Family Dollar Storesassistant manager harassment

I am a new employee at the family dollar in Lumberton, New Jersey. Associate manager Fiona, was harassing me yesterday. I've asked her not to talk about matters that shouldn't be in the work place. I also stated the situation had nothing to do with me. She told me oh I'm the manager and we can speak on whatever I want. I walked away and she's telling me don't play with her. She called herself trying to bully her "power" over me. Cops were called, I went home because I felt uncomfortable. I tried to call the manager but it seems like he doesn't really care since he's leaving the store. I'm not sure if I have a job there still because of her position. But she's threatened both me and my mother based on something that had nothing to do with neither of us. She put her frustration on me. I personally felt like she wanted to see if I was the weakest link. This hasn't been the first time Fiona has yelled at her employees and customers. I'm just the one who felt to speak out on it. This is a big company and acts like this shouldn't be tolerated. I have proof on my phone that she called me after hours, cussing me out, making threats. I have text messages that shows her saying " Don't tell me not to call your [censored] phone". Then continues to tell me where she's from and she doesn't play. I strongly feel like for the sake of the company, actions should be made.

Jun 11, 2018

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