Dollar Tree / the store in kosciusko, mississippi is being kept in horrible condition.

Kosciusko, MS, United States

This is about the store in Kosciusko Mississippi. The store stays busy for the most and shelves are half way empty the majority of the time. I was in the store 2 days after the truck had been delivered and the pictures I am submitting will show you the deplorable look of the aisles. This is 2 days after the truck has ran. There was 1 cashier with over 9 people with buggies and the manager was outside sitting in a chair smoking a cigarette and watching. There was no one else at work. This store could make so much more money if they would put out stock instead of on floor or in the back storage room that is full at all times. In this store you always have to check dates especially on cakes and chips. I think it is because it sits in the storage room too long

Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree

Feb 5, 2017

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