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Enterprise Rent-A-Car / very poor service!

1 United States Review updated:

Below you will see a string of emails sent to the enterprise rent a car's customer service.

Email number 1

Customer (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) 12/15/2006 02:30 pm
I am a customer of the enterprise location on drake road in farmington hills michigan.

In my opinion I received extremely poor service. I rented a car due to a car accident. I arrive at your location and rented a vehicle. I had the insurance claim number, location of where the car was being repaired, drivers license, and my insurance. about one week into my rental I started to recieve calls about not having the proper information in my file. I politely called back jeff, the manager and gave him the information again. then a few days later he called me back requesting the very same information that I gave him the first time he called. then a few more days went by and he called me again, this time to told him to email me the questions, again they were the same questions that I answered now two times. for the third time I responded with the information. then on december 13th, 2006 I arrived home from work to another message for me to call jeff because he needed the claim number, and the location of the collision shop. this time I called him back to tell him that I already gave him the information and that I would not furnish it for a fourth time. then just yesterday I received a call from someone else at the office his name was mike who requested the information for a fifth time. this is getting to the point that you are harassing me. I think that jeff, mike and the girl that rented me the vehicle to begin with needs to either take better notes and get things done right the first time not five times later or they need to find another line of work. I have never in my life ever seen such incompentence.

I would appreciate a call from your corporate headquarters so that I can elaborate further.

Their response:
Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention.

Complete customer satisfaction is our number one priority at enterprise and we assure you that we are working to resolve your situation. your message and information has been sent to kenneth kamba our regional vice president, and someone will be contacting you shortly. if you would like to contact us directly, call [protected]. also, you can find additional information by logging on to, and going to the about us section. there you can click on contact us, or the press room/faq’s for more information that might be helpful.

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you to resolve your concern.

The problem I had was that I never received a call from that individual and they listed a number on the email that does not even exist. they really don't want to deal with problems they only want to push them aside and hope they go away. here is my response to the email they sent me:

I received this email from monica who said that kenneth kamba was going to be contacting me shortly. I have not yet received a call from him and it is now wednesday afternoon the 20th of december. not only have I not received a call from him but the number that you listed on the email "[protected]" is not even a working number. apparently enterprise rent a car resolves issues by making the executives not even reachable. this is only an extension of your poor service. I would appreciate a call from your corporate headquarters before the end of the week.

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  • Ri
      5th of Jan, 2007
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    I had a similar situation happen to me. I finally called the corporate office and spoke to a young lady named Amanda. She was very nice and pleasant. I started to get a little angry but she calmed me down and explained to me the situation. It was like she was trained to do so. I felt very comfortable listening to her talk. If every person that works for Enterprise is nice like her, they have a good thing going. When we got off the phone I felt so good about myself. Someone should tell that girl that she is doing a great job.

    Richard H.

  • Fr
      9th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I regular customer from car enterprise is the first time I receive poor customer service from Angela, I guess she one of the manager from that location at 211 st sw on us one inside potamkim dealers. First arrive there I have my reservation they have car I wait at least two hours finally they gave me car. And accident happen one of the tired brake she never ask how are you doing or what ever thanks there is another nice employee there that help me lot he name is Carlos I don't know if go back an rent car with your company again.

  • Ki
      12th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    enterprise dose have bad service

  • Ha
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    I Contacted the Enterprise Rent-A-Car facility on Monday 02/23/2009 to reserve a SUV for rental. The service that I received was poor, and inexcusable, The Major problem that I experienced was with the vehicle that was used for pick up from the auto repair shop. The represenative arrived and I followed him out the door to the vehicle. The driver went to the driver side and opened up the door and climped in. My hands were full so I stood at the passenger side door for a few seconds, to see if the Door would be opened for me. It was not, and not only that, the Service Van that was used was huge and sat at least 20 inches from the ground. This made it very difficult to climb in side, as well as maneuvering myself out of the vehicle. I am not disable or a senior citizen BUT, I shutter to think how someone with other problems may have managed this unnecessary obstacle. I realize that this vehicle may not be used for every pick up, but however the fact that it is ever used to pickup a customer shows a disrepect for the customer and poor customer service. Which is not what you advertise? In the future I will look for another rental company and I will ask questions and will not trust those flowery false ads. My husband will pick me up from the Repair shop when my car is ready, to avoid having to climb up into another MONSTER TRUCK. I am currently working with a senior group and will inform them when making a choice to use Enterprise, be prepared.
    I Hope that this was just an isolated incident however during this economy it is a mistake that should be avoided.

