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Dayton, OH, United States Review updated:

Went shopping @ the store 8/2/16 18:22. When I got up to the counter to check out, the counter was wet with something. I asked Suzy if there was something to wipe the mess away and she replied in a very snotty attitude that she had nothing to wipe counter with. (Okay, it would of ruined her day to walk over to where the paper towels were and use some to wipe the counter down?) Suzy then said, just hand them over and I will scan item @ a time. I had (21) items. Paying with my credit card I grabbed the pen to answer questions that were being asked of me on the terminal that you scan your credit card through and she yelled @ me and told me that the pen doesn't write. I just looked @ her and said nothing. The entire time I was waiting for her to wrap-up my purchases, she was talking to another employee that was working there at the same time. She might as well of been on her cell phone for the time it took to check me out. When the transaction was over, Suzy didn't even say anything, but her co-worker spoke up and said have a good night.

Dollar Tree Stores have no room for rude Customer Service employees. I can tolerate a lot before I get to the point of writing this complaint, but Suzy was the "kicker". She has no people skills, no manners, no recognition of what her job duties are. Many people are looking for jobs in my area and would be more than pleasant to customers who shop @ the Dollar Tree. Suzy should be let go. I am assuming that she treats all of her shoppers with the same complete lack of politeness that is a huge part of her job.

I shop @ this store often and have never had this experience in 10 years.

I appreciate your time and understanding.
Dorothy Dressler

Aug 03, 2016
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  •   Aug 03, 2016

    You shop at this store often. I can see where the hostility comes from.

    Oh, and no, she could not just walk over and grab paper towels off the shelf.

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