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Resolved billed for two alike games

On July 26.2009, l purchased the game Artists Colony, while trying to load, l accidentently purchased it twice. The two l have are #[protected] and #[protected]. Since l have only one computer and do not need two games of the same, l would like you to please reemburse Larry Van Horn's credit card with $21.05 as l did not intend to have it charged twice. l do believe l sent you an e-mail explaining this and hope to see his credit card credited with $21.05. Please take care of this immeadiately so l do not have to go any further with this. Thank you.
The game was sent to my e-mail:[protected]

Resolved refund

I, too, have a major complaint with or EA Games. They did not inform me of any upcoming renewal charges and I did not find out about it until I saw the charges on my credit card bill. It was not on there once, but twice! They charged then refunded and then charged again. My husband was furious and it is ridiculous that I cannot just cancel and get a refund. This is absolutely ludicrous and obsurd! I should be allowed to choose if I want to continue membership and if not, I should get a refund of time not used. I will not be renewing again. Pogo sucks!!

  • Ka
    kaynien5 Aug 22, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hope you recived my mail to you ok from kaynien5
    e-mail [email protected]

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  • Mi
    minnie2013 Jan 31, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First of all it is hell trying to get a hold of someone from Pogo. I want pogo to refund my $39.99 and After several emails I finally got a phone number to call 1-866-543-5435 so I called the number only to find that the gentleman on the phone could not help me. My subscription was due January 26th and I wanted the subscription cancelled. The gentleman said pogo is going through rough times and he tried to refund me but since it was past 24 hours he could not. I explained to him that I have been trying for over 5 days and I have the emails to prove it. He could not help me. I am not giving up!

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  • Re
    redhand5 Feb 18, 2014

    My husband subscription came due without realizing it was due, since he had quit playing the games. He cancelled as soon as he seen it seen the checking account. We have tried to get our money back, but can not get ahold of anyone. I have seen the other complaints about doesn't sound like a reputable business. We want our money back.

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Resolved jackpot prize

i have written before about winning the jackpot and pogo sending me an email saying that i had cheated and i...

pocket membership fees then cancel membership

In 2005, I enrolled and paid $35 for a one year membership to play in Pogo's on line games site. After, less than a month I had a complaint about another player harassing me and after complaining about that problem, received a notice from Pogo that they did not like the screen name that I had signed up under and were cancelling my account. (ScrmgOrgsGvnHere > since I was a bartender). They did not have any problem with theat screen name when I paid nor did they refund any part of my $35 that they wer more than happy to keep. IF ANY ATTORNEY WANTS ME TO SIGN UP AS A CLASS ACTION PLAINTIFF I will gladly agree to sue them in any class action, If so contact me @ [protected]

  • It
    itsmegain May 27, 2012

    File a complaint with your state attorney general, with the BBB and with FTC.

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Resolved game appears to download and the pogo site, disappears

Pogo, Help Link, does nothing ! No Phone Number provided or a Support E-mail. The Help Link, after writing...

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Resolved too many to mention

I would just like to thank EA Games on screwing me over on yet another game. Thank You EA for giving me hope...

Resolved I don't use. you billed my credit card.

On [protected], you charged my Chase Visa Card for $39.99. I assume this charge was for 'games on line.' I used to have this service, but I discontinued it over 3 years ago. I was not charges the two years before [protected].
I want my name removed from your service and my $39.99 refunded to my Chase Visa Credit Card.
Thank you,
Cyndy Arvin
[protected] (6pm to 9PM PDT)

Resolved overcharged yearly fee

I was charged $39.99 for my yearly fee. I thought it was supposed to be $19.99, what I paid last year. I'm on a fixed income, this extra twenty dollars was a surprise. The reference number on my Visa bill is: 24692162Z008QHZ78
My screen name is: cozeemee

Thank you, Donna Elia

  • Ma
    marv Nov 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my account was wrongfully suspended

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  • Ja
    james e mckee sr Dec 01, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    unauthorize charges from my bank of 39.99 and 4.95 per month4931d

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  • Ja
    Jason May 28, 2009

    The fee for 1 year is $39.99. You can get $5 off now, last year it cost less. If you do not want it, they will refund it. I don't see the reason for the complaint though. They raised the price, most companies as well as drug dealers give discounts to get you hooked. Then they raise the price.

