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cant get my games to load

please fix my games trying to load my pogo games but they wont load need help heres my email address [protected]

  • Tp
    tpayne456479737 Feb 05, 2009

    hope you can help me

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  • Ti
    tinker212 Mar 12, 2009

    i've been trying to get into beaker creatures and can't and i've tryed everyone wins and that one keeps frezing me out, and the game freze up all the time .what am i paying for when i can't play the games?my email is [email protected] thank you please let me know what to do .

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  • Vi
    vieper56 Apr 26, 2009

    what going on with my pogo it quit working a week ago why tell me why

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  • Vi
    vieper56 Apr 26, 2009

    tell me why it does not load anymore i wait 10 to 15 min.

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  • St
    stj.coralbay Apr 26, 2009

    Try and start Internet Explorer without add-ons. (Start-All Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)) If your POGO Games will load without add-ons in Internet Explorer, open it normally (Internet Explorer icon, or thru Start Menu) and disable the add-ons that do not belong to Microsoft Corporation, or other reputible companies (ie: Google, Yahoo). You can do this by clcking Tools-Manage Add Ons-Enable or Disable Add Ons. I've seen in my travels that the Ask Toolbar, Zango Toolbar, and Viewpoint Toolbar often cause problems with the execution of Java Script (necessary to play POGO Games). If you have any of these installed, I recommend uninstalling them from the Add/Remove Programs application in the Control Panel. If none of this works, download Mozilla Firefox and access POGO from there.

    Yours Truly,
    A Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

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  • Ja
    jagbargalleg75 Oct 11, 2010

    why cant i load my games? been with out them for over 2 weeks??

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stolen registration keys???

I cancelled my Club Pogo account in 2007. Even after telling my aunt about all the problems I had with Pogo, she went out and bought Operation Mania and Mahjong Garden Deluxe anyways. Both were purchased in August of 2008, and she spent the extra money to have the CDs mailed to her. The CDs have yet to arrive, by the way, and I think it's pretty safe to assume they never will. Anyways, after a month of playing Operation Mania, the game started having problems. In the beginning, it would randomly close on her in mid-game. Now it's not even playable. It will start to load, connect to Pogo, then crash on her once it hits the main menu. She emailed Pogo asking for help. A few days later, she received a copied-and-pasted response from them with tips on fixing the problem. Her computer met the requirements to play, all drivers were current, we removed the game then redownloaded and installed it, and so on. She emailed Pogo back asking for more help, then decided she would stick to Mahjong until we could get Operation working. Of course, now Mahjong is doing the same thing. Here's where this gets really good... After going back and forth with Pogo from mid-October until earlier this month, we come to find out her registration keys for both games have somehow been compromised. Despite the fact that she has all the emails and the charges on her credit card proving she bought the damn games, Pogo claims that her registration keys were "either given away or stolen", and when they notice multiple people playing a game using the same registration key, they disable it. We have no idea how someone got a hold of her registration keys for both games. Besides me, she doesn't know anyone else who plays or has played Pogo, and wouldn't have given out her information anyway. Also, she scans constantly for viruses, malware, spyware, etc and nothing was found on her computer that could have contained a keylogger or something to that effect. The only thing we can think of is the game CDs that she never received were stolen out of the mail and possibly had a copy of the registration keys somewhere in the package. Since she has the proof that she paid for both games, she told them she either wants her money back, or new registration keys so she can play her games. Pogo's response: they won't refund her money, and she shouldn't have been sharing her registration keys. She has filed a complaint through the Better Business Bureau and contacted her credit card company to see if they will do a chargeback, so we will see what happens. But just a heads up to anyone who purchases a game through Pogo... Be careful. If something like this happens to you, don't expect any help from Pogo. As far as they are concerned, everyone playing is a cheater or thief.

