Dollar Tree / straight theft

I was buying a product there was few of on the Shelf and I guess the cashier and the manager already planned on getting them the cashier even went as far as to tell me what a great deal I was getting then lo and behold it was not in my bag nor did she give me a receipt I trusted the store that's why she was able to get away with not giving me a receipt up till now you've had one person in position too long there she's got too many friends and I've seen it so many times repetitive and stores and franchise like this not only did I get stolen from I've been humiliated and that's defamation of character and slander of name and much more. When I call the store to bring it to their attention she seemed like I was crazy and went on to explain she knew all of them had been sold already I am contacting the BBB on you

Jun 01, 2018

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