  • Ma
      21st of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have been a loyal Enterprise customer for years now. Last Friday I went in my local branch (Lancaster, CA). I had made a reservation about a week prior. When I got there they had one full sized car. The car was filthy and looked horrible. On the website it states it was going to be Dodge charger, Altima, Impala or similar.. I had no idea a hyundai was an acceptable similar. I then told the lady that I did not want to pay about 230 dollars to rent a hyundai for a week, I don't like the car. This lady was extremely rude, did not try what soever to find a car to my liking, she made no phone calls, didn't check to see if more cares were scheduled to be returned that day. SHE DID NOTHING!!! Basically it was take it or leave it.. And excuse me I WILL NOT spend my hard earned money on a place with such awful customer relations.
    Needless to say I left and went to Avis where I got a 2009 Impala with leather, heated seats and a sunroof for the same price as the hyundai at enterprise.
    I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ENTERPRISE AGAIN. I am now a loyal Avis customer and way more happy.. I urge everyone to say no to enterprise...

  • Ct
      15th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have been round and round with Enterprise in Miami for 6 months on an unauthorized credit card charge. The insurance company paid them in full and they still have not issued credit to my credit card. Lots of lip service... I too will never do business with this unethical and deceiving company.

  • On
      28th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had a horrible experience with Enterprise roadside assistance. The minivan that I rented brokedown it took roadside assistance 7 hours to get me into another vehicle. I was down graded to a Mazda 5 where they expected 6 people, stroller and luggage to fit then finally got a pick up truck to drive back home. Customer Service people and agents argued with me like if it was my fault that the minivan broke down and like if I was asking for a replacement for free. Never renting from them again, they are not dependable.

  • Au
      27th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Roadside asst for Enterprise is a joke! I had one of their lovely vehicles for all of an hour. I had my 80lb mastif/boxer with me and a friend. When we were done getting my dog groomed, we got in the car I put the key in the ignition, and half the key breaks off in the ignition. When I called roadside asst they acted as if I was some how responsible. By the way, I think it's important to mention that I'm 4'11" and 100lbs, and none of my vehicles have ever had a key break off in the ignition. Unfortunately, it gets worse. I was told to call a cab that I would not be reimbursedfor because all the local Enterprise locations were now closed for the weekend, and the other tow drivers were "backed up". When I told the lady that cabs don't allow animals she suggested I "call a friend, or somebody" to come and get me. WOW! I told her I didn't have anyone that could come get me, she said, "Well I don't know what to tell you". She said that she had "put my number in the system", and that one of the drivers would call me when they would be available to drive me to one of the airports (one is an hour away, the other over an hour), so that I could get another vehicle. It's now been well over 24 hours since, and no driver ever called me, and still no replacement car. I called them, was put on hold FOREVER, and was told that one airport wouldnt answer the phone and that I could call the other myself. They even had the nerve today to ask if their vehicle was still with me, or if I knew where it was or where it had been towed to. ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME? They leave me, my dog, and my friend stranded for several hours (until of course I was able to arrange my own ride home) in 100 degree Houston Texas weather and then have the audacity to inquire about their car? I guess the lady who initally took my call was so busy being incompitent and rude that she forgot to make notes regarding their piece of crap vehicle. I willl absolutely NEVER use Enterprise again.

  • Sh
      26th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hello to Enterprise this is not a complant. I just want to atknoledge the wonderful service that i recieved from Mr. Kirk Jacobson located in the Heritage Volkswagen of Herford Road. Mr. Jacobson made the process painless. Thank you Kirk for your outstanding service.

    Yours Truly
    Mr. Shawn A. Merrick
    Baltimore MD.

