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I was fired today it being my third day on the job. I had to do orientation first day. Lasted two hours. Manager let me watch the cashier for an hour. I was told to come back same day for my shift. Manager put me by myself on register. I told her I wasn't ready. She knew I had no experience previously. My second day on my job I kind of knew I was being fired. There was already a new cashier on my shift. Manager let me clock in and get my register ready. I had my first customer that day I forgot to push total..enter card. She made me nervous. I knew to do that procedure. She then shut my lane off. Told me to follow her to the stock room. She said I wasn't cut out for the job. She didn't have time to waste to train me. I was feeling so inadequate being this was my first cashier job. I'm 53 and cleaned for thirty years. I feel terrible. I hope I can get a job where someone can have time to train me. Now I have doubts. I just wanted a part time job with 15 hours a week. I feel I could have been ok there... just needed more training.

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    I feel The Dollar Tree in Middletown Ky wasn't being professional. My first day consisted of orientation on a computer. Then one hour with a cashier. Had to come back that day to work my scheduled shift. Manager seemed upset I wasn't running register on my own. Second day scheduled I was fired. No training on register. I tried to Google training at home. This was really shocking. I'm 53 and never fired from anything. I did have to miss a four hour shift. I had told manager I had to go to immediate care because of a serious pain. I had a doctor's note. I came in on next scheduled day. I was fired. There was already a girl hired in my place. My manager didn't give me a fair chance.

May 3, 2017
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      3rd of May, 2017

    Businesses these days need people who can learn fast. Not to knock you, but it is pretty much common sense that to end a transaction, you have to press TOTAL. And that for credit or debit card payment, you have to press those keys as well.

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