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Family Dollar Stores / extreme unethical behavior

1 Fall River, MA, United States

It is now 10:05 pm eastern time. I walked into family dollar aproximatley 5 minutes b4 closing.
Just to grab 3 or four cases of peel and stick tile. Mind you.. Lights are on door is unlocked and in was greeted with "we close in two minutes", then then under her breath after I said I will be done in two minutes"$he mumbles" sure [censored]".
So I continued to walk to the back of the store where I remember the tiles being located.
They must have been moved because I looked around for a minute or so and was stoped by a yell. Coming from the front of the store." the register is closed sorry you have to go"
I raised my voice so she could hear me and said" excuse me I did walk in when the store was open right?"she replied back with"I have no idea what you just said but we are closed"you can't buy anything.
So I said to myself screw this, i'm being treated so poorly and being so disrespected for no reason to a point where i'm making a complaint.
When I have never done this before. This is how mad I am but wait. It gets even worste.
As i'm approaching the front of the store I said good night and don't worry i'll be making a complaint and I don't need your name either. She replied with its ok I know you" tim""we don't need any news reporters in here anyway"
It hit me like a ton of bricks and I had to calm myself down because of the comment she made. By laughing out loud at it.
It was in reference to a post I made on facebook last night about an incident where there was a car accident with a drunk driver and the street to get home was blocked off. So I used my police scanner app and heard it was an overdose. Turns out it was a different call. I was imeidietly blasted with a reply from who I know could be this family dollar employee, saying everyone always jumps to conclusions saying it's an overdose. It was along those terms. Another comment was from a male who posted a picture of a car accident which was what I thought was an overdose. He said" go to bed bro that's why your not a news reporter". I just let it go and blocked him on fb.
I ended up forgetting all about it till tonight when this extremely rude disrespectful and unethical employee said what she said. I'm became so angry that i'm typing this to inform the higher ups in the company that i'm a 33 year resident a minute from this store i
On north mainin street in fall river mass and have been a customer along with my family since this store was even a thought in anyone's mind. So yes I am still in front of the store typing this when I could be doing other things. I feel it is more important that you are informed of the way this employee is acting out in rage in your store towards customers.

Me out of all people understand that its late and she wanted to go home. Im a sales manager at a dealership. I know how it is. But if someone drives on my lot 5 minutes before before close they in no way shape or form be treated the way I was just treated. As long as this person is here I will not step into a family dollar again. 1 problem I 2 decades. Thats what it took.
Thank you for your time and all the best
Timothy leonardo

Family Dollar Stores

Oct 16, 2018

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