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The employee by the name of hashfat (that was the name given by him) from the store on queens boulevard between 63dr & 63 rd on the south side of the street. Yelled at me & my 17 year old son in (In front of a full line of customers) my son took out a drink from the fridge, to buy. Upon pulling the bottle out of the fridge two other drinks came crashing down to the floor. My son was embaressed & explained that a clear handle that is placed on every row to prevent the bottles from falling off (A little clear piece) was missing, he only noticed this after he looked to see why this happened. He yelled @ us telling us we had to pay for it because he broke it. I would'nt have a problem paying for the broken bottles but ii do have a problem with the way he treated us.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Rego Park, NY Not only did he yell @ an already embaressed person but he humiliated us. I tried to explain that it was broken but he said "not broken in his broken english. I told him to go see it for himself instead of judging but he refused. So, I asked for his name & he responded that if I put in a complaint that he would not let me leave without paying for the broken bottle of juice. I then told him then call the cops. He nevered bother to look me in the eye, he just contineude yelling out load & humiliating, I just walked out. This happened @ approximately 10:20 pm on saturday night january 21st. Please respond, I was so humiliated along with my sons, I will go through whatever channels I need to through to make sure he is reported and reprimanded.
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Jan 21, 2017
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      Jan 21, 2017

    You could try contacting the Corporate office who will in turn send your complaint to the franchise owner. I have a feeling this employee is probably related to the franchise owner as they often hire their own family members or good friends, but you could always give it a go. There are so many Dunkin Donuts in that area, I'd probably just go to a different one from now on or go to a competitor.

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