the fraudulent use of my credit card on 13-03-2019 and nothing has been done since 15 days and i requested for the bank letter so that i can file a case with the police and no update has been received. Kindly provide me with the statement of...

Dubai First / credit card

Mar 17, 2019

There was an outstanding balance in my account for around 65 dirham and on that nominal balance - i have been charged the penalty amount for around 500 dirhams. On that i have requested several times for closure of this card because i am continuously being followed up for that nominal...

Dubai First / credit card and liability letter - a lot to complain about this bank

Mar 10, 2019

Dear complaints department, I have requested for liability letter and your team asked me to settle the due then I did and applied again. Now they said i need to pay again!! How come? I need the liability letter to settle the Full amount not only the due! How u want me to pay? I have no...

Dubai First / not getting 1st statement and insurance charges and interest and penalty reversal / refund

Feb 05, 2019

Dear Sir, Pl. note that I did not got my 1st statement and I am getting charged of interest. I called several times to customer care. They says that we have send the statement. But it has not received at all. Also customer care person are useless irresponsible persons saying I shall...

Dubai First / credit card

Jan 24, 2019

Dear Complaint department, I am writing as had enough of Dubai First team (employees of different categories) and it's assigned "authorised 3rd party" unprofessional treatment. My name is Anna Matevosyan, I had a card and the loan with that entity which I stopped paying once your team start...

Dubai First Gulf Bank / credit card

Jan 16, 2019

Dear, I have got a supplement card for first gulf bank and it was issued to me on 8/2017 and I was said by the bank person that the card was free for life time and now after a year I got a call on nov that the card is being charged with annaul fees of 200. I have told that the card I have...

Dubai First / useless insurance claims

Dec 12, 2018

I lost my job in July and immediately called Dubai First customer care to process my Insurance Claim. I submitted the request and they never called me for updates. They blocked my card which they said is for "security reasons". Even my online account is useless because I cannot view any...

Dubai First / credit card fraud

Nov 14, 2018

0 Votes Hi I have also faced same issue with my DIB Credit card today. Suddenly 4 transactions with in a span of 4 minutes early in the morning at 1.00 am deductions started happening in my credit card account. I received 4 messages of deduction worth 9000 AED. Message reads.. "POS Purchase of...

Dubai Firsti / credit card and collections department issue

Nov 07, 2018

Im complaining about my creditcard payment because at first i payed last 2 months with only the minimum amount and my account went to the collections department. After 1 month i have the money now to sort out everything and the collections department wants me to pay only 1520 which i did...

Dubai First / liability letter since 19th nov

Nov 04, 2018

Dear sir/madam, I applied for a liability letter via phone on 19th november... I have a loan with my bank to clear both my credit cards amount approx 115k. Dubai first is the only bank that has delayed myself and the banker! Rak issued within 24 hours and couriered free to my work address! I...

Dubai First / additional interest over my existing credit card during settlement

Oct 13, 2018

Dear sir, This is to inform you that I would like to cancel my dubai first bank credit and the liabilty letter which the bank has mentioned around more than 10 thousand AED than my outstanding amount . When I checked with the customer care, they have informed me that it's outstanding...

Dubai First / credit card

Oct 10, 2018

i was invited by the dubai first bank to take their credit card without any annual or monthly fees about 10 years back. it was free card from the beginning and they started charging annual membership fee 3 years back. But all the time i call them and they revise the charges .from last year...

Dubai First / credit card collections

Sep 23, 2018

It has been observed that eversonce i got to br a customer of dubai first, i faced nothing but issues. It all started with wrong email address of mine and also no statement reaching at all. I called up and complained however, nothing was sorted for few months. I still used to make min...

Dubai First Bank / unprofessional and no customer service at all

Sep 20, 2018

Dubai First Bank has the worst customer service ever, it looks like there is no management at all, I was assigned to a person working there to pay my settlement bills of 10, 000 drhams and fix my police case the lady whose name is Hanan (0551047689) working in this bank at Dubai Midriff...

Dubai First / credit card replacement

Sep 19, 2018

My credit card is supposed to be replaced this month as its expiry is this month 9/18. I rang them and informed them when will I receive my new card and has informed me that I need to initiate that and pay them AED 100 plus TAX. Their agents on the phone are useless talked to this guy...

