Family Dollar Stores / the customer service from manager on two visits

Columbus, GA, United States

I go to this store regularly so I didn't see this manager before, I always used digital coupons with no problem but on two days with her on staff she was rude, I asked about spiritual cross word puzzles, she said we don't have any, I was waiting for her to say can i order them for you, or put a order for me, but she said nothing, I told her I have digital coupon and wanted two packs of cigarettes she said ok, she had trouble scanning them both so she tried to put the code in by hand it worked but she gave me the meanest looks a person can get, so the next time I went in, I had a different cashier without her there they did it fine, now the third time I went in it was a different cashier and he asked her can he scan it ? She said ONLY ONE I know better because I'm a cashier and all the family dollar do it but her, I hope someone talk to her and let her know someone know what she did and if I get the same treatment again I will take further steps to report her

Sep 15, 2017

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