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I can't be sure, but it seems as though my account [Birdland007] has been suspended, perhaps by a...

poor internet game site is not only the worst site on the Internet, but the WORST GAME site. In my opinion, their gaming system is NOT setup to run properly in the United States. Their games do NOT run properly, i.e., they freeze, lock or do not remove and count all matched pieces. There are PC operating system warnings on some of the sites. In addition, using the Mouse pointer they do not perform all the options required for the games to function properly. I know, I've been there done that for the past 13 years, which was before Club Pogo Membership was setup with Electronic Arts. There were game problems way back then! NOTICE TO ALL: AFTER paying a monthly or yearly premium, which are required for a Club Pogo Membership, remove
your credit card, or other method of payment data from your account. If you don't, they will automatically charge your Club Pogo Membership to your credit card or whatever payment data you used. If you choose to renew, then just re-enter the payment data prior to your expiration date, then remove the data again. Think you'll get a refund from Maybe if you made enough Technical Support or Customer phone calls and/or sent them enough emails. Also, it is impossible to talk or contact Pogo's Technical Support and receive any replies as to their actions, if any, to repair all the existing game problems that users are experiencing. GOOD LUCK TO ALL! I REST MY CASE!

I just found two phone numbers, [protected] and [protected], inside of an old book. The first number used to be for and the second number was Electronic Arts ( I dialed the first number and received an Electronic Arts automated "Help Link" answer. When I called the second number, I received the following automated response, "We are sorry your call cannot be completed at this time. Please hang up and try your call later. "Thank you." No company name was mentioned. You might try both of these numbers. Try the [protected] number first. GOOD LUCK!! P.S.: I am NOT going to renew my membership! Thirteen years of this mess is enough!

credit card charges and uses

I was charged $39.95 or $39.99 a year to become a member and/or too play pogo games if I chose to do so!1 I wanted to become a Pogo Club Member and play so therefore I paid either of the above amounts mentioned above in order to do so. I have had nothing but heartache while attempting to play the pogo game namely - Bingo Luau which pogo games allow players the choice of playing !! The games continuously freeze up when I am playing - I am therefore unable to get the tokens earned while attempting too play thus particular game - I keep getting notices from the server that must install Java Script in order too play pogo games (- even though the Java Script is already installed etc.etc. !! It seems that the Pogo Games server EA who is totally unable too contact via telephone or email re: the issue at hand wants too hear about the constant mess up with Pogo Games who is the Corp. that I paid my money too in order too play the games of my choice at the time!! This is nothing but a consumer - a disgruntled one at that- feels that in good faith I paid my money too play pogo games and since pogo games or EA cannot runs the games honestly I want my money refunded back into my checking account ! Please assist me and send me an email re: this disturbing issue I have with Pogo Games!!!

annual charge

I have not found a way to contact pogo. They charged me an annual fee of $43.35, when I call their # it refers you to their website, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find how to contact them either live or via email if you do not know the original email used a year ago. I called Alaska Air Visa and they can not dispute the charge unless it is done PRIOR to it showing up on the statement!! I am sure I signed approval to charge me annually, but their rtecords will show I have never used the service. SOS?

not getting credits as club subscriber


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removed $39.95 from bank without authorization

I was trying to contact because all my games would not play. I have e-mailed them several times in...

can not find anywhere to write to them about a problem

wondering how come there is no place to write them about an issue with pogo. Tech support. It used to be easy and now I CAN NOT find anywhere to write to them. All they have a forom's, BUT no place to write to them or even a phone number. Ohhhh but they have one for billing. Guess they want there money. Been trying to find for over to hour's and you are the only one where I can write and get it off my chest. I am about to explode. I am so frustrated.

  • Ba
    BarbaraBDpver Oct 28, 2012


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  • Ba
    BarbaraBDpver Oct 28, 2012

    dumg people you do not want to hear it. i have had enough

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  • Andrea Hudson Oct 28, 2012

    that is why I quit going to pogo

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  • Ri
    rita1944 Jul 28, 2015

    this game is a big rip off they do not let you get the last master because they freeze up why don't you fix it right this is a bad game I had 8 masters wen I tried for the last one it just freezes up what are you going to do about this problem?