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Resolved unjustly terminated

On the 15th of May I went to play club pogo and was terminated. I contacted EA/Pogo and got the answer "2008-06-17
suspended for 72 hrs for major TOS violation
RRoxas41 17:25:54 now go eat your banana
Multiple TOS violations

RRoxas41 20:22:39 good going monkey
was the second. Now this comes after being continually harrassed and stalked by a player for over 2 months now. I did everything pogo told me to do. But this person made at last count 11 nic's. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on this site. And this is what they do??? I am beyond mad.
Thank god I have a brother who is a ACLU lawyer and LOVES class action suits. They have a bunch of Indians 3500 miles away making decisions on the English language that are clueless. This is unbelievable. They take you money under the blanket of "TOS" what bull crap. This is only the beginning for me. I will contact every person possible right up to mailing the president of the company himself. At his home!!!

I can't believe such crap happens.

  • Fu
    funnygirl Dec 17, 2009

    I'm sorry, go eat your banana caught my attention. Roflmao

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  • Bo
    BonnieJo Jun 03, 2016

    My screen name is samandbonnieb not BonnieJo...why did my post show a different screen name?

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  • Bo
    BonnieJo Jun 03, 2016

    I have been a club member for 9 yrs..and played pogo since 1998.. this site is a scam...membership cost 47.00+tax to play their games...and over and over I find that the games are that I mean any game I play on a regular basis I can tell I have played the same game...fraud...I will go to yahoo games or games on facebook before I give my hard earned money to such a scam...I also believe that there are people who play these same games that either own the site or they have an interest (money) to be made off it... that I can't prove ...but my instincts tell me there is something not right...I just renew my membership 06/2012 and will not again...and pogo/ea..who ever you are...people are not screen name is samandbonnieb ...

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  • david england Jun 03, 2016

    subscription on my credit card without any authorization. The main issue here is how they renewed a subscription without authorization

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  • Ka
    katman123player Jun 03, 2016

    i can, t get in a daily games, my friend used mt comp. and her user name and password and she got in and played the games, pogo will not let me get in?

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Resolved unauthorized billing

Just got my statement from american express, shows onlin games pogo billing me for 42.63 as of 04/26/09. I...

Resolved doesn't pay

I have been doing research on pogo, you pay a monthly fee to play and hope to win...well there are NO REAL WINNERS. You don't win Cash, and if you try and contact anyone on the winners list, they do not exist. POGO is making millions and one of the biggest scams anywhere on the net. Sure their games are good, but do want to keep putting money into a company who is a big rip-off.

A friend of mine knows someone who works for POGO and has verified that they do NOT pay out cash prizes.

So, pay if you want to play, but do not hope to win the 4999.00 they claim to pay out.

  • Ap
    Apollo702 Sep 06, 2009

    Put the horses back in the stable there! Pogo DOES pay. I personally know people who got their checks. This is just a bunch of conspiratorial nonsense making the rounds. Pogo has their share of problems and among them their worst probably is their customer-no-service department- but this complaint is utterly false.
    There are a few people who they do not pay- people caught cheating! When people win a jackpot or drawing they do review their account and if they are caught cheating( people are not as smart or clever as they think they are) they do not pay and they kick them to the curb!
    Lastly, I have yet to win a jackpot but I will assure you that IF I ever do the first thing I will do is BLOCK EVERY PERSON WHO IS NOT A FRIEND!! This is why people think the winners do not exist. If you won a lump sum of cash would you want every conspiracy nut harassing you asking all kinds of stupid questions? Think about it!

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  • Fu
    funnygirl Dec 17, 2009

    Finally a rational somebody Apollo!!! I pay for club pogo and I have never won any money but just fyi I have won backgrounds and screensavers from pogo. I know you can get backgrounds and screensavers for free all over the net but I still feel like I won something. I will probably never win money and I don't really care, I just like the games and the challenge of winning a badge, even if no one cares how many badges I have.

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  • Da
    danamclemore Dec 25, 2009

    I played Pogo FAITHFULLY as a paying member and never won a damn thing. I think the games are fun; however, I do believe it is a hoax.

