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On 11/16/17 at dollar tree located at 2596 linden blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11208, I was at the check out counter when I put 43 items on the counter. I went into my jacket pocket to retrieve my debit card. It was not there. I started looking in several bags of mine. When I got to the sales associate Tamika, I told her not to ring up my items yet. I told two other customers behind me to go ahead of me. Tamika didn't like that because she became angry and disrespectful to me. Her face was angrily swinch up and in a loud harsh tone on her voice said"you have to move these things off the counter" I said no. I'm not moving all these things off. I'm looking for my debit card. When I retrieved my debit card I said you can ring my things up. She was rolling her eyes at me and throwing my items in the bag extremely roughly like she was beating the items up. I noticed she was disrespectful to me and another Hispanic woman and an African American man that asked her to ring up a can if shaving cream before she started ringing up my items and she spoked to him harshly when she said no. You have to wait. I told her she could ring his item up before ringing my stuff. She ignored what I said. Before I left the store I stood near the exit door to put my items in my shopping cart. I was looking at her to see how she was interacting with the other customers. It was pretty much the same until two Caribbean speaking women reached her for checkout. They were talking in their native accents. Tamika was smiling a beautiful wide smile showing beautiful teeth. Is Tamika prejudice? She treat her kind better than other customers? I don't beleave dollar tree would tolerate such behavior. I informed her manager Ms. Muriel about Tamikas behavior. When I got home I checked my items against my receipt because Tamika was throwing my items in the bags so fast I couldn't keep up with the count of my items. She charged me twice for two items.

Nov 17, 2017

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