  • De
    Denise Feb 14, 2009

    I too am having troubles with the Operation Game I am not getting credit for the trophies so I emailed pogo stating to them I am not and they told me they need a screen shot of the game to see my stats, well duhhh didn't I just tell them I am not getting credit so of course the stats would be wrong. Also the CD that was suppose to come with the game I didn't receive and I refuse to download again for the 3rd time I shouldn't have to. Pogo needs to be aware that people are no longer going to take this from them ripping people off and all and will file lawsuits against them.

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  • Jo
    John724 Jul 17, 2009

    I bought every downloadable game that pogo has and never had a problem.

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  • De
    demonstang Jan 22, 2011

    Really!? I have a cheap low end computer and every game that i play on pogo works just fine. You cannot always believe your anti virus software unless you update it all of the time and even then it is still possible to get a virus. Don't blame pogo because a program will not run on your pc. You obviously have some issues on your pc and it's not pogo's fault.

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need to concel my online games "pogo". my monthly charged was $5.99. thanh you, diane davis.


I have been a member since 2001. I am sick of being harassed by other players. I send complaints to pogo and all the do is send a nice little email saying..."we will look into this further" i am canceling my membership! I have never won anything on that site in 8 years. They are a scam and no one is going to win and from what i see in the previous complaints, i am not the only one. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH POGO!

  • Ch
    chey295 Aug 29, 2009

    I have join pogo game Jan 2009 and it was the pogo free online and now I am ask to pay money by sept.2009 . Some way my free online was change to paying my name on line is chey295 My email is [email protected] I would like that you fix it back the way it was

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  • Ji
    jitterbughh Sep 16, 2009

    Anyone who joins pogo with hope of winning a prize is off their rocker and playing for the wrong reason. It is a social gaming site. You can choose to socialize with other players or not. You can even turn chat completely off. I have been a member for years and I don't see how on earth you could claim you are being harrassed by other members when in fact you have to choose whether or not to participate in any chat experience. You don't have to chat, you don't have to read emails, but if you choose to be friendly you can often "meet" some wonderfully nice fellow game lovers. I play for various reasons, it is a good stress reliever, it helps distract me from chronic pain and various stressors in my life. If you don't enjoy playing games than it's not a good site for you, however, if you enjoy a fun variety of games it is awesome and I love playing with the "Mini" items! I never expect to win a prize, my membership dues is a great deal at 39.99 a year for all the entertainment I get out of it, if I ever win something that will be the cherry on top ;).

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unauthorized billing

Since about 8 years I play the 'free games' at Pogo (aol) but a couple of days ago I decided to become a Member! The first thing that I thought it's a little bit 'odd' was that if you pay with PayPal you have to pay 10 Dollars more! Nevertheless - I know PayPal and usually they help you if something goes wrong - I used PayPal paid the 39.99 and started to play! A few hours later I felt that this is to much money and I canceled the Membership! They tell you that you can cancel at any time and I thought that they send me the Money back as soon as the cancellation went trough! After that as I didn't get the Money I tried to go back online but my account was canceled! They didn't reimbursed me the 39.99 neither can I log on and play the Games that I paid for!

I truly think something should be done especially with so called 'Companies' like this, Money is tight for a lot of people and they just make fun of 'Idiots' like I am! I demand that they pay everybody's Money back and that the State shots them down!

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freezing up, getting booted, not able to play games

They keep freezing games...booting you out, unable to connect to server when your halfway into a game and not able to play games. This is a free or pay site, I have paid for the games and the probs were solved tho now I find paying to play isn't worth it. So how can us nonpayers get all these prob solved so we can play like the players...without them doing all this ### to us nonpayers? It is unfair to those who wish to not pay to play. You can reach me at [protected]

  • Tn
    tntgood4good Dec 30, 2009

    I am a payer, and guess what...u get treated noooooo differently. i get booted off, freeze halfway into games causing me to lose, (every single day, multiple times times a day) i lose connection to server even tho my "caches are clean"like they say (clean all temp & cookie files, and delete all java caches-applets and such, and even going as far as changing computer settings to not allow my computer to save any java applet history or any kind of caches to my system.)even after doing all of that nonsense, i still get dirt treatment. the main problem is they primarily run thru mozilla firefox, not internet explorer. so im gonna try that route if my laptop has enough memory to install another browser. hope this helps, and i hope you dont feel any more singled out as a non-payer

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  • Ta
    tammylou65 Feb 11, 2010

    i have the same problem and i dont know how to fix it! im a payer also! i get booted off the game im playing 2 to 3 minuites after i start playing! very nerve racking! what should we do?

