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A few minutes ago I went to the Caruthersville, MO Dollar General to return a 6 ft. Wireless Gear Sync & Charge Cable for iPhones (Model #G0536, UPC [protected]) and I was told I could not return the item without a receipt. They said they would accept absolutely no returns without a receipt which I know for a fact clearly goes against Dollar General's return policy. The policy clearly states that any item still in the packaging with no damage can be returned without a receipt for up to $25 cash or store credit for anything over $25. The manager on duty would not even give me an explanation as to why she would not accept the return and was honestly pretty rude about it. When I tried to tell her I had just read the return policy a few seconds before I came into the store, all she would say is "no exceptions you must have the receipt." Now the item in question was given to me by someone so obtaining a receipt would be impossible and even though it's only about a $10 item, it is the principle behind the matter I am concerned with, not the money. If one store isn't going to accept returns without a receipt then all stores should have to adapt that policy because allowing a manager to override company policy as he/she sees fit is only going to create chaos.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Caruthersville, MO So my main question to company support is this, How am I going to return this item since your policy I read online & on the wall in the store states that I can? And furthermore why is this manager able to override corporate policy without even so much as an explanation to the customer? It just seems like every time I walk into the Caruthersville store it is something, either the store has overstock spilling into every aisle making them impassable, it takes forever to checkout because only 1 cashier actually has a drawer in & the other cashier will only accept debit/credit cards, items are either not priced or they are mispriced, and I've even witnessed the employees with their cell phones out listening to explicit music which included the cashier while in the process of checking myself & my 5 year old daughter out. Just to give you some perspective too, this is the first time I have ever felt the need to file a complaint on anything or anyone in my entire life but rest assure it will not be my last if these issues are not resolved very soon. Just to be completely honest though I am about ready to just stop shopping at Dollar General all together or at least the Caruthersville location. Thanks for your time. I hope to receive your helpful response in a timely manner because despite all the problems, you cannot beat D.G.'s prices.

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Nov 28, 2018

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