Dollar Tree / management/employee theft, stealing product, cover-up

I am going to stay anonymous about the following subject and I really hope this complaint is handled properly cause I cannot see dollartree knowingly allow for these types of situations to be happening right over
their heads and be fooled by your management at your Riverside Ave Store
in Rialto. I will stick to the facts. I know of two people at that store, 1 is a manager Melissa and the other is Tamara. These two employees are stealing or allowing each other to steal from Dollartree. Money is borrowed and put back at a later date by these two employees. This does
not go any further cause of course 1 is your manager. They steal money
from the drawers, try to blame it on other employees, but then the money gets put back by the manager, who tries to give the $ to other employees to put back, which they refuse to, cause it wasn't them that took the money. so if they put the money back, it would demonstrate guilt, so therefore manager will cover up. tamara is allowed to, or even tho everyone has beenwarnedto not enter certain areas if they arenot on the clock or scheduled towork, tamara does. when sheis on the property, moneyis stole, and recently, tamara took and hid in someones car many many boxes right out of the store and told the other person that the company stated in directives or somethinglike that, that she was allowed to take the items. understand that this was a large # of store product. this tamara shows up on the days when the others unload the freights trucks, and she leaves the doors open, unlocked, entersthe property, stealsproduct, i'msure, and boss lady knows this, allows for this to happen. this store is getting ripped off big time by your manager and tamara. theywork together, get rid of anyone that makes a bit of a stir, or tries to get rid of them, and this is something that dollartree should know. Melissa is not, I repeat is not someone you shouldhave as a manager. sheis a thiefand is allowing this othe employee to steal money and try to blame it on other employees. I bet you guys don't even know this. this tamara takes $ right from your guys tills on days she works, day she doesn't work, she is allowed tostillgointo the drawers and take money, doesn't show she is there, notsupposedtobe there, takes money and items, then returns towork like nothing. this is ridiculous. what kind of regionalsales mgr do you guys employ that does not monitor things closelyto know this. does he/she have any kind of meeting of management and employees to ask what they know? I am sure if you guys really care about that store this will get takencare of. if this Melissa and Tamara are still at your guys store by the end of the month, you guys must be involved aswell, icannotsee anyone allowing thistohappen. these two have all the other employees in fear for their job if anyone tells on them. plz keep the few honest employees you dohave, make this store great and fire Melissa and tamara after investigating these allogations. thanks anonymous

Nov 29, 2017

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