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Resolved unauthorized monthly charges

I am running very low on money these days and barely have enough in the bank to pay the bills that come out...

game sight freezes my computer

I have been trying to contact customer support for the websight club pogo. I have been having problems with the yahtzee game freezing up my computer. I can play alot of the other games, but this specific game will freeze my computer up where I cannot move my mouse, and I have to manually shut my tower off in order to get out of the freeze-up. I want to know if anyone else is having this problem with the games, and is there a virus in this game sight that noone knows about? Who do I contact to get this resolved? The club pogo does not have any customer service link viewable/or do they, and I just missed it somewhere?

  • Na
    Nannybkd Apr 20, 2009

    I am having the same problem in club pogo and it keeps kicking me out of other games

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  • Bu
    buffie 36666 Jun 13, 2009

    i am having the same problem with club pogo games. games freeze lose movement of mouse, have to pull plug to shut it down and restart. now i wonder if that is also causing my first start up in the morning after computer is shut down for 6-8 hours. I had MSIE no 8 in my computer, seems its not compatable with club pogo games as of yet. nor is the java update 6 update 14. i am afraid to re install IE 8 and the updated Java too. does anyone know why this is happening?
    Put back MSIE no 7.0.5730. games run but still freeze.

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  • Po
    pogo girl Jul 06, 2009

    I am having the same problem while playing yahtzee on the pogo games. It freezes up my computer and the only way i can get out of it is by unpluging my computer from the wall. I play all other games on pogo. This is the only one that freezes my computer. Does anyone know of a solution for this?

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  • Bi
    bikertewieeeee Apr 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i cant get any game to load, was working great then come wendsday nothing will load, and keeps saying not responding. help please

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  • Vi
    victorian Jan 06, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yahtzee freezing up on all players for a week now, when will it be fixed?

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  • Vi
    victorian Jan 06, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Everyone is freezing up on Yahtzee games, please fix it.

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  • Vi
    victorian Jan 06, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All Yahtzee games are freezing up, please fix it

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Resolved will not provide customer service for products sold

I purchased and downloaded a game from on 2239. The game stopped working properly after a week. After troubleshooting my computer and software, I attempted to log on to their download support site. The site is having technical problems and will not load. I then submitted a service request to POGO directly. As they have done in the past, they have completely ignored my issue and closed the service request as if the problem has been solved. It has not been addressed or solved. Please see the original request(starts at bottom of page), response and re- request below:

Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response.

If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it within the next 7 days.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

To access your question from our support site, click here.


I can no longer connect to pogo while playing diner dash. The game freezes an...
Discussion Thread
Response (EARepMatteo)
04/02/2009 06:13 AM


Thank you for contacting Customer Support.

In order for you to be able to play Pogo To Go games on your computer, you must make sure you meet the Minimum System Requirements for the games to run on your computer correctly. The following are Minimum System Requirements for Diner Dash:

Diner Dash

* OS: Windows 2000, XP, or Vista with Direct X7 or better
* Memory: 256 MB RAM
* System: Pentium III 600 MHz or better
* Controls: Keyboard and a 100% Microsoft compatible mouse
* Sound: Direct X certified sound card
* Video: 16 bit or 32 bit color
* Hard Drive: 35 MB of free space
* Browser: Internet Explorer 6 or better


Pogo Matteo
Customer Support
Need further help? Try the 'Answers' area on our support site,
04/01/2009 09:49 PM

I can no longer connect to pogo while playing diner dash. The game freezes and the only way I can get out of it is ctrl/alt/delete. I have attempted to go to the download help at Oberon media but their page will not load. I am not running any pop-up blockers and my java is up to date. The game was working fine until yesterday.
Bill to: gen

Order Number: 2784
Date of Order: Monday, March 23, 2009
Game Price: 9.99 USD
Tax: 0.75 USD
Order Total: 10.74 USD

  • An
    anna2413 Apr 13, 2009

    i had that problem too with that same game at first, make sure you have the most recent version of the game. next if pogo is not being anyhelp to you try contacting Oberon they are the ones you technically bought the game from and are the ones that give you the code to u nlock the game. Maybe they will be a bit more help.

    for me i had to go in uninstall the game, go into my registry and make sure that all files for that game were gone and then cleared all cookies, temp files and also when into program files under mycomputer and then deleted the file for that game. rebooted the computer, did a new clean install of the game, and then rebooted again ran the game and it worked just fine from there on out. EA is not always much help when it comes to tech issues sometimes, i had a hard time gettng them to understand problems i was having with a SIMS game i bought, and finally just gave up and found someone who actually could help with the problem.