Dubai First / customer service and bad attitude of your staff amila nishad

Sep 18, 2018

Dear Team, I am very upset and disappointed the way your staff speak to me over the phone, very unprofessional and did not even think if I am in a middle of a meeting, conferences, always talking on the top and don't even care what is my answer, he just gives you threats and negative energy all...

Dubai First / unethical charges on credit card

Sep 16, 2018

Hi, I had availed an easy cash loan on 14th February 2017 (AED 35000/- for three years - EMI of AED 1143.72/-) To my surprise, when I got the first statement of accounts from Dubai First, there was an additional charges of AED 325.27/- I approached the customer care of Dubai First and wa...

Dubai First / credit card fraud

Sep 12, 2018

My credit card from Dubai First was used in a fraudulent transaction in the USA as I was in the UAE in July 2018. The amount which was stolen was around AED 8, 000 and now Dubai First, after I have done a transaction dispute, has stated that the merchant from the USA where the transaction wa...

Dubai First / credit shield charges

Sep 05, 2018

I would like to raise my concern regarding Dubai First's practice of activating products without rightful authorization from its customers, and repeatedly charging us for the same, despite repeated requests to opt out of the service. I was informed that the insurance charges were...

Dubai First / credit card - dissatisfied with the customer care

Sep 02, 2018

I had requested to reissue my card as it is in a blocked state at the moment. The customer care had new new requirements each time I followed up, finally when everything was fulfilled then there is no reply, no update. Their call centre is hopeless, they can do only postman job- just...

Dubai First / credit card restructure

Aug 17, 2018

I have a credit card which I have been paying for over the last year and recently came across urgent challenges in my home country which needed my immediate intervention. This has prevented me from making my usual monthly payments which I had been making towards my credit card. Now I have...

Dubai First / credit cards

Jul 31, 2018

Dear i settle my account balance but i surprise that early closure charge ask me to pay the full interest rate for 4 years 48 installments 609 aed monthly, no one told me that early settlement needto pay the full interest rate period really this very inacceptable kindly find me a solution...

Dubai First / loan recovery agents

Jul 26, 2018

I had never even heard of this bank up until 2 weeks back when some goons they have hired in India started harassing me and my family with incessant phone calls regarding an outstanding payment of one of our distant relatives! The gall of these people to call us up from different SIM card...

Dubai First / credit card

Jul 17, 2018

This is about a phone call I received to make a credit card. In couple hours two guys visited me to take my information and all paperworks. I was told we weee waiting for my latest salary to be transferred and the cars will be there in couple days. Since the salary transfer I called and...

Dubai First / jane from collecting department being rude with me by phone.

Jul 17, 2018

Please noted that Ms.Jane called me an indian lady called me with mobile number 0564183738, 0564183744 0564183756 ...she shouted on me because of the1 month late payment even i explained to her im waiting for my salary and i had an emergency but suddenly she started to shout where is the...

Dubai First / employee obligation

May 31, 2018

I'm from HR department and one of our employee have some obligation with the institution. They calling me very regularly asking if the salary is transferred. That's fine. I understand they want to get back the money. But today the person name Mark (043021409) behaved very badly. He called...

Dubai First / cancellation of credit card

May 24, 2018

I have requested for my card cancellation three weeks before and verification has done. Now they are asking me to provide the visa cancellation proof. Can you tell me why should I provide such document. Its my wish, I don't want that card. The Customer care has no use to call. Every time they...

Dubai First / amila nishad from collating department being rude with me by phone

May 23, 2018

My name is Nerses Keshish Ojli please noted that mr. Amila Nishad called me with mobail no.0564183735.. And he shouted on me.. And keeped himself very rude with me... Because of the late payment even I explained you that still I am waiting the salary but suddenly he started to shout...

Dubai First / credit shield insurance on credit card

May 22, 2018

Dear Dubai First, My name is Gibran Ali Hussain and my contact no. is 056 4994974 I have recently activated my Dubai First Card No. 5441525000010241. I was charged Dhs 338 plus Dhs 17 VAT for Credit Shield Insurance. On speaking to the customer care representative Chiz, I was informed that I...

Dubai First / credit card

May 13, 2018

I always paying my credit card on due date time not exceeding on due date. Last month my due date was April 12, 2018 (this is a payment for the month of March)and I paid on time. When I received my statement for the month of April I found that there's a late payment fee mentioned I paid my...