Enterprise / car being rented unsafe

Florence, AL, United States

I rented a car from enterprise in shelbyville Tenn. on 4/6/2012 for the weekend going to Alabama when i got upon the highway i could feel the front of the vehicle shake it made me very nervous so when i arrived in Alabama i called josh at the shelbyville branch and told him he said if i felt uncomfortable i could go to a branch in Alabama. so i did there was 1 girl there with no one else i told her what was going on she came out sat in car started it then turned it off and said i can give u another car so i agreed she was very sweet to us she vacuumed car and washed it for us. we left with the car she rented us well about 30 Min's later i realized i had left my phone charger in the other car i rushed back to get it she was gone there was a man outside cleaning other vehicles my husband told him about the charger the man said we already rented it. i said what what would u rent that vehicle if there is problems with the front end he had no response luckily he found my charger and put it back my problem with all this is the was a bad decision on her part to rent a car that is having problems like that how would the company feel is a family was in that car and wrecked hurting someone this really makes me rethink about renting from enterprise that could have been me and my family taking a car from u without checking out a car that came in with problems i have rented from enterprise for several yrs and this is really making me rethink my decisions on doing this again

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