    Good luck if you need more help please let me know i'll help if i can

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  • Ms
    MsVRobbins0033 Jun 10, 2009

    HELP! I don't k now whehre to turn to for help. The program won't let the game "download". All t he screens open us easily but stop at the oiint of downloading...the small circle in the corner keeps spinning...yet the game won't download...what now. I tried cleaning Java, but that didn't help. Is there someone I can call...I'm 71 yrs old and do't know much about the workings of these systems...and don't want to mess things up by trying various "fixes'

    Thanks for anything you can offer, VRobbins

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  • Tx
    txcherokeewoman Jul 07, 2009

    i'm having trouble seeing the profiles of several players. i've read the reply to someone elses e-mail about the same problem and have tried the resolution that was suggested but it failed to fix the problem.
    thank you, txcherokeewoman

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  • Dc
    dcarroll10245 Mar 03, 2011

    I have been a Pogo member for ten years, and enjoy the games immensely. However, last spring I tried to connect my Pogo account to Facebook, and a third party account was connected to my account. I have tried to resolve this issue by contacting customer service, but I've been told the only thing I can do is forfeit my 30, 000, 000 points and open a new account with a different password. I am a paid member, and if I did as I was advised I would not receive the games and benefits I paid for. At this point my customer service link was blocked, all correspondence was deleted, and I can no longer contact customer service. I have changed my credit card, and I deleted the old account number until I could hear from someone at Pogo. Today, March 3, I've been unable to get into any of the game rooms. I'm also worried about the security of my Facebook account. I would like to be contacted by the Pogo support. Thank you for your assistance.

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  • Dc
    dcarroll10245 Mar 03, 2011


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Resolved 2 things account violation & games disappear at breaks

2 items
I was banned, (lost account from someone reporting me for a minor error and none of thier beeswax anyway) I was in Congress Roulette talking about my guitar, a fender startocastor and it was made the year when Fender sold to thier co. to the japanese (i abbr. japanese and wrote jap) I had no idea this was a violation to any terms and it wasn;t negitive anyway. I lost my account and badges, plus over 5 million in tokens from playing for about 3 yrs. I find this quite unfair to me due to someone else in a room that has nothing better to do but report everything possible to disrupt someone else's conversation.

2. I have Vista now and it's not user frendly with pogo games. If I talk to AOL, they say talk to pogo. If I talk to pogo, they say talk to aol. Sounds like a endless circle. I can load some games and play them but... I lose the game during breaks or it' go to a page that says clear browser & temp files and or cookies. I clear everything out resart browser & at the next break I have the same problem.
How can this be fixed?

  • Kj
    kjmkmb Jun 26, 2009

    as far as being booted for something dumb, the only thing u could do is talk to EA about it but i doubt anything will be done for that, but you never know.. and i use VISTA and have no issues at all with games loading or playing them, i would say that do not use IE 8 to play the games, and if u use AOL and their browser, then i would use a different one like firefox or google chrome, (the two i use). I can't run anything from pogo in IE, they only want to work in Google and Firefox.

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  • Wi
    winnergriswold Jan 22, 2011

    I also have lost my membership. Thou I have no idea why. I am paid till June, but they keep wanting me to join Pogo. I can't get into any member rooms. However they will let me play the FREE games. I lost all my tokens, gems and badges. Thank you for letting me blow off steam.

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  • Th
    Thelma Brinson Apr 06, 2011

    I JUST PAID FOR ONE YEAR SERVICE OT PLAY POGO GAMES BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER MY PASSWORD. NOW I CAN'T CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE TO GET MY PASSWORD. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT just tot play, i feel like i just my money away for nothing. i have been a customer for 10 years, now i can;t find out what my pass word is. i am so angry right now. i can;t get help. ococo51987

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Resolved unauthorized mc bank charge

On 2/23/09 $39.99 was deducted from my Debit card on my checking account. To the best of my knowledge this was NOT authorized my myself and I have NO idea what this charge was for. I want my checking account credited in FULL, ASAP. I do not even play games on my computer any more. I don't know why companies such as yourself think you can go in and take money from someones bank account. To the best of my knowledge I DO NOT remember giving any one permission to deduct this amount of money from my account and I want it returned. Somebody needs to prove to me there was permission given for this action, and tell me what it was for. THEN CANCEL IT, and RETURN MY MONEY !!

