Dollar Tree / service

I was in DOLLAR TREE #4537 on 11/19/17. The Company offered a 10% voucher in honor of customer appreciation day. Someone should have informed the employees of this event. When I reminded the cashier (J) she was extremely rude stating "this is the Dollar Store there are not discounts, everything is a dollar. Did you know that? I did not respond to her rudeness, clearly she was unaware of this promotion. She informed me that I could not use the coupon on my 1st order because she had already rang it up. I consider that very poor customer service, if you advertise something why cant the store honor the coupon. Then I had a 2nd order and I attempted to give her the coupon in advance, she said just hold, I did, she totaled the order and forgot to apply the coupon. She became agitated with me and stated "Oh now you want to give me the coupon" The manager was equally as rude. I will never patronize that location again. I don't care if I am spending #1.00 or $1, 000.00 I deserve better customer service especially on the so called customer appreciation day.

Nov 21, 2017

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