Dollar Tree / condition of store/lack of employees

Mobile AlabamaMobile, United States

There is a Dollar Tree located at 1500 Government St in Mobile, AL (I am not aware of the store number). This location is in horrible shape no matter what day of the week or time of day that I enter it. I work in the same shopping center, so myself and my coworker shop there often for snacks, headache medicine, drinks, etc.
Today, around 12:30pm, we entered the store to purchase drinks to have with our lunch. (this shopping center is very busy during the middle of the day) The shelves were very bare, floor was filthy, and the entire store was unorganized. When it came time to check out, there was only 1 cashier, and the line to check out was over halfway to the back of the store. (literally) A male customer (who was also on his lunch break) asked the cashier if she could call someone else up front to help. The cashier replied. "No, because the other cashier is in the back."
There is no customer service in this store at all. They take no pride in the appearance of their store. The drink coolers were even less than one-third full.

Jul 19, 2016

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