Dollar General / unethical behavior

i was at the dollar general in shelbyville ky. 11-22-17 picking up some two liters and bread for thanksgiving. i was back getting the drinks when i hear a woman yelling at the top of her lungs, "i am not waiting on you", "go over there i will not check you out". she screamed this around 5 times. everything went quiet and i peaked around the aisle to make sure it was ok to go up to check out. everything looked ok so i did. i get to the register and she looked toward a man exiting the store and told him " have a real good one hear". and this man gave her a very foul look and left. as i was finishing the check out process, i told the girl that in these days and times you should not try to instigate things with people. the people in las vegas were only at a concert and got shot, can you imagine what a face to face encounter could attract.. i was so scared i even cried when i got to the car and home. this was terrible behavior and i'm thinking of talking to a lawyer to see what i can do for her putting my life in danger

Nov 24, 2017

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