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Enterprise / damage scam!

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Subject: damage to car rental

Here is my account of events:

5:15 pm:
Lorena called me on my cell to let me know that she just got on the i-56 and that there was traffic so she would be late in picking me up.

6:00 pm:
I did a cursory walk around the car with lorena telling me that everything was alright. The car was parked in the compact space of “enterprise” allocated spot at “doubletree”. Car was not in a very illuminated spot. I assumed that there was no damage to the car and drove it directly home where I garage-parked it all night.

8:00 am:
Drove 165 miles to meet with pat brice (cell [protected]) for exactly 45 minutes. On way I stopped only once at 76 union gas station (i-15 and hwy 138) to fill up the gas tank. And drove off to my meeting.

10:55 am:
Arrived at the remote site where pat was working. And parked the car with passenger side adjacent to curb. Mine was the only car parked there on the road…very remote site.

11:40 am:
Drove back 165 miles non-stop to my office at 7920 miramar rd. I parked the car in one of the extra-wide parking spots immediately facing my office (I could actually see it from my window). I stayed in the office for about 80 minutes.

4:10 pm:
Drove back to double tree and parked the car in the tight spot next to the doubletree club van on my passenger side.

5:15 pm:
Dan pointed out the damage. And drove me home.

5:40 pm:
I drove in my personal vehicle back to double tree and found no damage to club van. The rental car was parked by dan directly underneath a working light pole. I went around the car and did not notice the damage even with the knowledge this time that it was there!! Extremely ease to miss under the circumstances.

6:00 pm:
I drove on to my office to the same spot where I had parked the car for 80 minutes and looked with my son (each of us equipped with a flash-light) for a loose broken 2”x3” plastic piece (off the hub-cap) that ought to have been lying there had the car been during that time. We found no trace of it anywhere within 40 feet of the location. We even had the hi-beam of our vehicle shining directly on that area.

I could not possibly have hit someone else’s car while driving or else I would have definitely felt it and we would have exchanged information. With over 25 years of driving experience I could not have possibly bashed the car negotiating a curve that would have had to have a blunt hard object protruding off it!!

This could not have happened in my garage.

The only 2 plausible locations where I parked 45 minutes in palmdale and 80 minutes next to my office and since the facts above suggest that did not happen, then the only remaining conclusion in my mind is that the car was actually already damaged when I picked it up and simply did not notice it.

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  • Rc
      23rd of Aug, 2012
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    Enterprise - Damage scam
    United States

    I rented a car from Enterprise on 5/15/12 and as always walked around and looked for any damage on the car and did not see any.
    I had the car for a week and when I returned the car, she (agent) said, that it had a 6" dent on the driver side door and asked me to look at it and I could not see any 6" dent.
    I could see two small nickel size dimples and that was all I could see and they could have been there when I rented the car, being it depends on the sunlight and angle you are looking at the car.
    I would think that if it was a 6" dent I would be able to see, but I could not and she rushed me into the office and said she would have to put my decuctable on my credit card that I used to rent the car and that she had to put it on the card before I left their office.
    They added $500.00 to my card and said, if the damage is less they would refund the difference, but I kept saying I don't see a 6" dent in the door and they kept saying it was there and I would have to pay for the damage.
    I felt like this is some kind of scam that Enterprise does often.
    Let's just say I will not be using ENTERPRISE the next time I rent a car.

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