Dollar Tree Store 1880service/manager

I was in your store around 8 PM and was standing in line waiting to be taken care of. After the lady in front of me was taken care of the Male employee who was the cashier looked at me and walked away and went outside. He didn't say anything to me . So I grabbed my stuff and waited at the other register. After I was done I asked a female employee if there was a manager around. She said he went outside. So apparently my cashier was the manager. So this made me even more mad that the manager acted this way. So when I was walking out there he was smoking a cigarette. Wow! This is not what I call good customer service. I am very disappointed of this location. I have been in customer service for 30 yrs and would never walk away from a guest.
This person needs a lot more training if he is to remain as a manager. I hope this never happens again because it will ruin your business.
Thank you.
Noryne Merkey

Jun 07, 2018

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