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  • Dh
    dhelmecy Mar 01, 2010

    I have the same problem. I tried recently switching from explorer to google chrome and it still is happening. I have checked my connection through diagnosis and there is nothing wrong. I had assumed it had something to do with Vista, but I'm not sure. I am going to try Mozilla Firefox also to see if it helps.

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  • An
    Angelea Nov 27, 2010

    I am also having the same issue and also pay for this sight. I have checked all of the possible reasons that this is happening but have not been able to find the solution, more then a little frustrated. If any one else has any new suggestions that they have tried that worked please share
    Thanks any help would be appreciated.

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  • Ca
    carsondot Jul 21, 2013

    I am a payer and when I play Canasta A player lets the timer run out and somehow feezes the game. Why does this happen?

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  • Ca
    carsondot Jul 21, 2013

    I was playing a rated game and was winning. My opponent let timer run out and the game did not end. It just froze. She wont play and This has happened to me before. Always when I am winning

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unableto log on to club pogo games. been a member of Club Pogo for all of a year now, but for the last two days I suddenly no longer exist...

threats, stalking, jacking, harress, fake jackpots

I'm a CLub POGO member and pogo does not go by their terms of service. I've been harressed, table jacked, stalked, and have tried to report the players and pogo does nothing about it. I come on here to have fun. They charge you 39.95. You get no where with them you keep sending reports and they ignore them. Then they suspened players for scrolling but not for jarressment, or stalking, or putting stuff on your comp to totally shut it down. I have sent them reports about this and the ignore them and never get back to you on them. The players that do this never get in trouble.When they do this it's against POGO's Regulations and terms of service. SOmething needs to be done this site is a rip-off and someone needs to stop them. POGO doesn't care about the players they just care about the money and let plyers harress other players and stalk and put stuff on your comp to make it crash. I highly suggest people stay away from here it's a joke

  • Da
    dann nolan May 01, 2009

    try contacting John S. Riccitiello…CEO and Director at pogo. if u can't get to him by phone go to his home at 45 Robles Dr, Woodside, CA 94062-2528 or write him a letter. gl to you

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  • Li
    lila j dodson May 15, 2009

    it showed i won the jackpot in mahjong garden on the 12th of may but it never gave it to me. what is wrong dont it pay/ [email protected]

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  • Ki
    kimberly downey Oct 28, 2014

    I am a club pogo member 2 accounts, I have a man that stalks me daily on pogo, he now has 5 people that stalk me nonstop when i try to play games, I have reported him daily, pogo does nothing to him, he will enter a game I'm playing call me every filthy name in the book, it will not stop until you ban him. what are you waiting for, him too come and kill me? He has posted my name address, phone number almost daily and lobbies, people have quit playing games because of him, and still you do nothing, I have requested that you remove the screen names of two profiles that spoof my name and when you read these profiles he lists my name address phone number and my sons name he is a minor, , what the hell do i have to do to get pogos attention? for him to kill me, yes he said he would, my screen name is downey962, stacybangs, , the man who stalks me is bospass, robert davidson, , , the screen names that are spoofed are trailerparkdanni, and dannidenial, i want them removed now please, , i can be reached at 707-496-8754 [email protected]

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threats, harassment, stalking, fake jackpots

If anyone wants to join me in a class action lawsuit against pogo, feel free to email me at [protected]

I am tired of pogo allowing people to cheat, scam, harass and stalk others and doing nothing about the reports of abuse that people make. I am also tired of the fake jackpots. I am extremely tired of the fact that people can use pogo to upload viruses and stuff that affects my computer and again, pogo ignores it all...

