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November 21st 2017
Manger Tony Lannari was following myself and two other people. Lannari harassed us.
The three of us walked into the food section of the store. Lannari was already working in the section upon us being there. Lannari was stocking shelves at the time. We walked past Lannari to view more products. Lannari approached us and asked if we needed help purchasing products. We replied no thank you. I had a conversation with one of the other employees (Megan Vance) in the same section because I went to school with her. After finishing the conversation with Vance, Lannari had commented "they are taking too long to decide." He said this to Vance. Shortly after making that comment Lannari approached us again "are you sure you guys are getting anything, do you need help?" We again replied with no thank you. After those comments we began feeling uncomfortable and decided to go to the section on the left to wait for Lannari to leave the food section so we could make a purchase. Lannari than followed us into the section. Geffy who was one of the three people said out loud "I feel uncomfortable." Lannari replied to Geffy saying "You should be." We decided to leave after this comment was made. Lannari followed the three of us to the store's entrance/ exist. As we approached the entrance/ exist of the store Lannari said "watch the door go off". Lannari also made ringing sounds to represent the alarms of the store going off. We left the store.
At 8:33 pm I called my parents to talk about this issue and they suggested to go back into the store and report him to the store. Myself and the other girl I was with went into the store at around 8:40pm to talk to Lannari. I approached Lannari saying "hi there I would like to speak to your Manger" Lannari replied "I am the manger" and walked away from me. He went to the front of the store where the cashiers were. A lady who was in the aisle I found him in commented about his behaviour as being "rude". I went to the front. After laughing at us, I asked Lannari "did you excuse me of stealing" Lannari replied "yes". I pulled out my debit card from my mitten. I said "I had money to pay" Lannari replied "if you had shown me that earlier I wouldn't had followed you". I asked Lannari for his stores information of who I can contact to report this issue to. During this time Lannari was scattered. Lannari was doing multiple things (helping Vance with register for example), he was laughing at us, he was smiling at the other 2 employes. Overall Lannari was making a joke of the situation. He as well made comments about how he accuses all teens in groups of stealing. During the interact Lannari tried to lie about events that happened because other guest were beginning to listen in on our conversation. When which my Geffy said "you are lying about what happened." Lannari told us to wait to write down his information. He grabbed a receipt from another customer and wrote down his first name. He did not write the store's phone number nor his last name. He gave the paper back to me. I looked over at the paper. Lannari replied "I'll give you my last name too." I replied "you're most likely the only Tony that works here so it's fine I don't have your last name." Lannari then grabbed the paper out of my hand. I responded "you're acting aggressive towards me." He chuckled at my comment, again acting like the situation was a joke. He gave me the paper. He did not say anything else and began to walk away. I thanked him for his time and left the store around 8:50pm. As we left he again laughed at us with the other two employees. I told Lannari "you should never treat people that way." Again he laughed."

Lannari judged us solely based on our appearances and mocked us. He bullied a 20, 18 and 16 year old out of the store. I understand people do steal from these locations and that workers do need to keep an eye on stealing. However, I work in customer service. If I were to have treated someone the way Lannari treated my friends and I, I would be removed from my work place. The comment Lannari made about accusing all teenagers in groups of stealing proves that I am not the only person to have experienced this type of harassment by Lannari. I told a couple off fiends about what I experienced and they knew exactly who I was talking about because they have done the same to them. Lannari mocked us. As an older gentleman who is at least twice all of our ages and a manger I would expect some form of respect. I felt absolutely disrespected. Not a single apology came from Tony Lannari for the false accusation Or the mockery made. He tried to make us feel guilty for being falsely accused. My friends and I did nothing wrong. We did not steal and we were just planning on buying a chocolate bar. As soon as I asked for a manger he walked away from me. I believe because of my age (18) he belittled me and tried to bully me. I felt as though I needed my own parents to come down to the store for Lannari to take me seriously. Lannari should not force people to prove they are paying when browsing. I've browsed at many stores. (the mall stores for example) and have never had the experience I've had with Lannari. By law unless a person is about to purchase a product at the cashier's desk, they have a right not to show their debit, debit, etc to staff. He tried to lie to us (the people who experienced his bully) about what happened. Tony Lannari showed overall what an awful example of an employee looks like.

Nov 21, 2017
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      Apr 04, 2019

    Iam a employee at dollar tree iam so uncomfortable going to work i fill like iam walking on egg shells iam homless i sleep in my truck and i go to work and try hard to better my self but mangement likes to nick pick me . i have mental disabilitys and i try to please them . i dont want to quit but iam being push to far .

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