eBay / ebay intentionally promotes theft

Knoxville, IA, United States

Most of these sites are simply set up to allow people to vent their frustrations and nothing ever actually comes from the complaints / public warnings. I had a long history of trying to sell on Ebay but with more and more " screw the seller " rules put in at random, I have no desire to use that trash site anymore. Who needs them? No one. Part of the Ebay plan is to instill the seller with a fear that we need them. We don't. Amazon is a real site to market ones items. Ebay is a theft promotion / scam incouragement site. Nothing more. The so called " Buyer protection" was established to promote theft by allowing everyone to rent free items and generate millions to Ebay by them stealing the so called sellers fees. Did you know that you really don't have to buy anything listed on Ebay anymore? This is the message Ebay is trying to get out to the world now. Free use of anything listed for 6 months, then just say Item not as described and they will make sure to steal the money back from the seller and refund the buyer. Will the thieves refund the seller fees? HA! If you see a piece of something that you need, just pretend to buy it on Ebay. That's all you need do. When the item arrives, simply take out what you want then claim " Iten not as described" and send back a little bit of something so that you can show postage on the return. No need to actually put the item back to the seller. A rock will do fine. Ebay has the " Intentionally screw the seller " program which has got your back.

Jun 12, 2015

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