Fifth Third Bank / mortgage escrow discrepancy

First of all I just spent 30 minutes typing a previous note with a multitude of details and you website crashed and wiped it all out when I tapped spell check.

My Account is [protected].

I received a notice that I had to pay 3000 in cash to escrow or have my escrow increased monthly by nearly 300. My account was transferred to you by Amerihome which paid my taxes of 2650.02 in March of 2017. 5/3 paid my insurance of 1867.00 Oct 3, 2017. I have as of Nov 2017 1925.42 in escrow. 5/3 is paying my 2017 taxes in Dec which only allowed 9 months to accrue. Taxes are due in Feb of 2018. Because they are doing this I am short in my escrow 724.60. 5/3 is taking 623.74 out for December for escrow which then will make my escrow account 2549.16. It is my understanding that they will continue to take out 623.74 through 2018. 623.74 x 12 =7, 484.88. 7, 484.88 plus the 2549.16 = 10, 034.04 that will be accrued to pay a total of 4, 500.02 for taxes and insurance for 2017. This seems so obviously wrong yet even after a review by the escrow department they are stating the numbers are correct. I have been spoken to in a very condescending way as to make me feel that I am a nuisance and an [censor]. I have been refused a number to a higher positioned employee other than a supervisor. I have been made to feel there is not recourse at all in this matter. I am asking for someone to sincerely look at the numbers and understand that this cannot possibly be correct. Will someone help me or is my only option legal action. My phone is [protected]

Nov 21, 2017

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