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Dollar General Store - Orlando, Florida / rude attitude and safety hazards!

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Was in dollar general store in orlando florida, near home where I spend a great amount of money each week buying supplies for my business. The service there was very upsetting this past weekend so much so that I will no longer shop there while the employees that are running that store are no longer there. Plus you are never able to get what you want due boxes being in front of everything you are trying to get to. they are piled at least 8 feet high in the isles 6 out of 7 days a week. Store is sloppy un kept not very well stocked. Causes everything is in the boxes. OSHA needs to be told about it. That is my next thing to do is to contact them about this store. I feel there very poor management there. That has been for the past 4 months that I have noticed this and the treatment is very poor. This store number is #06671 @ Northgate s/c 5043 Edgewater Dr. orlando, florida 32810. Phone number is [protected]. Thank you for reading this.

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  • Ji
      9th of Nov, 2007
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    I agree whole-heartedly. In Alachua County in the cities of Alachua and Gainesville I've experienced the very same treatment and more. Comments posted below. Dollar General stores in Alachua County Florida is epidemic in its customer service and general store upkeep. The last straw was when I purchased a 4-pack of socks in which two pairs had numerous holes. Returning the socks I had to endure the store managers accusation that I pulled on the plastic tie and tore the holes myself. The fact was I carefully used a pair of scissors, taking extra care as not to do the very thing this manager accused me of doing.

    Other events of disgust are one person in the entire store on a busy Sunday with at least a dozen in line at the checkout. Go ahead and take whatever you want. So much for the safety of their employees. How about the time where the aisles were literally strewn with merchandise actually heaped into a disorganized pile of various products? One couldn't even go down that aisle due to the clutter. Here's the last one. (And there's more but I'll spare you). I was purchasing a bottle of shampoo and the cashier asks me how much it costs. "I don't know, I didn't look" I said. The cashier says "why not you should know these things". Yea, like it's my mission in life to learn all Dollar General's prices.

    Message to management: How about hiring people with normal cognitive powers and not ###s? Secondly, how about training your managers and staff in customer courtesy. I highly resent the attitude and treatment of your managers and employees. Dollar General website has no customer service link! Does anyone at this corporation even care???

  • Ta
      21st of Oct, 2009
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    My son and I went to the Dollar General Store in Frisco City, Alabama 10-21-09 @ 16:08:39. I have never seen such rude behavior from a manager in my life. The cashier made a honest human mistake and when she asked for a void the manager was very rude to the cashier and my self. She wanted to know why the young lady needed a void and the truthful answer the young lady gave her seemed to be unacceptable. The manager accused me of not wanting the product but that wasn't the case the young lady accidentally scanned the item too many times. The manager made the young lady cry. She had no right to question her in front of us like that. She should have waited for the store to be empty but she was very rude and unprofessional. I think she needs to be disciplined for her actions. For me I will never go back into that store again, I will travel to Monroeville Alabama to do my shopping for now on. I have never witness such rudeness before.

  • Ls
      26th of Oct, 2009
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    Funny I worked at the 3728 store on clarcona ocoee and obt. Very close to the edgewater store and yes they all seemed to be very dirty in the orlando area. My manager saw how hard I worked so she started having me work there all the time with no help. Then the district manager made dicriminating comments to me and when I went above him I got fired for some bogus reason. I'm attempting to have him write me a formal apology but am having trouble with their legal department. I am boycotting all the dollar general stores in Orlando Florida because of this and how they treated me. They fired me for reporting the dm but kept the thieves that I made apparent to the store manager and the dostrict manager, wow

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