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facebook plug in has weekly challenges and I am a PAYING member. This week the challenge is "Amazing Adventures". When I went to start the challenge nothing happened. Customer service was useless. I downloaded Quicktime and still would not load. While I was doing all of this over and over again, I changed the Theme to my Firefox and what did I see? When I tried again to play Amazing Adventures a box would pop up and it said "fb library missing(all.js) then I hit OK and still game would not load. Then I went to my AVG tracker and looked to see and behold both FB Social button and Facebook Connect.. Web Analytic were both CHECKED OFF. I unchecked them, and went back to the game and I was able to load, play and win the challenge. While doing all this Zuma Revenge would not load neither, but now it does with those two Facebook boxes unchecked. If I did not figure this out, I as a paying customer would not have been able to complete this challenge, all due to Facebook. By the way, every time I won a game with Amazing Adventures, the AVG tracker would pop up and show that Facebook was tracking. That was very irritating.
I started and closed my Facebook account awhile ago and I really do not want to de

  • Sh
    shelia watson Aug 18, 2013

    i have played pogo games over 6 yrs now i cant not play certain games like games spades i have tried everything i was told to do

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the new pogo embedded game formats look horrible and won't load at all for a lot of their customers

The new Pogo embedded game formats look horrible and won't load at all for a lot of their customers. Their customer service is somewhere between the worst ever and nonexistent. The parent company, EA, wasn't voted 'Worst Company in America' this year for no reason. They're losing customers over a format people hate, and instead of admitting they made a mistake, they ignore customers and/or treat them like crap. While all of the problems with their new format have been going on literally for months now, EA/Pogo continues to defraud many of their customers by continuing to collect yearly fees or refusing refunds for a service they can no longer provide because they can't get the things to work despite assurances that they were 'working on it' which might have been believed when they first reported that months ago--by now it's apparent they can't fix the problems with the new format and that they have absolutely no regard for their customers at all.

  • Bl
    blazer48_ Jun 21, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It seems to repeat every few months. That is, one day no problem, the next day games will not load. Some games load, however, I can not get any daily or weekly games to load. This started just two days ago. I also do not like the "new" look. If I can find a better site, I will switch.

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they changed the format of their games and made many o them unplayable

I have played for 9 years. Recently, they changed the format of their games and made many o them unplayable. Despite repeated complaints by hundreds of customers, they have done nothing but state that they arelooing into it.

  • Ba
    bargarmar Aug 22, 2014

    I have become visually impaired and I can not even see my Canasta games. They can no longer be made bigger. i this is prejudicial to vision impaired people. The saddest things THEY DO NOT CARE.. I have played Pogo since 2004. It helped me through my Lumbar Laminectomy and several other surgeries. Also there is no way to reach a human to speak to them.. I could see everything perfectly until then revamped their site. I did everything I'm supposed to. My son just left, he has two computer degrees and he says the site is broken the way it works now. Please anser me. Barb

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  • Ba
    bargarmar Aug 22, 2014

    have become visually impaired and I can not even see my Canasta games. They can no longer be made bigger. i this is prejudicial to vision impaired people. The saddest things THEY DO NOT CARE.. I have played Pogo since 2004. It helped me through my Lumbar Laminectomy and several other surgeries. Also there is no way to reach a human to speak to them.. I could see everything perfectly until then revamped their site. I did everything I'm supposed to. My son just left, he has two computer degrees and he says the site is broken the way it works now. Please anser me. Barb
    ! Rep

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money taken from account

I am a member of Club Pogo, part of EA. On december 1st I bought some Gems at the value of £7.49p GBP. This was taken from my bank account six times, a total of £44.94p GBP. Since then I have sent email after email asking for the return of the over payment but my emails have been totally ignored and no refund has been given.
The over payment taken was money for my rent which has led me to borrow money to pay into my account to meet my rent payment. This has caused me great inconvenience and anguish, especially at this time of year. I am very upset by their actions.
A couple of years ago they took my membership payment twice. This resulted in EA refunding my over payment by cheque sent to me, which resulted with me only getting a quarter of the cheque value after bank commison, charges and exchange rates. I do not see why they could not just return the money direct to my account.
Derek Flint

unauthorized credit card transaction

A charge for $63.59 showed up on a credit card that I had not even activated yet. It was a replacement card for an account that I had closed a couple months ago due to unauthorized activity. I had no intention of using the card so when my text alert notified me that there was a charge, I immediately reported it and they are issuing another number. If this happens again, I will just cancel the card knowing it will hurt my credit score. What a scam it all is! I highly recommend everyone using the alerts on their cell phone to closely monitor all of there credit and debit card transactions. This way you may even be able to catch something in a "pending" status and stop it before it is complete.

