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InterRent Complaints & Reviews

Interrent / cancelled reservation

Oct 15, 2019

InterrentMeine Frau (M Mathies) und ich flogen am 11.10.2019 von HH nach Nizza mit Eurowings EW7428. Unterwegs gab es einen Notfall und die Maschine musste in Stuttgart notlanden.. Weiterflug nach Nizza war dann um ca 17.00 Uhr und Ankunft um etwa 18.40. Ich rief daher bei Interrent an, um...

Interrent / warning! interrent car rental alicante

Oct 14, 2019

InterrentThis [censored] carrental withdrew me of 420 euros after bumps that where not there. I had photos of the car when I delivered it back with no damages. I asked them at the front office to take a look at the car when I returned it, but still they assured me it was ok as I said there was no...

Interrent / car rental

Oct 09, 2019

While on holidays in Sicily we placed an online order for a car rental at the Palermo Falcone Airport in Italy for October 5th for pickup at 11:00 AM. The order was through the rental company Interrent under the Booking Number‭ [protected]. We paid the fee with our credit card in advance...

Interrent / charge made on credit card

Oct 06, 2019

Interrent€220 charge made on credit card without any advise what this was for? Contract number [protected] car picked up from Alicante airport on 14.9.19 and returned on 24.9.19. Damage to front LH bumper noted by collection desk and photographed by desk on tablet prior to leaving car park. I also...

Interrent / car hire cost in excess of that booked on the internet

Oct 04, 2019

InterrentBooked a car through InterRent online. Murcia 25th sept to 2 Oct 2019. internet Booking reference confirmation attached below pages 1 and 2. At airport the cost requested by the attendant was in excess of the amount shown on my confirmation. see attached below. They had added an extra -...

Interrent / late deposit

Oct 03, 2019

InterrentHi, my name is Laura Gheorghe and i rent a car from 13.08 till 28.08 in Italy Bologna airport. My customer number is [protected] I have an issue, they still keep my deposit of €91 . I tried to contact them, but i didn't receive an answer. I've added some add blue €15 i still have the recipe...

Interrent / double payment of hire and charged extra

Oct 03, 2019

I had booked a small car through Ryan air to be picked up at the interrent office in the Gran Canaria Airport building. Unfortunately I had forgotten the pin to my creditcard and we could not use the Ryan air contract. I had to take out a new contract with Interrent, which was extremely...

Inter Rent / car rental

Oct 02, 2019

I reserved a car for 25/09 to the 02/10 (1 week). This was supposed to be a "Ford Focus or similar". On arrival, I was told that as I had "missed my slot" the only car available was a higher grade car. I was therefore charged additional for the rental and basic insurance (an additional €42.95) I...

Interrent / unauthorized credit card charges

Oct 01, 2019

We got ourself a car at Ibiza. At the pick up we noticed our car had some minor damage so obviously we filled in the form, both me and the employee signed for it and we were good to go. After our week we did bring back the car, checked the car together with the employee together with the...

Interrent / car rental - return car and money stolen - gap comentario : 2253615 / bono agencia: es631389710

Sep 24, 2019

Reference: GAP Comentario : 2253615 / Bono Agencia: ES631389710 I returned the hire car and the agent of Interrent looked around the car and I was told all is fine with the car and no further fines or fees would be charged to us - even though he pointed out that the car was a bit dirty than...

Interrent / refuelling charge

Sep 23, 2019

Hello RE: contract [protected] I have submitted a complaint on 17. Sept via your website and have had no reply. incident number: 2281742 I have been charged 37euros for refilling the car with fuel but I filled the tank at the station nearest the airport so why have I been charged? I have...

Interrent / charge for returning car with full tank

Sep 22, 2019

Reference:[protected] Targa:FR305FT I am hoping you can help me. I hired a car from 6 to 15 September on my recent visit to Bologna in Italy. On my return to the UK I have received an invoice from yourselves for 37 euros for returning the car without a full tank of petrol. I filled the...

Interrent / tank and other payment

Sep 19, 2019

InterrentI rent a car at Alghero in Sardinia. When i return a car in 15.9.2019 with full tank they send me to pay for not full tank 37€. I try to contact them but nothing. And today they bill my mastercard not for 37€ but for 62€ and i cant contact them. This is totaly scam an [censored]. Never ever...