I am ready to do something to take some action against pogo. If anyone else is tired of this same stuff, please contact me at the email address above.

  • Qo
    qofbutterflies Dec 19, 2008

    I would love to join, but I have no money I am living on a small income now, but I am so sick and tired of pogo ripping me off for what I did pay them every month, if I can play one are 2 games a month it is a miracle, when u report it to there tech support IT IS ALWAYS UR PC NEVER THERES.Then like u said even with the cheat games that people use pogo still control what play u have and like if u play Canasta or gin it always a one sided game whether the other player has a cheat game or not.Another words it is all up to pogo and if u complain like I do to pogo then u can forget about ever winning any games.I like to play with a real deck of cards and that would tell if theses people even know the game.(LOL)I will also tell that u have this post in the game rooms that I can play which at the monent it only 3 games.Thanks

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  • Ga
    Gamekeeper Jun 06, 2009

    stop complaining and how you thin someone can upload a virus to EA server and infect pogo is a joke they have safe guards for that grow up and about the jackpot being fake I personaly know ppl that won the JP and recieved it

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  • Ja
    jagededge Mar 13, 2010

    if you file lawsuits against people- and you lose- in texas they can go after you for their legal costs. I would think twice before filing lawsuits against people- because they can counter-sue and win against you. Expecially if they are prominent in TExas.

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  • Lo
    Lois Laleman Dec 31, 2012

    I could play for free on pogo. Now most are just up enough so I can not enter and start game. what has happened?

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  • Di
    DisgustedPogo Jan 26, 2014

    Pogo permits harassment and stalking and their snotty moderators even say there is nothing Pogo will do. If someone wants to sue Pogo, I am all for it because they have no morals and no decency.

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games not working correctly

I have been e-mailing back and forth for a week now with tech support (Ruth) about the Cribbage game. If you call the Pogo number [protected]), it tells you to go to the support area on their website. (That would surely be a problem if you couldn't get on Pogo at all!) For some issues, talking to a live (knowledgeable) person would probably solve the problem right then. My problem with Cribbage is that the cards are overlapping, the top turned extra card doesn't show up, you can't tell how many cards the opponent has left because they come out of nowhere, and so on. I sent my operating system info, java, and screenshots as requested. "Ruth" e-mailed the obvious delete temp file, cache, delete and reload java, etc. which I did. The third e-mail from "Ruth" gave me a solution to fix the chat input window! Where did she come up with that? That wasn't even my issue and was never mentioned by me! I just e-mailed back for the fourth time about this problem. They really need to open up some phone lines with live support and help those of us frustrated by their barbaric support system. Also, while I was looking through their tech support pages, many of their solutions are outdated. You click on a link and it's not there anymore.

No wonder they have so many complaints here and in the chat rooms! They need to show more respect for not only new players, but also the long-time (5 years for me) paying customers. At this point, I don't know if I'll ever get a solution to my problem with Cribbage (my favorite game).

  • Ma
    marylecomte777 May 07, 2009

    I know Pogo either deliberately keeps their players from winning, or hides the real truth. However the games are fun and I miss them. If I want to win and have as much a chance as anyone else, I play the Lottery...they at least let you win now and then.

    Pogo is a spam, and I am suprised that our government allows them to play with people's emotions with the knowledge that you COULD win when there is no chance. No one EVER SPEAKS WITH ANYONE WHO HAS WON.

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cancel charge authorization

Seems to be a constant complaint from alot of your customers. . . As you make it very easy to join your...

banning me for something another player caused

I am a paying member of Pogo games, since 2001, I was playing a game of Texas Holdem, with other player...

total idiots

Not only is there edicut interpitation and rules as well as regulations screwed up, but also is there ability...

cant get into pogo

i cannot get on my pogo games cause it always says internet shutting down and i want to talk to my friends so please help me thank you. so please help me out thank you .

