Dollar Treerude manager to cashier

I observed a cashier-offering to take an elder lady few packages to her car she the cashier did--an return quickly--the manager standing there scolded the cashier for not announcing she had to got to the bathroom after helping the customer--The cashier-clearly stated she had to use the "bathroom"- In front of myself an other customers (WHO BY THE WAY WERE STANDING IN A LONG lINE) this manager Victor-acted asif she did not OBSERVE the long line: Instead she felt the need to scold the cashier--very embarring I might add--The manger needed be concern about US customer standing in the long long with items to purchase--vs scolding a human being::

Victor needs to be reprimanded for her embarring actions--an the disregard of the Long Line: I feel this cashier deserves an apology-

Dec 05, 2018

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