Dollar General Store / the manager was rude

We came to the dollar general in Prichard, AL and was getting at least 30$ dollars worth of stuff and had 100$ dollar bill and the manager got a bad attitude when he seen we had 100$ bill. He for one didnt want to take our money and let us pay for our stuff and had a bad attitude as soon as we walked up. I told him we didnt mind waiting for the safe to open and we could get our change that way. Keep in mind this is the STORE MANAGER that was checking us out. He simply did not want to check us out. Told us it would be 20 minutes for the safe to open. I know for a fact it's anywhere from 5-12 minutes for the safe to open. Been in retail all my life. Then proceeded to snap at us and tell me to get my stuff off his counter he needed the space. I don't know if he was just having a bad day but his attitude towards me and my fiance was uncalled for. So we just left without any of the things we needed. All the stores that Doug is over have managers with bad attitudes. 👎
Wont be back to that store.

Jun 04, 2018

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