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I have worked for Dollar Gerenal for 5 years the first day I stepped into their place of employment didn't have a clue what I was doing. I was put on totes and at that time didn't no should I run or stay. Why, because it was so overwhelmed. I wasn't explain how to do anything. But, at the same time I was happy because I knew i had a job. Coming from csm to a assistant manager from Dollar General market back to Dollar General I work hard driving 45 mins to an hour I love my job. Sometimes open to close. Didn't know I was about to lose my family have 3 kids didn't even see them. Coming home when they were sleep and leaving before they got up my daughter couldn't get involved in activities because I was to focus on my job. They would call when are coming home my respond was I'm coming but wouldn't never make it. But, I realize I have people that love me at home. but, I'm here so I stopped and realize if I get sick or any anything would happen they wouldn't care. Because I seen and heard things that wasn't right. So, I started working the hours that I needed to work then go home. finally, got married. My employees knew I wasn't focus on the store money start missing store started to get cluttered up. But at the same time I was tired but did anyone care dollar General dm' s didn't care as long as you worked so their stores look good. Yes, paperwork wasn't right but I had other managers that knew what had to be done. But it's all on the store managers. As soon as weekly paperwork came out yes I followed all procedures I reviewed cctv I ask for help but what did TINFFANY tell me you are the manager how could I do anything without help but I was told I already had a team it was my fault I hired those people that I had. If I knew that I had someone behind me to get my store back in good standard I would have let everyone go. Oh, the one you interview you let her stay and she was the one taking totes on stuff out the front door. But i didnt know a thing becuase i was in the dark just like you were. Because I was the manager. you let me go thinking that I was the problem I didn't want nothing from dollar General but making that store a better store. L.p. comes in didn't help thinking they help the problem didn't do nothing because you still got the wrong person. That young lady just put everything on herself. ( Lee know what im talking about)Do you think they would have told me anything think for a minute I was the manager. But, now they can. The only thing tiffany was trying to do is be friends. Talking behind every last store manager one back. oh, I have a story to tell about that. What about the [censor]es that we were. I ask for help they came when they wanted to come. Now, I don't have a job unemployment was denied but when I ask why I'm losing my job it wasn't nothing to explain just call the 1-800 number. But, I'm not finish yet this is just the beginning because I'm not just stopped here I'm going live. They want you to work hard 80 hours or more but on your check you are only getting pay for 45 hours. They don't care.

Nov 25, 2017

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