Family Dollar Stores / I kellie higginbotham is a asm full time at family dollar at store 8482!!!

I, m complaining about my hours are been cut as a full time worker..!! I should be getting about 32-36 hours a week my cashier and stocker are getting more hours then me...!!! Also I have got writing up about thing that I wasn't trained on and also my Store manager has been making her schedule out on Sunday!! So this Sunday I got my schedule and it said I was working Friday and off Saturday..!! Ok Kool I planned my son party and paying for it Monday so coming Wednesday I get a text from the store manager saying that You has to work Saturday 1-5 I text her back and let her know I had already planned and play for my son party..!! And can't get my money back!!! She then text me and told me I was off Friday and has to work Saturday!!! But my money supposed to just go down the drain...!! My ID # is 6264550 all so I don't think it's ok to have her kids to come in to work and stock in the store!!! Y'all can contact me at [protected]!!!

Family Dollar Stores
Family Dollar Stores

Jul 27, 2018

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