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My grandaughter is 4yrs old and is handicapped. She requires a small wheelchair that is quite expensive. While shopping at a Dollar Tree in Mississippi with my daughter and granddaughter, a store employee began pushing a large cleaning machine down the isle where we were looking at merchandise. The isle had boxes of merchandise sitting in the isle. The young man ran the machine into my grandaughter's wheelchair.Then, he did not budge-looking for my daughter to move the wheelchair. The wheelchair was pinned between the machine and the boxes in isle. I told him that he could hurt my grandaughter or tear up an expensive wheelchair. He said nothing and went on about his business.In about 10 minutes, I and my daughter paid for our merchandise and left the store.The young man came outside and accused us of placing merchandise in the aisles and then asked us not to ever return to the store. Like the comment I just read on this site about a safety issue at Dollar Tree, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.Not only am I upset about the careless behavior of this employee, I am also offended at his rudeness.He and Dollar Tree need not worry about me, my family, or co-workers shopping there. I work as a marketer for a company that is about a block away from this store. Our company spent a good amount of money there on decorations, making marketing baskets for medical suppliers and doctors, candies and flower seeds for marketing booths, etc.


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