Interrent / car hire

Sep 18, 2019

Contract NO: [protected] I travel to Spain several times a year. For the first time I rent a car from Inter Rent. The experience was very bad. First I was charged 40 Euros extra for getting the car after 23h. Second the car was very dirty inside and outside (the staff's respond was: it i...

Interrent / car rental

Sep 18, 2019

Hi! I booked a car from car scanner and it was successfully confirmed! (confirmation-Ref:IT448485400) When i reaches the disk the employee told me that the driving license is not international!! You can not use in italy!! and you have to pay 100 euros to protect the company!! My license i...

Interrent / car hire fuel cost - contrato [protected]

Sep 17, 2019

Car Hire 11/9 - 15/9. contrato [protected] The car was returned with a full fuel tank but the final account statement I have received shows a charge of 37 Euro, I made sure the car was re-fuelled (I only used 22 Euros of fuel) so surely there should be no charge? Please remove the charge...

Interrent / fuel charge

Sep 16, 2019

Just returned my car to gerona airport in Spain. I filled the vehicle to the brim at the airport. The gauge showed just under full but I couldn't get a drop more in. I returned to the goldcar/internet desk and explained this to them. Dave, the guy I spoke to said not to worry as sometime...

Interrent / service complaint and fiat punto

Sep 16, 2019

Hi, my name is Nives Spaninger and I have rented a car in Faro, Portugal on 12 sep. When we arrived at your office, first of all the girl at the counter was arogant and rude. She was not customer- kindly. Second thing, we rented a ford fiesta or something "simillar " not fiat punto! We...

Interrent / unauthorized credit card charges

Sep 11, 2019

InterRent in Nice has unauthorized withdrawn 6o euros from my Master Card account. By phone I was told the amount should cover cleaning of the car! I believe this issue is covered by the original contract, and I therefore demand the 6o euroes to be transferred back to my account. Best...

Interrent / the unfair charges

Sep 10, 2019

InterrentGood evening, I am writing you regarding the final bill you sent me. On your bill you stated i returned the car hired damaged. According to your terms and conditions, if a car is been inspected on customers absents after this has been returned, and if any damage is spotted on the car, it...

Interrent / car hire at fco, 04.09.19 to 08.09.19. contract, [protected]

Sep 10, 2019

Dear sir/madam, With regard to my recent car rental as per the above contract number... Please urgently provide me with proof that I returned the car full of petrol as required, this was acknowledged by your returning agent last night at rome airport, but is not stated on the email document...

Interrent / unresolved claim! 6 months later!

Sep 05, 2019

Whilst renting a car I received a speeding ticket for going 36mph in a 30. The date of the incident took place in December 2018. The authorities sent the notification to Inter rent who then failed make me aware of any offence. Soon after I moved abroad unaware of unpaid penalties until 5...

Interrent / mislead insurance

Sep 05, 2019

InterrentWhen I got to the desk I was asked if I had insurance to which I said yes and showed them the documents. I was the told I had to pay airport tax and fuel deposit so payed on credit card. Not until today that I realised they gave charged me for two other insurances which I did not ask for...

Interrent / fuel cost not returned

Sep 05, 2019

REferring to contract number17380001, for a car I hired on the 12/07/2019 returning on 14/07/2019. I had paid 127.44 euros on collection of car for fuel with the understanding that this would be returned when the car was returned full. I returned the car with a full fuel tank. The fuel...

Interrent / car hire

Sep 04, 2019

I have been sent an invoice for damage to the car that i returned. This damage was on the car when i collected it and and the information hadn't been loaded onto the agreement, i spent an hour sorting this when i returned the vehicle and they agreed the damage was existing (they checked...

Interrent / Additional charge on rental

Sep 03, 2019

Rental agreement number: [protected] I booked a rental car through Ryanair, who stated the cost was £55 for 3 days. I paid this in advance. When I collected the car, the lady stated that there was nothing more to pay, all see needed was a petrol deposit which was just over £200. I asked her...

Interrent / Wrongly charged for fuel

Sep 02, 2019

You : Regarding my completed booking no [protected]. I was given a car with an empty tank at london Heathrow, and so was asked to return the same ( empty Tank) however your company charged me 74 GBP for fuel, i have made numerous complaints and also send photographic evidence, but I have...

