Federal Express / customer service

CA, United States

I have had repeated problems with packages being delivered incorrectly. Not to a wrong address on my street, but to a different streets. On many occasions the occupants of the other addresses have brought the packages to me, thus making me aware of the mistake. One of them told me on other instances, he has left packages on my front porch when no one was home. When I tried to file a complaint with Fed-Ex via E-mail, I was told: "We would like to document this incident for corrective action. Your phone number is necessary in doing this." And it was not just one representative that told me that. I have several E-mils with similar comments. They do not know the appropriate FedEx management to send it to without my phone number. It is bad enough they have drivers that can not read, but worse that they expect you to believe that is necessary to have a phone number to handle a complaint.


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