eBay - stmil_77"flashing illuminated erasable neon led message menu sign writing board us

I have received damaged goods from eBay - stmil_77"
Received my sign ok but with damaged power supply, I have sent the seller emails along with image of damage, but she says image is so small, I am getting very angry about this I have never had any trouble until now buying things from ebay, I dont think seller is being very cooperative and seems to be stalling, so I am sending this praying you will resolve this issue as soon as possible. I want a new power supplky so my sign will be operable, please get this taken care of

eBay - stmil_77

  • Updated by sparky63, Nov 23, 2018

    I have done everything i know to do to contact eBay - stmil_77" but she still has not resolved the issue of damaged power supply please help

  • Updated by sparky63, Nov 23, 2018

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Nov 23, 2018

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