Dollar Tree Store # 3718 / lynn ubil

Today is August 12, 2009. Went to work today, Sandy wanted the warehouse rearranged.So she told me to get the diagram, and Sandy and I went to the receiveing area. I ask where is Lynne the freight manager? Sandy said she isn't the freight manager. I started to rearrange the warehouse then I thought, Lynne took all this time off and she is getting the easy jobs.Why? Is Sandy afraid of Lynn? And word has it Lynne is due for a raise 3%? And Greg just got a 3% raise? What is wrong with this picture? Wow the way people work here I'm due for a 5% raise. And thats being nice about it.The way people work in this store, nothing is striped, they just throw everything out so they can get that so called box count per hour. I don't work like that I take great pride in my work. I don't count boxes, and I'm not going to start. I set my work standarts high and I, m not about to change.The store looks like crap, Sandy is afraid of you, and Lynne still does whatever she wants. I can do almost everything in this store and I'm not a manager and I don't want to be one, but the way this place is run it needs help. Sandy acts totally different when you show up.

William B. Bentham
Store #3718

PS everyone is having a problim with Lynn.

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