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EA Games / Annoying video game!

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All and all the game is cool, like the graphics and the expansions on Hogwarts, but there is a lot of problems. For one thing that drove me nuts was in the game when you have a task to do, Harry Ron and Hermione never shut up. They keep repeating them selves over and over and over about what you’re suppose to do. It’s not like every 5 minutes or so, it’s honestly every 5 seconds. Did the programmers do this to annoy every one really, do they constantly need to repeat themselves. I’ve played all of the other games and they were great. In all the other games when you didn’t know what to do, you looked in your remembrall and the tasks are listed, that’s good enough for everyone. This one was extremely annoying. Half the time I kept the game on mute. Now in all of the games, you’re supposed to explore and find chests that obtain wizard cards. But in this game if you try to explore, Harry Ron and Hermione again keep repeating themselves on what to do, even when you are all done with the tasks for the day and just want to explore before ending the day, they keep saying I’m tired, or there’s nothing else to do lets go to bed over and over and over. Again Not like every 5 minutes but every 5 seconds.

Another huge issue is that after finishing your tasks a message pops up (if you wish to stop exploring and move on press select and then activate the end day option in the task list.). Over and over and over. I can barely see what’s in front of me, because it takes one third of the screen. It honestly pops up 4 times every minute I counted. Do I constantly need to be reminded through the whole game really? In the other games a remeberall shows up in the corner, to tell you to end the day. This game also has that so why do you have that message pop up every 15 seconds it’s annoying.

There were a lot of glitches to. A lot of bad programming I want to say. I had 10 Wiggenweld potions(increases your stamina) in the beginning of the game that I bought from Fred and George’s shop. After attending to potion class the next morning I had to pick up two Wiggenweld potions from Snape and give it to Harry, when I did that in my inventory said I only had two potions when before I had ten. The programmers couldn’t just add two, but now it deletes them and says only two. This one is just the beginning of the problems. I worked hard going back and fourth collecting beans to buy them.

Another problem is when you buy a bigger bag for the Dungbombs every book shelf you search normally had beans are replaced with Dungbombs. Even when your bag is full of 25 and can’t have any more they keep showing up. Not a couple of times, but basically more then half the shelves have Dungbombs now. Couldn’t the programmers make it so that when you are all full they stop appearing like it did before in the beginning when you could only have 5 of them, but no once you bought that bag they never stop showing up, making it even more difficult to get beans. In the other Harry potter games you can hit stuff to get beans like 4 or 5 of them. In this game you get one when you hit stuff. How can I buy stuff when they hardly show up.
Now, with my biggest complaint. I just finished receiving the Patronus spell. When I go to Fred and George shop to buy something you have to ask about the info before buying, and now when I ask the info, they don’t normally say what they used to say, on how much it costs it says nothing and nothing happens. I can’t even buy anything any more because there is bad programming. Also now in the store Fred and George ask you to find 9 statues with Hermione and 20 of these things that Ron needs to find and throw stink pellets in. I finally got the last three statues and when I’m suppose to get my third upgrade for Hermione from Fred and George I click the button that’s supposed to activate it to be mine, it Doesn’t work, cause again nothing works when I click the button your suppose to, to get the product. Now with my biggest disappointment I finally threw that last stink pellet in the thing that Ron needs to find. And again in the same shop when I’m am Ron ready to get my last wizard card for completing the task, its goes to a cinema screen mode as if it was going to be given to me and it freezes. Is it to much for the game to handle when you finished both quest at the same time. I cant even go in the shop and switch my characters around I need to step out side the door pick my character and then enter, where before you could switch back and fourth with the characters with no problem.

Its not like I have a bad disk or anything, the game is like that. Even the side quest on finding lost items and bring it back to the bulletin board, I can’t do more then one in one day. Even when there’s a list bigger then the amount of days in the game.

It honestly seems to me this product wasn’t finished on the cut off date and was sent out with all the problems and with that repeating stuff, I feel like someone made it like that to annoy every one. I can’t understand why a game that’s really cool and good graphics and great story line and well put together in the big picture, have so many issues and bad programming. The game has annoyed me to the point that I have to complain about it just to vent out. I never complain about anything but these problems irritated me so much I don’t want to even finish the game even though I played the other 4 in a row. Hopefully EA will take this seriously and tell someone that’s important or something to let them know that there is a lot of problems to fix it, before they make new ones, cause I heard a box set of the first three games of Harry potter are coming out, so if you don’t want your game to be irritating, and annoying I would think about these complaints.

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  • Ra
      29th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Does any 1 no why comand conquer 3 kanes wrath doesnt work on x box live online... thats not far it is suppost to none of my friends nor i cxan play it online.

  • Jc
      7th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I complain about a different game. nfsmw. There is so much effort put in the game like graphics and sound effects then everything is messed up with some of the most unrealistic trash.

    If they want to increase the level of difficulty, then there are many posibilities they can use, but the crap they put in is absolutely cheating.

    This was the last game that I've purchased. I found that some of the other games have the same problem. I rather support other game makers.

  • Un
      21st of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    EA have gone ###ing ###, iwas playing on legendary and i won on ultimate team i had won. but then it said straite after tyhe game that the connection had lost i was really not happy so thats why i have sent this complaint. GET IT DONE!!!

  • Hu
      23rd of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    and thats when they work at all

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