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I used to work at this location a little while back. The poor customer service and illegal activities caused me to finally walk out on them. The previous manager, Shane Burke of Lakeside, cA 92040, (which sells and smokes marijuana in the store with minors present) transfered to another location and had is current girlfriend, Stephanie Sumner of Lakeside, CA 92040, hired at the location I was working at. She had no experience so I asked Shane how she became manager so easily and his reply was, "Because she is going to pay half my rent". So after several weeks of working with her and having her talk down to me and other employees while she sells drugs for her boyfriend and smokes the same drugs under the oven hood in the store and gets away with it, I just had to quit there. I really liked my job there until it became a front to hire friends and relatives that wont question you while you sell drugs to make a profit while your making the store itself lose it's profit. I brought it to the attention of the franchise owner several times with no action taken. Maybe the right person will read this and be able take appropriate action. Until then Stephanie Sumner will get away with dealing in Dominos.

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  • Me
      Aug 13, 2009

    You should report them to the police!

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  • St
      Aug 24, 2009

    this is a complet fabrication by a pissed off former employee that was terminated for insubordination. He thought that he was more important than everyone else that worked there and that he should be able to take anyone elses hours. He changed his whole schedule and refused to work his shifts and still complained about hours. He would cross off more qualified employees off the schedule and write him in their place. As a result he was terminated and is trying to get his boss in trouble. Since complaining and investigations proved all of the following to be true nothing further was or should be done. The cancer is gone and went with the usless employee making these false accusations. I just think it sucks that people with no brain can write whatever they want on line and try to affect the normal brained part of the world. Just remember people can write anything but only the truth is right. I wish there were harsher penalties against cowards like this

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  • Su
      Aug 25, 2009

    All of this disharmony is very upsetting. I just wish everyone could "get along"
    I can't imagine employee insubordination at Dominoes. What has happened to the American Work Ethic? Imagine if this "said " employee was a Foreign National from Iran who just enlisted in the US Army
    and became disgruntled with one of his superiors because he didn't like his hours or assignments.
    Where would his allegiance be? God help us all!!!

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  • Aw
      Aug 25, 2009

    it sucks that people try to ruin other peoples lives because their pissed off. i bet it was a shocker for someone that thought they were irreplaceable to be fired. and then go and put slander on the net because he got a rude awakening!!! he got just what he deserved by getting fired. i run a business and if one of my employees did that with my schedule they would be fired for insubordination. and to make up such bizzare accusations the employee should face charges for slander!!!

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