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23478 Salt Creek Rd , Red Bluff California California, United States

For almost 5 years I have been a loyal, happy enterprise plus member THVQQZ and loved you company! Now having to deal with it cost me sleep and major stress as this is the only rental in this place!! The fact is that I will be treated like trash or invisible !! There is no nice or friendly at all.just smug disdain, snide vague go to hells and my money is not good enough or wanted!! Maybe I pollute the cars ?? From The Todd person who is one of the nasty, sly and just should never deal with people person!! Then his good old buddy Josh call to let me know in every way but plan get lost! Oh yea, he snidely send me to his good old buddy boss ! Heck he even mocks doing so as the last time I was paid more than I ever have 1000 for one month!!! He did not care what I said he just charged me more even when I was under contract and had a price!!! Retaliation for stepping out of my place be complaining!!! Even as I have had an Excellent history I have been treated like I was trash the scrapped up coin and then tried to rent a car!!! 4 times I have been denied a rental and whoever call just re tells me to bad !! Rules I have NEVER heard of are now used with me !! Good member, paid a lot of money, so what!!! Even when the nice Enterprise people in Sims Valley asked I was refused service and left holding phone as their back were turned to me, making me ask for who to give it too!!! Discrimination, disrespect, the worst business in my life!! I could not sleep the whole night or eat as it made me sick to have to worry about will I get the rental I need??? No, the rules keep getting worse and worse ! On the phone I am treated with what they think I am to stupid to get or if I do that's my place, disrespect, I know this city does not have many middle income Black Woman Wife (40 years ) Mother of three university educated children, with pride, self respect and liked everywhere else in life kind of person ! I heard and read about things like this but dealing with it is HELL!! My only sin was Loyalty, Respect and honor!! I hope I can at least get a reasonable, respectful and fair person that will at least will act like he cares what I THINK surely at least a little! I can not except that Anyone that knows me and the decent person I am, could ever have cause to Think anything else ! I have been shocked, fighting hard to deal the disrespect, very mind destroying wrong crap !!! I would like to know why was I forced into being told they think I am less them trash ( that is my accessment ) disdaining my. How does being decent earn this ??? I feel dirty still ! And very upset and so shocked at the openness and comfort of mind that means forcing me to pay more as I seek another kind of dealer!! And I did nothing to have to go from joy to great dislike with a part of my life !! This is not normal, decent people should never be forced from use of their rights. Dined the use of public businesses and robbed of my peace of mind, made to feel dirty and guilty of just living and having something wrong by even Thinking I mattered ! This has really taken the good and forced way too much bad things for me and I have not earned it!!! Before I came to this city and lived in Thousands Oak and Simi Valley I had the very best thought and feelings with all your staff and treated them so! So now I can not sleep just thinking about dealing with this Enterprise crap, I'm really hoping this place does not compound the harm done to me!!! So much stolen By refusing to rent to me!!! More damage!!! And for what!!!

Dec 17, 2015

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