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Empire Today / vinyl flooring

1 Tampa, FL, United States

1. We contacted Empire Today they came out did a quote of $3, 700.00. We told our salesperson we had to think about it.

2. After being contacted by Empire Today customer service personnel. Being told our original price of $3, 700.00 would be honored, if we would have our representative come out right away and sign contract. We agreed to have salesperson come back out.

3. Saleperson came back out. Her price was now $4, 200.00. As product had changed to a different line and the new line was higher priced and old one was discontinued. We told her how the representative told us it would still be $3, 700.00. She said the customer service personnel don't know anything. They could not have even seen our qoute as it was in her I pad and had not even been submitted to company. We refused to continue. She left and came back 15 minutes later saying her manager said to offer it to us for $3, 900.00. We really did like the product so we agreed and signed the contract.

4. The first day of installation one guy comes to our home. He said his partner would be arriving latter. He proceed to tell us he is going to put flooring on top of our old. We informed him that salesperson said they would be taking up old flooring. He responded by saying the sales person lie they don't take up old flooring. My husband told him to forget it then and walked out of room. Installer responded to my husband's comment by saying okay I will remove the old flooring. I then looked at contract and it clearly stated old flooring would be removed.

5. Installer began removing flooring with tools that belonged to my husband that was sitting on kitchen table. He then said he had to leave to go get supplies for leveling the flooring. He came back from HomeDepot with his own tools. He finished taking up kitchen floor. After he poured this concrete leveling on our floor and left for day. Our floor was terrazzo floors, so they didn't need leveling.

6. The next day he arrived back still without any help. He had stopped at HomeDepot and bought a propane torch. He said his boss told him to us it to melt glue to take up living room flooring. He must never had used a propane torch as he was reading directions but must have skipped part to turn off gas was flame was not ignited. My home filled up with propane gas as he never shut off the gas when he was not using. My husband had come home walked in and was horrified at the smell of gas. He picked up the torch, instructed installer that you are supposed to shut gas off when not in use.

7. He put the new flooring down in kitchen. There were many ripples and rips in our new vinyl sheet flooring. He informed us that he would be back the next day with his partner an another 2 man team to finish the remaining rooms.

8. The next morning no one shows up. I contact customer service late that morning. I explained what had been going with my installation. How unhappy we were from the get go of the whole experience with Empire Today. She told us that she would have the Tampa office contact us and resolve our situation.

9. Tampa installation manager called us back. He informed us 2 different installers would be coming the next day to complete the job.

10. The next day 2 men showed up and started to finish the flooring. They tried very hard to make us happy. They worked 3 days on our floors. They had to take up want the previous installer put down in the kitchen.

11. When the left on 3rd day they would come back in a day or 2 to complete the job. They were short 3 transition strips and did not have the roller to roll out air bubbles in floor. He said he could not give me a definite time as they were already assigned a new project for next day.

12. Several days passed my messages to installer were not returned. I then contacted customer service again. I was given run around with the first agent who I spoke to he said he could not reach anyone in Tampa to find out what was going on and he left voicemail messages. The next day my husband called and in a short time someone called as he said that it would be resolved. A short time later the installer called said he would be out the next day to finish things up.

13. Well after almost two weeks we got our new vinyl sheet flooring installed in kitchen, living dining room, hall and one bedroom.

14. Just had to contact install a seam in hallway a inch half in front of transition strip entering s bathroom was separating . Just heard back after a few days he could be out in 3 days to fix it.

15. In the meantime I came across my notes. Our original price for kitchen, living dining room, hall and bedroom was $3, 100.00 . It was $3, 700 with a bathroom we had decided not to have done. So there was quite a big difference in original qouted price.

16. No one from customer service has bothered to follow up with us with regards to our experience with Empire Today.

I would NEVER recommend Empire Today to anyone for their flooring needs. Customer service is horrible the first response agents need better training. After reading all the complaints on the internet it sounds like I am not the only one who had issues . I have worked in customer service for 20 years and never would have treated a customer this way. Or have I ever been treated this way from any other company.

Patty Klein
Holiday Fl

The photo attached is how our new flooring was put on our porch while waiting to be installed.

Empire Today
Empire Today
Empire Today

  • Empire Today Customer Care's Response, Sep 17, 2018

    Patty, we're sorry to hear this! We've located your order, and we'll be in touch with you shortly, thank you.

  • Updated by PattyKlein, Sep 28, 2018

    As of this date no one has contacted me. With regard to my complaint. Just shows the extremely bad customer service. Stay away from this company completely would be my recommendation!!!

Sep 13, 2018

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