Company in default: Online Games Pogo/EA CA
Please contact me at: [protected]

  • Au
    audrey Schatt Mar 30, 2009

    [email protected]

    I did not authorize the $39.99 charge on my Target credie card. My contract expired in February 2009, and I did not use the games after that date.

    I would like a refund asap.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Audrey Schatt

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  • Pe
    Peggy Green Apr 20, 2009

    I was charged 39.99 on 4/2/09 and another 39.99 0n 4/13/09 I dont know why I was charged both times. Could you explain? I think the 1st one renewal fee. How often would I get charged? I really enjoy your games and play them everyday. Please see if there was a mistake in the 2nd charge and correct the problem asap. Could you also tell me when my renewal date is so I can make it on my calender and how much. Thank you for your attention on this matter. Please respond to my E-mail addrress.

    Sincerely, Peggy Green

    [email protected]

    todays date is 4/20/09

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  • Mr
    Mrs2lots Apr 21, 2009

    On 2/21/09 $39.99 was deducted from my Debit card on my checking account. To the best of my knowledge this was NOT authorized my myself and I have NO idea what this charge was for. I want my checking account credited in FULL, ASAP. I do not even play games on pogo or EA games any more. I don't know why you think you can go in and take money from someones bank account. To the best of my knowledge I DO NOT remember giving any one permission to deduct this amount of money from my account and I would like it returned. I need proof that there was permission given for this action, and tell me what it was for. THEN CANCEL IT, and RETURN MY MONEY !! You can reach me at [email protected]

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Resolved get only one solitaire game

I purchased Pogo's Solitaire Bundle 2 days ago. I get only one game of solitaire. I can get it with different cards, but still only ONE game. I can't get into the pack that has all the different solitaire games. I'm not paying all that money for one solitaire game. Either fix it so that I can get ALL the solitaire games or refund my money. My screen name is teetee222 and my password is Anitteb1. Please respond asap. I'd prefer you fix the problem sooner than refund the money. But do one of them now.

Resolved unable to play games

I have been playing pogo game for quite some time, and within the last month I can't play game at all. Pogo has my yearly payment, But I can't play game; how fair is that? Pogo will not let you contact them directly so this will have to do. It is real sad that this kind of thing happens to good people. I am retired and take care of my disabled husband, and we live on a fixed income, so the yearly payment my not seam like alot of money to some people but it is to me. If you can help me get pogo to stand up and answer and/or fix the problems it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Ramona Waltman

Resolved changed servicer

I am trying to tell Club Pogo that I have left AOL and have a new service
My old online address was "[protected]@AOL.COM'
My new adress is "[protected]"
How can I get in touch with Club Pogo. They recently charged my VISA account for the year but I cannot get to their service
Grace Zergr

Resolved won't pay - or explain

I emailed Pogo because they did not send me my 250.00 prize money. if you start at the bottom of this email and read up you can see how they get out of paying … i never did get any more response from pogo or ea sports. And still have NO CLUE what they found on my computer? How did they look in my computer? What the HECK is going on? How does POGO know what I have on my computer?

06/26/2008 04:00 PM
Why can’t no one tell me exactly what was found so i can
At least get rid of what ever it was. Or tell me what
Exactly I did wrong other than submitting my tickets?

06/24/2008 12:52 PM
Can you please tell me exactly what was found that my
Winnings were taken from me? Because I know I do not
Have any bots or anything else helping me. Other than my
Husband logs on to play sometimes. The only thing I did was
Entering tickets into a drawing.

06/24/2008 07:20 AM
Hi there, 06/23/2008 12:57 PM
I don’t understand. I did nothing illegal i have no bots
Nor anything else that was mentioned above. And don’t
Know why you would feel I did anything illegal I won
That by submitting tickets into the drawing? Please
Check into this matter further I promise you I do love
Playing pogo games and I do not cheat06/22/2008 08:57 AM
On 4-15-08 I was told I won the $250.00 drawing. and have
The confirmed email, I have not received this prize as yet and was told to contact you
If I do not receive it after 6-14-08 all my mailing
Information is correct. Can you please update me when I
Will receive my $250.00 or is their something else I am
Suppose to do to claim my winnings?



