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Dollar Store / Behavior of staff

1 Commercial streetMiddleton, Nova Scotia, Canada Review updated:

I was in the Dollarama in Middleton Nova Scotia on Friday just before October 30, 2015 to buy Halloween make-up and decorations. After choosing the items I wanted to buy I waited while the cashier tried to sort out a problem with the lady in line in front of me as the cash register was not working. The young clerk at the register ended up calling a superior who also could not get the cash register to work no matter what was tried. By that time a line up of about five people had formed. The lady in the more superior position called someone else on her cell phone who was able to give instructions during some previous mishap(s), that person was not answering the phone. I asked (more than once) if they would take cash, the superior employee said that they could not because they would have to write it down in a journal and they could not do that. I then asked if I could leave the items I wanted to buy with them and then come back later to purchase them (there was only one item left of a couple of the things I wanted to buy and I didn't want them to end up being purchased by someone else). She said they could do that and she took the items and placed them behind the counter. I had no idea how long it would take them to fix the cash register but my feeling was it was going to take awhile. I went on my way and did other shopping etc.. I returned approximately 2 hours later, the cash register was working, I stood at the counter in order to purchase the items that were being stored and was told that "we put them back, you will have to go and find them", I said "you put them back??" and was told that yes they put them back... she said I had taken two hours and they needed the room behind the counter for supplies that had come in. Other than one decoration that was made to hang on a tree but still not that large and made of cloth material, the rest of the items were very small (Halloween make-up). I was annoyed at this but carried on my way to find the items I had been going to purchase, I did find all the items except one which was a specific kind of make-up that there had been only one left of, that item was gone, purchased by someone else. That is when I became irate and just as the superior was coming up the isle, I said to her that now the item was gone, that there had only been one and they had agreed to hold the items, I said I would return to buy them and I did return yet they had put them back. She responded by being (again) very snippy and saying that the manager had come in and needed room to put the supplies and told them to put the items they were storing for me back on the shelves. I don't necessarily believe that this was said to them but how am I to know. My items did not take up very much room behind the counter and what kind of customer consideration is that anyway? If their cash register had not been working with no apparent way for them to fix it at the time then I would have been able to purchase my items at the time, I did not get irate about that at all but I did about how I was treated when I returned to the store. All this superior employee did was talk down to me and be rude and dismissive, she said 'you can't please everyone" well I am not everyone and it was largely HER attitude that was causing me annoyance. She said I could go to the Pharmasave across the street and find the same (missing) item at similar cost, I did go across the street and found no such item. As I don't have a vehicle, I take the bus and it is a relatively small town I didn't have any other choices left. I did say before leaving that I think from now on I will go to another store like the Dollarama is Greenwood and the younger employee responded by saying 'the store in Greenwood is..." I left before she finished her sentence, perhaps the store in Greenwood is run by the same people?? Needless to say I will not return to the Dollarama in Middleton ever again but I DO want the bosses of the chain to know that they have a particularly RUDE employee (whatever position she holds) in the Middleton Dollarama. All they had to do was to hold my items until I got back LIKE THEY SAID THEY WOULD.

Nov 7, 2015
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  • Pa
      7th of Nov, 2015
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    I want to correct my first sentence in that it was the Dollar Store in Middleton and not Dollarama.

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