  • Su
      15th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I rented a Chevy Aveo today (this morning). Sabrina & I did a walk-a-round and noted any damages to vehicle. But we neglected to notice the tires & rims. I drove off lot, went to bank & to eat lunch. Came home & parked car. When son got home from school he looked at car & noticed rim damage on right front tire which could cause a blow out. I immediately called the Holly Hill Enterprise office & was told to bring the car in and they would switch it out. The girl that took care of me said Sabrina was in a meeting and that she would have to have her call me. Based on what this "new" girl said, there is no way to tell if I did the damage or if it was noted prior to my renting this morning. I am furious. She said I could had possibly hit a curb. That made me more furious indicating that I might had caused the damage. She said it would have to be decided and checked into...I told the girl she can see from the tire I did not do it and she said that I could have hit a curb & not touched the tire...I took photos. Now I have to sit and wait to hear from someone and to see if I AM GOING TO BE THE ONE RESPONSIBLE TO PAY FOR THIS DAMAGE WHEN IT WAS NOT CAUSED BY ME!!! Is this how Enterprise handles things...If a damage is not caught then the next rental sucker is stuck with such? I told them the reason I called and brought the vehicle back was that I did not feel safe driving the vehicle as it was. Why would I do that if I had caused the damage? Who detailed the car and washed it prior to picking me up? Didn't they notice the damage? If they did, why didn't they notify the office prior to my picking it up?
    Susan Todd 2-15-2011

  • Su
      15th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Sabrina (Daytona Bch ofc) called me at 5:36pm. She apologized and said she pulled the record of the previous renter and found that this rim issue was notated on their rental agreement and it was overlooked and forgotten to be noted on my rental. She assured me that I WOULD NOT BE CHARGED FOR THE DAMAGE.
    I will know when I return the rental car and watch my bank account closely.
    I can rest in peace somewhat this evening.

  • Sh
      4th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    I have 3 letters - MCA.
    No seriously! Ever since the flat tire in the middle of nowhere, MCA has been to the rescue. No high costs for each service emergency. Its one price every month no matter what happens. For someone as clumsy & clueless as can be, its God Sent!
    In my opinion, Platinum is the best coverage for the price. See which works for you go to > JOINMCA .TK < All the best!

  • Ka
      18th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I went on line to make reservations for a compact car, (because of the gas prices). I had to wait two (2) days for this can and on the third day I was to get one at noon. I did not get one until after 2:00pm. This is the worst rent a car company that I have ever used before, but it is the only one in Beaufort, SC. I would have to take a long ride in order to rent a car but it is now worth the ride.

    Karen C. Holmes,

  • La
      14th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes
    Enterprise - refund
    United States

    Want my deposit geico paid u good

  • Al
      14th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes
    Enterprise Holdings - invoice #E76437197
    United States

    I have toll's for same invoice same car 2 different prices this isn't right.. I paid 12.45 because that is correct but 59.00 is way out of line.. I have disputed but nothing is happening about it. Please contact me back asap Alisa Alves 9/14/1980 Thank you.. Not sure how much more I need to say this is all wrong and crazy

  • Ju
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Enterprise Holdings - I was told I would be refunded the security deposit when I returned the car
    United States

    I was told I would be refunded the security deposit when I returned the rental. Not only was I not refunded the security deposit, I was charged way more then the said total in which was prepaid for the day I picked it up I WANT A REFUND LIKE WAS PROMISED

  • De
      19th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes
    Enterprise - deposit return
    bourbonnais IL
    United States

    Taking enterprise car rental forever (> week) to return my deposit.

  • Si
      19th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    Enterprise Holdings - Auto damage
    Myrtle Beach
    South Carolina
    United States

    I feel like my car was targeted. They know the location of my car, and it was mysteriously hit, parked . They won't give me my payments invoice . I've paid more than what's said. Dawn makes up I agreed to pay $100.00 payments, I didn't agree on. They are bullies. Dawn said I can rent a car, only to go to the counter and have it cancelled . Bad !

  • Ca
      18th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    Enterprise Rent A Car - my 200 credit card deposit
    United States

    I rented a car in Aug 2017 and have not received my 20-0 deposit from my credit card.

  • Me
      2nd of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes
    Enterprise Holdings - Deposit refund
    New York
    United States

    I have been waiting a month and 3 weeks for my deposit refund check they send it via mail with NO TRACKING NUMBER I emailed and called corporate and they had 0 answers for me I lost my job and just started a new one all my bills were due they told me to expect it latest yesterday still don't have it I'm a single mother and I was counting on that $

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