Fifth Third Bank / cold practices

Indianapolis, IN, United States

I have not even had my checking account open for a year and they found a way to screw me over. I opened up an account with 5/3 to take up their promotion of receiving $100 if you open up a checking account with them, big mistake. The promotion had some stipulations that you had to keep the account active for a certain amount of months to receive the promotional benefit. I made the appropriate transactions and nothing. So I had to call customer service just to get the promotion they had and they acted like they didn't even know it existed. So they took care of it and that was fine after a long drawn out conversation and I thought everything would be fine, but I was wrong. I have another bank I primarily use and because I didn't use my checking account with 5/3 over a period of 3 months I was charged the $7 maintenance fee that put my account into overdraft so I was charged an additional $30. Since it was the maintenance fee that put my account in overdraft, no notice was sent so I had no idea at all. I didn't have but only enough to keep the account open so when I got charged the maintenance fee and overdraft 5/3 CLOSED my account AND sent it to collections WITHOUT any notification! I also have a savings account with them that has enough to cover the maintenance fee if 5/3 cared enough to take care of their people. They told me that they have features through text or online for me to keep up with my account, but why would I need to if I don't primarily use it? It's not like I over drafted my account through my own doing. I had no clue about the maintenance fee. I am appalled and highly recommend not banking with 5/3 at all.

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