  • Ge
    geraldine fillinger Jun 05, 2009

    I seem to be spending a lot of internet time trying to get pogo games to open so I can play them. I pay to play and spend most of my free time waiting and trying to get the games to where I can actually play. This is very frustrating.

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  • Mp
    mpmargaret4 Jul 24, 2009

    I have paid subscription, and when you changed to go out of aol, and I signed up, it came in as free game with commercials. I want my points, etc., and games w/o commercials

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credit card -& game scam

after signing up on tue. 10-21-08 for 1 yr.promotion to lottso game they took my credit card no. and ran. it was suppose to be a 2 week trail before they would charge me $30.29. however they contacted my credit card co. the next day.
the next time i went into their game site something flashed across my screen and i no longer exist under my users name- koolmansc-which had always shown up to welcome me to their games. now i'm accepted as a guess only and all i get are games to sign up for that they want me to buy. koolmansc no longer exist

  • Ka
    kara fish Jun 09, 2013

    as of friday june 7 i called centurylink my phone provider, because computer was running sloe after they did work on my line. when i went back to play pogo everything had changed. my screen name was or should be: whiterlighter not any more its now whitelighterh. as of june 2 13 i had 18, 783, 394 not now. as of june 7 13 i had 8.99 worth of gem not any more. my profile is not the same either. so if you could give me a call at 505-831-1410 i would appreciate it very much. thank you very much kara fish

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better contact

Club Pogo Games need to formulate a better way for customers to get in touch with your company for direct...

monthly serv charge 6.39 for on line game

My daughter Velecia E. Lee (border line retarted) was given a credit card to teach her how to use one. Her...

unauthorized charges

Electronic Arts Charged my credit Card a renewal fee for an account that was canceled more than a yeat ago...

charged for non-delivered package a week after product has been available

I preordered a limited edition game package on October 3rd, 2008 at $149.99 and paid an additional $9 for...

shutting down my account

I get a notice saying I have made an illegal move opening my account and will be shut down. I have been playing pogo for years and have never had this problem. Please help!!!

  • Be
    berenice thompson Nov 01, 2008

    i had 8, 807, 357 now its gone where in the hell is it
    i payed 2 times in june what is going on.

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  • Sh
    sheila hensley Nov 13, 2008

    Ineed someone to helpme get my clubpogo account to work.

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  • Ro
    robert b Nov 13, 2008


    If you have problems with Pogo, just write to me. Just click "send emal" and write to me.


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  • It
    ItouchMyself4u Apr 17, 2011

    I was recently banned from pogo, , , no one has even told me why!!!I have no idea why!!!I've written two letters prior to this one, no one has replied...I spent hundreds of dollars for my mini stuff, and my membership...Also hours and hours playing games for my tokens andbadges I've won...I haven't done anything out of the way EVER, , , I'd love to know what has happened...Someone must have gotten on my account without my knowledge...I do have plans to go on the local new, , , and contact the BBB, , , if this matter is not resolved asap!!!If it's my name, , , you let me have it and I've had it for months, , , it's the name of a song and lyrics...I just played Everyone Wins Bingo, , , with someone named exoticyathink182...Do you know what exotic means???Well I definetly expect to hear from you like soon, , , or I'm going public with the way I've been treated...I am disabled and this is the only form of entertainment I have...I feel sooo VIOLATED I've NEVER felt sooo violated in my life, , , you have taken hundreds of dollars worth of stuff from me and won't even respond and tell me what I was suppose to have done...I expect to hear from you soon!!!Or I'll have no choice but to post it on facebook and other favorite web sites I like...and go public on the news, , , and report this matter to the BBB, , , and get an attorney, , , cause like I said I have been violated in the worse manner possible...
    I touchmyself4u

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