Fifth Third Bank / $200 coupon checking account

United States

Hello 53 banker,

I have opened a checking account with 53 bank on 3/11/2017 (account ending X6081) in Rolling Meadows branch, IL. I presented a $200 coupon while opening an account to Mr. John in the branch. I exactly completed direct deposit, online bill payment and other requirements the way I was told well with in time. But it’s been several months, I have not received my $200 for opening the account. When I inquired why I did not get the money, I was misguided in the second round and now branch says I have not paid the bills the way I am supposed to pay and I crossed the 3 months limit. It’s really frustrating .

As a deeply unsatisfied 53 bank account holder, I am really upset the way branch people misguided me and deprived me from my $200. I could have opened similar account in other banks as well by preferred your bank for your reputation and customer service. If you see this mail, consider my case sympathetically and help me to refund my deserved $200.

Samhita Chakraborty
North Aurora

Oct 23, 2017

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