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1st and foremost, let me be fair and start by saying that, I've been renting from enterprise for several years now and I havent had 1 problem with the company or its employees until just recently! Well my nightmare started around 4/8/17. I returned the rental car at a different location on that saturday evening but they were closing yet was still able to drop it off. Enterprise already has my credit card info on file but for whatever reason, the following monday, the regional area manager that goes by the name josh gormon, called me up about the payment and I arranged to make payments 1-2 days later, which I did, with josh on the phone while I made the payment. Afterwards, I asked him, is everything fine now because I felt like he was already coming at me aggressively already for whatever reason! Then josh said that everything is fine, I don't owe 4 anything else and then he emailed my receipt/rental agreement. Now mind you, I've never heard or dealt with this josh guy period so I was wondering why he even called me in the 1st place but later on I come to find out that, the manager I use to deal with on a regular, had been fired for whatever reason. Now fast forward to a couple days afterward, I receive a enterprise collection letter claiming that I owed for the amount that I just paid while josh was on the phone. So we get that error corrected but yet in the back of mind I can't help but think to myself like, why would he send it over to collections knowing that I made arrangements to pay the balance off as well as pay the balance off while he's on the phone with me while I'm doing it?? So cool, now fast forward again till around 4/21/17, I go to try and get a rental car only to find out that I've been put on the do not rent list?? So Im calling and asking around but don't no one, including myself, even knows why and or for what? So now out the blue, here comes josh gormon calling me up claiming that I owe enterprise $2000.00 for a rental car back from june 2016 that was somehow put under my name, apparently by an enterprise employee, for some sort of accident/collision insurance? So then I tell josh gormon, the regional area manager, that not only was I not involved in an accident period but I didn't even own a car at the time! Then I asked him why isn't he asking the manager from that particular branch about this error, then his response was that, that particular employee didn't work for enterprise no longer as well. So now I'm thinking to myself like, how is it that all the other employees have been fired/released but yet, josh gormon is still has a job and yet all these errors are occurring under his watch/region??? So then mr. gormon says to me that he will get back to me after a 3-day investigation. Now once again I'm thinking to myself, did he really say 3-day investigation? Like, what kind of investigation was mr.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Cumming, GAgormon doing between the dates of 6/16-4/17 and yet he claims to need 3 more days??? Really? Also now mind you, I've been renting cars from 6/16 up until just recently, 4/8/17 and know this is the 1st time I'm ever hearing about this??? Ok, 3 days later, mr. gormon basically just called me and said that I have to pay it regardless even though it makes no sense at all why I should be responsible for something I clearly know nothing about and neither does mr. gormon! So then, thanks to mr. gormon, I go digging around in my rental agreement and noticed this same fraudulent errors occurred before by someone who works for enterprise. Like, how would I be able to forge fraudulent paperwork accident claims? I don't work for enterprise, never have! How would I've known that I was deceived by thinking I riding in a rental car that to my understanding was being paid by my credit card? How could I even obtain a rental car without enterprise authorizing it? Am I responsible for who enterprise hire as their employees? Why isn't the employee that use to work for enterprise being reprimanded for this or the head of that region instead of me? I could go on with the questions but this story does'nt end here. So now I send a email to corporate on 4/26/17 as well as on 5/18/17, left voicemail on 5/16/17 at the regional office and I still have heard back from anyone other than josh gormon and that was just yesterday on 5/18/17 but we didn't speak because the last time we did speak, he hung the phone up on me so I don't want to deal with him any longer, he's part of the problem, not the solution! I've made request and attempts to reach a vp or someone higher than him, but enterprise or whomever, continues to send mr. gormon at me as if I can't solve this with no one other than him??? Its feels as if this mr. gormon guy is in deep with the enterprise company or maybe a close relative to the owners of enterprise. It seems as if you must go through, Im forced too and their is no one else available besides him?? I even made an attempt to reach the vp of this particular region and I was told that she is barely ever at the office and that I could leave my information for her to contact me back but she may never get my message because she's hardly ever in the office?? Really?? Anyway, I don't know what type of employees enterprise is hiring or the true dealings of whats going on inside the company, but something ain't right...something is definitely fishing going on and there is some kind of cover up going on at least in this particular region!! Not only is this frustrating, I feel kind of violated and disrespected to be honest! Now that I'm finished, I would like to take the time to express how thankful I am for whomever it is that looks into this matter...thank you for being concerned!!! Although I was referred to join a class action lawsuit against enterprise, Im still currently trying to resolve this issue and hopefully I will be able to do just that! Thanks again...peace!

May 19, 2017
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      Jun 15, 2017

    Rented a car from enterprise to drive to Atlanta from our don graduation. Paid our tolls from the Delaware bridge thru to Maryland and of course kept the receipts. Same route driving back home to NJ. Thru Maryland tolls and over the Delaware bridge kept all receipts. Returned the vehicle no problem. How in the he'll we get a letter stating we drove thru a toll. At 05:58pm on 5/24/17 when I hold the receipt with the exact same time and date ? I smell a [censor] rental car toll scam. I have made a copy of the receipt and dare for them to say anything else to me about something I paid for and have a receipt. Will never rent from Enterprise, we will trade in our small jeep for a much larger SUV. The he'll with corporate [censor] and lies. Just to get some extra chump change from customers by lying.

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      Jun 19, 2017

    @Thalia CruzAvery Smh...its a shame what lies and greed has done to this country!!!

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