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First Premier Bank / late fee

1 SD, United States

02/15/2008, I paid my full balance, the bill that was due 02/16/2008. On 02/18/2008 for the bill due 03/16/2008, the $6 "serving fee" hit. By 03/20/2008. I had not paid the $6. I received a call from the bank stating that my account was 30 days past due. I stated I was at work and would call back after I got off.
Me and the young lady I spoke to went back and forth about a late fee I felt was charged incorrectly and about how my account possibly be late and in collections.

I also want to note that I had never missed a payment before on either of my cards.

I ask to speak to someone else she states "There is no one else, all Supervisors are busy". She stated I just needed to pay my bill. After a few more moments she states she will have someone call me.
That was 03/21/2008.
I must admit, I had never had a problem until this.
I am a student and I work full-time, so I waited and then forgot. My mistake.
I go to use my card which is not even close to the limit and I am not able to.
So on 03/27/2008, today. I called and now I am a little upset because I am now realizing that no one called me back.
I spoke to the first CSR and I hate to admit I did not get her name and I know better being in the CS field, but again I never had a problem before.
First, she tells me that I had two bills due in one billing cycle. She stated that even though I paid off my entire balance 02/15/2008 and the bill was due 02/16/2008. That I still had $6.05 due that hit my account on 02/18/2008. She stated that it was due on the billing cycle because the next billing cycle did not start until 02/20/2008, even though it was on the bill (in the next billing cycle) due 03/16/2008. She stated that they considering bills late from the billing cycle date and not the due date.
I was confused and stated that, that could not be correct and for her to go and check again (by this time I had been on hold several different times) because no company can charge a late fee from the cycle date and not the due date. I stated that all of my bill would have been charged a late fee if that were true.
I ask to speak to someone else because she is confused and could not help me in removing a fee I felt was charged incorrectly.
Then I start my name taking.
I spoke to Tara at about 947pm 03/27/2008, she stated she was the CSR Supervisor (she would not give her last name). She was very rude (at least the young lady before was pleasant), she tried to tell me the same information the previous young lady stated and I realize that’s who was telling her what to say so I asked to speak to her boss. She puts me on hold, she comes back to the phone it is not 9:50 pm and she states that "It is 10 minutes before closing and there is no one for you to speak to". Now I was really upset. I said to her that I can not believe what I am hearing. She states I can have someone call you tomorrow. I said no I have been there with you guys, someone was supposed to call me earlier in the week and did not. I want to speak to someone else who can help me. She states if I pay 26.00 today they will give me a credit on my next bills of 25.00. I told her I felt that was not fair because that is me still paying something I do not feel I should.
Finally she brings me Joel B. CSR MGR. He was awful. I was talking he stated if I paid today my account would come out of "collections" and they would give me a credit. I stated that was not fair and asked who else I could speak to that could help me. He stated that there was no one else and that it was time to go home and he could have someone call me. I told him no I have been down that road and told him what happened and then I asked for someone I could call back tomorrow. He stated "you did not call here". I was really offended then. In so many words he was calling me a liar. I told him that no one was supposed to call back and I said I can't believe what I am hearing; you’re calling me a liar. I told him that was how I felt and then he asked well "when did you call". I said where you listening to anything I was saying. He stated "I am trying to manage other people and listen to you and it is time to go home.
I could not believe what I was hearing. I asked for his boss and stated I would call back tomorrow for Kevin Dugan; Dept MGR. He stated that I would not be able to talk to him because he does not take calls. He stated that he would have Manuel; CSR MGR to call me tomorrow. He would not give me his last name. I told him I am sorry, but I can not trust what you are saying. I heard that same thing earlier in the week and no one called me.

In all of that conversation, not one of the MGT members I spoke to once said I am sorry for your experience. Not one really tried or cared about a customer who pays her bill for both account faithfully and on time. This is about $6.05 that was due 03/16/2008 and no one really cared they just want to go home.
Once I got off the phone and calmed down. I realize I called last week 03/21/2008 and not Monday as I had thought, but neither one even looked into my problem. They spoke to me as if they have been looking for me for months for $6.05. No where in the USA does anyone have two bills due in the same billing cycle.

It upset me that to know that it does not pay to pay your bills on time or ahead of time. I guess it is true that Credit Card companies do not like you to pay your balance in full.


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