Response (Brian S.) 06/24/2008 08:36 AM

Your incident has been reviewed numerous of times as
Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, but
Unfortunately your case will remain ineligible due to a
Terms of Service violation. Such a violation may
include the use of an automated device to play our games
or the manipulation of our games code. Unfortunately,
due to the results of this account’s review the prize
has been forfeited. I understand your frustration on
every level and I apologize for any inconveniences. If
you have anymore questions please feel free to respond
back to this email or please visit our website and
review our extensive Self Help Knowledgebase

Thank you for contacting EA Customer Support!

Brian S.
EA Customer Support

Response (Pogo Ana)

Thank you for contacting Technical Support.

Due to the nature of your issue, more time is required
for investigation. I apologize for any prolonged delays
this might cause, but please rest assured that we are
trying to handle your issue in a timely manner. During
this time, you may still update your incident with
additional information that might help us resolve your
issue without causing any additional delay. To update
your incident click the link above that says, “To view
or update your question from our support site, .”

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you and look
forward to getting you back in the game

Please accept our apology for any troubles or errors you
may experience from time to time and your help.


Pogo Ana
Technical Support
Need further help? Try the ‘Answers’ area on our support


Response (Pogo Irene) 06/22/2008 08:11 PM
Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Club Pogo Support.

The message you received was in regards to this
accounts’ questionable interaction with our games
after the account had been reviewed for meeting the
prize eligibility requirements. It is not until a player
claims a prize, that their account is reviewed.

Cheating in online games are activities that modify the
game experience to give one player an unfair advantage
over another player. Depending on the game, different
activities can constitute “cheating”.

The uses of macros, “bots”, “auto’s”, code
manipulation, “double-browsing”, token exchanging or
using 3rd party websites to assist a player in playing
Pogo games, are considered violations of the Terms of
Service Agreement. But in many typical cases, an account
being found ineligible, is do to the result of sharing
the account or through the use of so called “badge
helper” websites and services. Such an event could
have been at any time and in any game unrelated to the
game or time in which the prize was won.

Typically such services may claim they are untraceable
by Pogo servers and may not mention the repercussions to
player’s accounts for having used their products or
services. Sometimes you may find names such as
“Helpers”, “Buddies”, “Bots” or “Autos”
used to distract the player into thinking they are not
considered cheats, when in fact they are. Use of these
services allows players to have an advantage over
others, by increasing their token balance, status and
rank or reaching the Jackpot Spinner more quickly and

As a result of this review, the prize has been forfeited
and the account will be ineligible to receive any
additional prizes for a period of six months starting
from the date the prize was won. The account will be
eligible to receive prizes again after the 6 month
period of ineligibility. All future prize claims will
also follow this same review process, with the review
period starting after the win date of the previously
claimed prize.

Due to the internal and confidential nature of the
information viewed during the review, we are unable to
share any specific details of the review with you. Other
questions regarding this matter will only be discussed
via e-mail. We will not discuss the details of any
reviewed players account over the phone.

At any time a player can view the Terms of Service by
clicking on the link at the bottom of the Pogo website.
The Official Rules of Pogo Prizes can be found by
clicking on Prize Rules under the Prizes button on the
Pogo home page. Use these rules as guidelines for your
online conduct.

Pogo takes these types of violations seriously because
of the adverse effects it can have on all players in our
community. Pogo ultimately holds the account owner
responsible for any actions taken on their account. As
stated in the Club Pogo: Official Prize Rules, “By
participating in the Games, the entrants agree to be
bound by the Official Rules. These rules will be
interpreted in Pogo’s sole discretion, and all
determinations made pursuant to these rules by Pogo are
final and binding.”

If I can help you with anything else, please write back
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  • Am
    ammbermarie76 Jul 08, 2009

    im sorry for they way i talked in private chat but please donot take away my pogo i really like coming to play here for hours and hours and would hate not having it and i promise i will not use that kind of talk again can u please give me a chance to show u im not like that

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  • No
    noahone Apr 01, 2012

    agree with the fact that their customer support is virtually nonexistent and that they have a LONG history of not listening to any of their customers nor taking them seriously
    there are reports and comments to that effect all over the internet, and indeed, even
    all over their own forums on their own websites, both pogo and ea

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