customer support

I am so frustrated with EA, and their product 'The Sims 3', that I don't know where to begin...

rude, members

I've been a member off and On Pogo for about two yrs. I keep changing my user name only because, I don't play that often. Plus I don't keep my user name written down. Waste of time. Anyways I'm on there playing Monopoly and 5 minutes in the game These two members start calling me dumb? Out of nowhere. So I attack back saying how I'm I dumb? Of course these two knuckleheads had no answer. Doesn't Pogo do back round checks on people like this???? I didn't even complain to Pogo because why bother?

  • Bo
    Bobbie4732 May 29, 2011

    Yes performs thorough background checks on all of its players. Didn't you read the TOS when you signed up?

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won't let me play

I was playing pogo games for about 5 hours this evening (4/28/11) Left Pogo and when I went back and connected wih them, they asked me to sign in using my screen name and password. I typed my screen name - misspugs03 - they put my password in (black dots) and then said they did not match. Tried a few more times and then requested they e-mail me my password. Said they would and that was 4 1/2 hours ago. I have been a member since 2003 and am beginning to wonder how they stay in business. Oh that's right, once they get your money you can't get it back if you cancel. I don't recall them saying no refunds when I signed up. I will check my papers. I am not a happy customer and will pursue getting my money back.

  • Bo
    BoycottPogo Nov 28, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Pogo is a joke, I will do my best to shutdown/boycot the stupid website. Their support is horrible. I know people who have been kicked off for saying "###". Oh my gosh, that's the most terrible word on the planet. These people are a bunch of minimum wage earning losers who can't get a job anywhere else. They love to kick people off as it means less work for them. Lazy losers. Go to Yahoo or where ever, much more satisfaction and much cheaper. We can't let a bunch of parasites control what we do, we are Americans!!! If Pogo wants to sell a crappy service (Oh, sorry! is that a bad word?), then we'll go somewhere else. Shut Pogo down and let the real talent rise... That's America!!!

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pogo has torney's in every room if one of those player has a problem with you 2o report your name. this is bad business for pogo because they are banning people that pay for memberships. i have been paying for 6 years on pogo, my name has been stolen twice so i had lost money on mini item, , , yeah i have bought gems and paid for memberships and i have been a huge supporter of pogo,
now they treat me like crap and banned me...i juess they don't care about members that their dues...well when my membership exspires i am not to to renew. i will only play for free because pogo has not a care about there members. i am looking for a new game site to spen my money on games...pogo has lost my business. they wukk not get any more of my my husband sure is happy about that

  • Ke
    kevin1001 May 29, 2011

    Your better off, not going on there. Members there are rude. Please read my complaint. I only have one LOL.

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didn, t get my 170 pogo gems I bought

i bought 170 pogo gems the16 of march it through pay pal the money was taken out of my bank on the 17 of march i contacted club pogo and they sent me an answer that it would take a few days, well it has and i still don, t have the pogo gems in my pogo actt, yet. Would like to have them in my pogo acct.ASP My for pogo is lkgrandma52 Thank you Laura Kay Burge or [protected]


I recently subscribed to the online game site While I was playing a game a person started chatting about Jesus. I told them that I considered Christianity a collective mental illness. In less than 3 minutes my account was terminated for using hate speech in chat. refused to issue a refund claiming I had violated the terms of service. The term they say I violated states, “Use of inappropriate language a reasonable person's view, objectionable.” Their rule is intentionally vague so that they can rip off as may people as possible. I paid full price for a few day of use. If you subscribe to their service you better love to chat about Jesus during game play or you will find yourself terminated with no refund.

no support

It is very obvious to me that Electronic Arts has there support links set up to fail. I can never get to the support page. I have had a EA account for years & have never been able to contact them. When I log in to the support page it tells me I haven't entered the proper info. or it just keeps flipping back to the log in page or I get a "Can't Connect" page. I have an excellent connection & my service works fine everywhere else. I believe EA just doesn't want any complaints.

I don't know if this is the correct service to complain about this. I was looking for some kind of Internet Ombudsman that I thought would be the correct service.

unauthorized billing to credit card

I have not used online pogo services for over a year and when it was time to bill again they billed my credit...