Interrent / non refundable warranty

Aug 29, 2019

InterrentThe Contract is No16310646.During the payment, because we have only debit card and not credit, you charge us 750€ extra as a guarantee on 12/08. You will return us this amount, when we will return the car on 19/08. But the refund did not happen. We communicate with your telephone center and...

Interrent / payment online 4 times more than on your website product

Aug 21, 2019

InterrentHello, InterRent, Sorry, it is a BIG problem with your reservation system, maybe your software: -please, find attached the offer for rental in Palma de Mallorca airport office for October, with payment details details, which I found it on your web page for reservations on-line, I liked it...

Interrent / Cleaning fee

Aug 19, 2019

InterrentClient number [protected]. I rented a car from Inter rent from Nice airport (4th - 15th August). I was really pleased with the service until I returned it. I had a dog in the car for an hour and I lay a towel down to prevent the transference of hair, however it still managed to get a bit of...

Interrent / extra charge with no explanation or notification

Aug 15, 2019

InterrentBetween June 20 and June 27 I rented a car from InterRent (Goldhire) in Lisbon Airport. Upon returning the car, I had a dispute with the attendant over an alleged damage that she had "found" on the car, and refused to sign the Check In form as well as the Payment Settlement document. At...

Interrent / deposit not received

Aug 09, 2019

Guten Tag Leider muss ich mich an ihre Stelle wenden, da ich fast am Verzweifeln bin. Es ist unmöglich über ihre Webseite mit dem Kundendienst in Verbindung zu treten. Es gibt keine Mailadressse und kein Kontaktformular das funktioniert. Dieses Kontaktformular funktioniert nicht oder e...

Interrent / car rental - 2 torn and damaged tires unchecked before renting

Aug 09, 2019

InterrentContract number: [protected]. Customer number: [protected]. Registration: 51-uu-75 Our trip included driving on regular roads with no descent from the road. On july 18th, we noticed the air coming out of the tire. When we replaced it, it became clear that the entire wheel was fully ripped...

Interrent / fuel charge

Aug 05, 2019

Hi, I have been sent an invoice for 60 euros for fuel. The car was returned with a full tank which I have taken images of at the time of returning the car. I am therefor disputing this charge and requesting that you send proof that the car was not full of fuel. Reg No: 5277 KVG Contract NO...

Interrent / es642707030

Aug 03, 2019

InterrentI rented a car in Reus airport. I have been charged for not refuelling the hire car and I did refuel the car see attached photo. I also have proof of purchase of fuel. My experience of renting was extremely poor. I found the hard sell for insurance when I had already purchased with...

Interrent / stolen your money on attendance

Aug 01, 2019

We have booked the car and the extra cover insurance by and when we arrive at the desk for getting the car the attendant told us that we must buy the extra cover insurance and pay 260 euros for that saying that we didn't have the international frive license. But we had already paid...

Interrent / excess charge at pisa airport

Jul 30, 2019

Booking number [protected] Mr Guy Maddocks Tel: [protected] On 19/05/2019 we collected a car from Pisa airport. Our flight was delayed by 50 minutes but we arrived during the daytime when the offices were open. When we got to the check in desk for the car, we were told that our car had...

Interrent / petrol deposit not being refunded in full

Jul 23, 2019

Interrent took £140.16 deposit for petrol when we picked the car up on 11 July 2019 at Palma airport Majorca We returned the car on 18th July with a full tank of petrol but have only been refunded £65.98 The number on emails from them is Reservation number ES631683990 and Contracto [protected] We would like a full refund please as soon as possible

Interrent / interrent palma de mallorca airport

Jul 19, 2019

I recently hired a car in Majorca from yourselves, through GoldCar in Palma airport on 17.06.19, for 4 days. The rental was via Holiday Autos booking number ES491224150 According to their voucher the total cost was EUR 36.11 with EUR 2.26 payable at the counter. When I completed the...

Interrent / service

Jul 17, 2019

Bij het ophalen van de auto ging het compleet mis. Er waren extra kosten waarvan op voorhand niet duidelijk was dat deze er waren. We hadden van te voren gebeld met het hoofdkantoor (Sebastian) en er werd gezegd dat er alleen 60euro borg betaald hoefde te worden. In jullie voorwaarden te...