Dunkin Donuts / the rule breeaking of non fraternization contract

Herkimer, NY, United States

I use to work at the dunkin in herkimer walmart... When I got hired I was suppose to sign a paper for non fraternization in the work place... Well I have found that apparently that sheet is bogus!!! My husband worked at the dunkin in herkimer on state street. Where he was a crew member... Wel he had an affair with a shift leader... He was transferred and well the shiftleader still works there. I know that the manager at the store in september of 2009 knew that it had gone on... Kept them on the same shift and just had two extra managers on to what they called babysit... I want to know why it is there are contracts to be signed and rules to follow when obviously there not being followed nor are there consequences when breaking the sheet they both had signed... I want to know why they have rules at all if they won't do what it is they say they will do on that piece of paper if its broken... Can someone answer this for me? Email address is [protected]

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